Megami Buchigire - Chapter 8 - What Happened Afterwards to the 40 Knights Who Came to Japan

Chapter 8: What Happened Afterwards to the 40 Knights Who Came to Japan

At a JSDF base in a certain location.


Muscular men wearing camouflage uniform straighten their backs in response to the command.

However, their faces are clearly not Japanese, and their hair color is blond and red and even blue, with nary a sense of conformity.

But that’s only natural, because they are all otherworlders.

After being suddenly summoned, after taking the Diet Chairman hostage, after being subjugated by the Prime Minister and a certain emperor, and after much fuss, here they are, standing as free men.

The conclusion in regards to their treatment was settled by the Prime Minister’s final word of “how about letting them join the JSDF as new recruits?”

Indeed, they are military men. Among them are several who wish to continue being part of a military.

Even if not so, in order for them to get used to the Japan culture that loves collective action, training with the JSDF would prove useful in the long run.

The young Diet member raised the suggestion of sending them to school instead, but every one of the knights are in the age between adults and ossan so it was immediately shot down.

“Nice to meet you all. My name is Captain Ikeda, and I’m the one tasked with the command of this temporary training squad. Surely everyone has many questions, both about JSDF and various other things, so feel free to come consult me whenever.”

The commanding officer, Captain Ikeda’s words elicit mystified expressions on the knights’ faces.

(What a modest commanding officer he is.)

(And young, too.)

For the knights, people with power are prideful and forceful.

Though it feels strange to them, they accept the situation as a “so this is the culture here” kind of mindset.

Incidentally, counter to the comment about him being young, Captain Ikeda is actually already in his forties.

But all Japanese get the reaction of “what, no way!?” whenever mentioning their real age overseas, so that cannot be helped.

“And I’m Sergeant Iwashiro, in charge of the on-site command.”

Then the appearance of Sergeant Iwashiro brings a gleam to all of the knights’ eyes.

A body so muscular that the bulging can be perceived on top of the camouflage uniform. Despite his smile, his gaze is sharp and vigilant.

His appearance is one that immediately causes the knights to acknowledge him as their leader.

“Since today is only the first day, we’ll measure everyone’s base physical abilities.”


Physical ability.

That seems reasonable. To objectively gauge the strength of a military man, measuring his physical abilities seems like an easy to understand indicator.

The knights secretly burn with fighting spirit in the face of this opportunity to let this other world learn of their true strength.

“First, let’s start with push-ups——”

Thus begins the physical measurements. But the knights are unexpectedly struggling quite a bit.

“Over there, your hands are spread too far apart.”

“Isn’t this fine as is?!”

“Your waist is rising too much. Keep your entire body straight.”

Guh…… how’s this?!”

“Your chin wasn’t lowered! That last one didn’t count!”


The Japan Self-Defense Forces.

If one is to summarize them in a concise manner, it would be ‘thoroughly prepared, veins of steel.’

Under the directions of the unyielding soldiers, the knights raise voices of objection and moaning in a scene of pandemonium.

But they at least did not let down their previous profession, with everyone safely clearing the minimum standards of the JSDF.

“As expected. Too many new recruits nowadays can’t even clear our minimum standards.”

So says Sergeant Iwashiro with a smile, which evokes gazes of awe from the knights.

And little wonder. During the two minutes when the knights were being tested for push-ups, Sergeant Iwashiro was like “It’s like this! Watch carefully!” while demonstrating it the entire time.

In other words, he’s done way more push-ups than any of the knights, yet there’s not even a drop of sweat on his face.

No one can fault the knights for thinking ‘What is this living creature? A human?’

“Now, we’ll move onto sit-ups.”

Needless to say, the scene from just now just repeated itself again.

“Sergeant Iwashiro is sure shining.”

“As someone who made his way up from being a Ranger, his physical strength is simply monstrous.”

“I hope these guys don’t get the mistaken impression that that’s the general standard of the JSDF.”

(T/N: You can think of Rangers as exceptionally powerful (physically) members of JSDF. For more details, go watch the anime Gate: Jietai.)

So says the other JSDF soldiers while directing heartwarming glances towards the knights under Sergeant Iwashiro’s ‘care.’

The Japan Self-Defense Forces.

It’s a demonic realm where, though not all, a certain number of such monsters do exist.

At the same time, in Takamagahara.

The rampage of Japan’s eldest yandere imouto finally abated when she understood how the 40 summoned Japanese played a crucial role in overthrowing the heinous king.

Thus her jaunty return to Yomi.

There was something about Izanagi-sama sealing the entrance to Yomi with a rock, but no worries, that’s already been removed ages ago.

“…… Is there a way to kick Father into Yomi and make sure he never leaves the place?”

“Wow, you sure said something terrible like it was nothing, Ane-ue.”

With how she’s considering sacrificing her own father due to the trauma of being lectured at so often, one can see that she really is her mother’s daughter.

But with Izanagi-sama’s tendency to bear things silently, when he finally explodes his destructiveness might even surpass that of Izanami-sama’s.

“There, there. Since Ma has gone back already, let’s drink together, Aneki, Aniki.”

“……Yes let’s do that. Let’s drink. Then sleep.”

“Again? Isn’t your pace a bit too fast lately?”

It seems that running into a bottle is something that even gods do.

Amaterasu-sama’s back is all dirty.

“Hearing mention of a drinking party, here comes the Party Queen, Ame-no-Uzume☆”

But when the three pillars have lined up all the bottles and prepared all the snacks to go with the drinks, a certain goddess suddenly crashes in.

Though there’s a star at the end of her line, she’s not the goddess of stars.

“…… Tsukuyomi, call Sarutahiko.”

“Sure thing.”

“Aaahh you guys are so cold~ You’re too cold, Amaterasu-sama and Tsukuyomi-sama!!”

An unnaturally excited goddess.

She is none other than that famous anti-hikikomori goddess of feasting, Japan’s oldest stripper (married woman) Ame-no-Uzume-sama.

“I just want to drink quietly today. I don’t want to see any unnecessary party tricks.”

“You’re as listless as ever, Amaterasu-sama. But your dejected vibe is also lovely☆”

“Stop it. Don’t cling to me. I don’t swing that way!!”

Ame-no-Uzume-sama leans towards her coquettishly while Amaterasu-sama tries to push her away.

Tsukuyomi-sama might have muttered “is this heaven?” but Susanoo tried his best to pretend to not have heard anything.

“Even though you say that, you’re full of curiosity about my body aren’t you, Amaterasu-sama?”

“That was, I only came out from the cave because I thought some amazing god had come! Not because I was interested in your naked body!!”

So shouts Amaterasu-sama with a red face. Must be because of the alcohol, yep.

But her flustered reaction only makes it more suspicious.

The suspiciousness is such that Tsukuyomi-sama’s voltage is quietly rising, while the one who’s supposed to be the roughest and most brash of them all, Susanoo-sama’s eyes have gone white.

“Come, come. As they say, you have to try it before you knock it. For starters, let’s get you naked☆”

Nyaa—!? H-, help!! Mommy~!!!”

The pressing danger of Japan’s chief goddess losing her chastity (yuri).

At this rate, Amaterasu-sama is going to revert to being a hikikomori and the sun is not going to rise, while Tsukuyomi-sama’s excitement is going to explode through the roof and the moon is never coming down again.

Japan’s tomorrow might be in actual danger.

“Greetings. Sorry for the ruckus.”

Several minutes later.

Ame-no-Uzume-sama is suppressed by Sarutahiko (husband) who had rushed right over, and Amaterasu-sama’s chastity has been protected.

The slight disappointment in Tsukuyomi-sama’s face is merely a figment of imagination.

“Let me go, dear! Even though it’s a party I haven’t even stripped yet!!”

“You don’t have strip.”

Ame-no-Uzume-sama continues clamoring despite being carried on Sarutahiko-sama’s shoulder.

While at the same time Sarutahiko-sama calmly chides her as if he’s used to it.

“If you really want to strip so badly, you can show it to me…… when we are by ourselves.”

“…… Oh you pervy boy.”

Then the lovebirds make their exit.

Isn’t it great that husband and wife are getting along?

“…… Riajuu go explode.”

Thus this curse muttered by Japan’s chief god.

Which immediately caused all riajuu in the country of Japan to explode, but no one was wounded, much less died, so after the morning newspapers had a field day with it, everyone forgot about it.

…… Today, too, Japan is at peace.