Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 1748 - Everything is repulsive

Chapter 1748: Everything is repulsive

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“How was it? Will it stay like this in the future? Be straightforward, it won’t bother me.” Xuanyuan Country’s Ruler spoke while looking at the red-dressed Feng Jiu in front of him.

Feng Jiu had a faint smile. “Don’t worry. Although your cultivation was abolished, you can be completely cured.” Seeing that he didn’t seem to believe it, she said, “It’s true. I won’t lie to you. It just takes some time to recover. After recuperation, you have to start cultivating afresh.”

Hearing this, Xuanyuan Country’s Ruler looked at her incredulously. His body shook slightly. “Is it true?”

Could he really cultivate?

“Yes.” Feng Jiu nodded affirmatively.

“But, but my Dantian…”

“It’s alright. It can be restored.”

She smiled. “I will be here all this time to help your body recuperate. Don’t worry. I will first give you some medicine to take and then refine an elixir that can repair your Dantian.” As she said that, she flipped her hand and shook the badges in her palm. “Trust me, I’m not boasting.”

Xuanyuan Country’s Ruler sensed the heat in his eyes similar to the feeling one had when one was about to shed tears. Only through personal experience could he know the pain of a strong exponent whose cultivation was abolished and became a mortal who had no way to cultivate.

As a result of his cultivation being abolished, his preserved appearance had also undergone great changes. He had become old and feeble as if he could die at any time.

This kind of experience was simply worse than death.

Now, hearing Feng Jiu’s words as well as seeing the two badges of the alchemist in pharmacy and alchemist in pill refining that she took out to reassure him, hope rekindled in his heart.

“Thank you! Thank you…” He held Feng Jiu’s hands and thanked her in a choked voice.

“This is what I should do.” Feng Jiu smiled. “Please take a good rest. We’re taking our leave first. When the elixir is made, I will come again.”

As she spoke, Xuanyuan Mo Ze stepped inside. Seeing his excited father holding Feng Jiu’s hand, he told the palace servant attending to him, “Help Imperial Father take a rest. Don’t let him get too excited.”

“Yes.” The palace servant answered respectfully and helped him.

Xuanyuan Country’s Ruler glanced at him, nodded, and said nothing.

After leaving the palace, the three of them walked slowly. Feng Jiu, eho was walking in the middle, contemplated for a moment before she said to Xuanyuan Mo Ze, “I heard from Gray Wolf that there are many thousand-year-old medicinal materials in Xuanyuan Palace’s storehouse. Please take me to have a look! If there are suitable materials, it’s possible to make the elixir. ”

When Mo Chen heard this, he told Feng Jiu, “Then go! I’ll go back and apply the eye medicine first. If the medicinal materials you need are not available here, you can ask me. Maybe I can help you. ”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze took a glance at him. “You’d better take care of yourself first! I don’t think you can take out the herbs not available here.” With this, he embraced Feng Jiu and walked away.

Feng Jiu looked back at him with an apologetic smile. When they were far away, she said, “You are not friendly to him.”

“Mm, it’s because I think he’s too repulsive.” He responded in a muffled voice.

Feng Jiu couldn’t help laughing. “Why do you think so? I think he’s very attractive! He has good looks as well as an outstanding temperament. Where is he repulsive?”

He glanced at her. “Everything you think is good about him is repulsive in my eyes.”