Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2318: Killing the chicken to warn the monkey

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Chapter 2318: Killing the chicken to warn the monkey

A figure in red appeared not far behind them without anyone knowing when. She was leaning against a pillar with a wine gourd in her hand, looking nonchalant and somewhat indifferent.

She watched quietly and heard those screams gradually fade away. When the crowd around her dispersed, she saw thirty corpses on the ground.

"Hang them on the city wall, so that those people see it."

Her unhurried voice came from the back. Everyone turned their heads and saw their Master leaning on the pillar drinking some wine. Seeing their Master's indifferent, languid and nonchalant appearance, as well as the chill in her eyes, everyone snapped out of their moods, answered respectfully, and hung the thirty corpses on the city wall.

They have also heard that their master was a woman. However, besides the gorgeous face, they didn't see a woman's frailty and weakness. Instead, her method was even more drastic and fiercer than a man's.

This made it difficult for them to associate their Master with a woman.

"Master, those four chests were already taken to your courtyard."

Elder Gu came and reported. In fact, those treasures were of little use here. They were trapped here and could not leave this place so that many treasures were worthless. To be honest, those chests of treasures were not as useful as the meat of a few ferocious beasts.

"Tell them to be on guard these days in case there's a sneak attack and pay attention when going out." Feng Jiu left after giving this instruction.

In less than two days, the news spread that thirty corpses of devilry cultivators were hung on the wall of Phoenix City. As soon as the news spread, it immediately caused a huge stir.

"How dare the Phoenix City Lord kill the people of Devilry City? She's got a lot of nerve!" The middle-aged man was astonished. It was the first time he ever had this surprise.

"She's got a lot of nerve? It's simply arrogant and reckless."

An old man told the middle-aged man, "Master, Phoenix City's move was really unexpected. I suppose no one thought she dared to kill the people who gave gifts and hang them on the wall as a show of force."

"Hehe, it's more than a show of force. She made an example of them, killing the chicken to warn the monkey." The middle-aged man said with a smile. "The news spread that she is a woman and many people are eyeing her. It's a declaration to those who have designs on her that it's best to weigh their weight before making her idea."The middle-aged man said with a smile: "the news came that she was a woman, and many people stared at her. Her skill is to tell those who have different ideas about her. It's best to weigh their power before scheming against her."

After a brief pause, a wise and farsighted look flashed in his eyes. "As soon as the news spread, those who have designs on her would probably not dare to act rashly again. I have to say that Phoenix City Lord has some skills."

"That's right, but once Devilry City gets the news, they will attack Phoenix City. The number of people in Devilry City is the highest among several forces. For the team of about a hundred people in Phoenix City, they are simply no match to the Devilry City at all."

"Not necessarily."

The middle-aged man walked slowly with his hands clasped behind his back. "Since she dared to kill those people, she is naturally unafraid of those people in Devilry City. Just watch! We'll know the result soon."

Since his Master said so, the old man didn't say anything. After giving a salute, the old man retreated.

Meanwhile, in Devilry City, the devilry cultivator who was looking forward to the good news was teasing the woman in his arms. Suddenly, a devilry cultivator hurried in with anger on his face.

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