Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 581: Could Not Take It

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Chapter 581: Could Not Take It

Yin Hai’s nephew and Xiao Moling’s little brother had appeared on the show as well and gained a lot of new followers as well. She was pathetic in comparison, so she felt a sense of inferiority complex whenever she saw them.

Since Lucky’s little sister did not have a lot of airtime on the program, Wu Miao did not expect her to stand out. However, she had gained far more fans than Wu Miao ever did in her lifetime just by posting this picture of Lucky.

How could she take it lying down?

Wu Miao clutched the cushion and was so infuriated that she wanted to rip it apart.

Shen Si saw how frustrated she was, so she comforted her. “There, there. It’s just a post on Weibo. You don’t have to get so angry, right?”

She was openly dissed by over 20 viewers on the live telecast previously and got ridiculed by a lot of people online, but she did not lose it. This cousin of hers was certainly not composed enough.

Wu Miao bit her lip and lowered her eyes without saying a word.

Shen Si pressed her forehead. After some time, she said, “Enough. I will check with my agent and see if there are any new projects that you can audition for.”

Wu Miao raised her head and the annoyance on her face instantly dissipated. She hurriedly held Shen Si’s arm. “Thanks! You’re the best!”

Shen Si pushed her aside in disdain. “Don’t disappoint me and stop getting angry over things like this. Rather than wasting your time, you should think about how to improve your acting.”

Wu Miao hurriedly nodded. “Uh huh. Got it!”

She would definitely succeed one day if she had the resources. Also, she was close to the Shen family, so she was doing a shade better than an average actress without connections.

Shen Si stood up from the couch. “Let’s eat.”

Wu Miao stood up and followed behind her.

A few steps later, Shen Si halted briefly and recalled a matter. She turned her head sideways and asked. “Oh yes. Did you manage to find out whether Lucky’s little sister is studying at No.1 Middle School?”

Wu Miao promptly scoffed when she heard this question. “That reminds me. There is no such person in No.1 Middle School. A junior of mine asked a lot of people about this. The only celebrity in the school is Lu Xia. He doesn’t know anyone who resembles Lucky’s little sister.”

Shen Si had an impression of Lu Xia, but she was unable to remember her right away, so she asked quizzically. “Lu Xia?”

Wu Miao clarified as they headed to the dining room. “You must have missed the news since you were busy filming. Lu Xia stole Lucky’s song and sold it to Xiang Nan from Phenom, but she ended up getting exposed and all the evidence was posted online...”

Wu Miao followed everything online closely and adored gossip. She quickly told her cousin about Lu Xia’s debacle on Weibo recently.

The moment Shen Si heard about this, she did not pay much attention to the plagiarism. “Are you saying Lu Xia is Lucky’s foster sister?”

Wu Miao nodded. “Uh huh. Since they were foster siblings, Lucky helped Lu Xia to clarify the matter.”

Shen Si contemplated for a few seconds. She recalled how no one knew of Lucky’s family background, but a foster sister suddenly popped up. This undoubtedly made things interesting.

“What is Lu Xia’s background?” asked Shen Si as she walked into the dining room and pulled out a chair to sit down.

“She was promoted as a straight-A student by her talent agency when she first entered the entertainment industry.” Wu Miao contemplated and seemed to recall someone telling her about Lu Xia’s biological family. “Oh yes! She comes from a rich family.”

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