Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 582: No Celebrities That Went By The Surname Huo

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Chapter 582: No Celebrities That Went By The Surname Huo

Shen Si raised her brow. “A rich girl?”

Wu Miao nodded. “Uh huh. I hear her family is considered to be rich in the city.” She paused before she looked at Shen Si quizzically. “Why are you asking so much about Lu Xia?”

Shen Si smiled. “Nothing. I was just curious.”

“I see.” Although Wu Miao didn’t believe her, she was not in the position to probe any further if her cousin did not want to talk about it. She picked up her chopsticks and lowered her head to eat.

Shen Si’s exquisite face looked pensive. She pulled out her phone from her jacket pocket and sent a text message.

“Sisi, stop playing with your phone and eat,” said her mother from the side.

Shen Si acknowledged softly before she put her phone down after sending the text message.

A thought crossed her mother’s mind and she asked her. “Do you know any celebrities who go by the name Huo?”

Shen Si had just picked up her chopsticks when she heard her mother’s question and could not help feeling surprised. She raised her head and looked at her perplexedly.

A worried look rose on her mother’s face before she composed herself and said, “Your father is in charge of a project abroad, but it isn’t progressing smoothly.”

Shen Si’s heart skipped a beat when she heard about this.

The Shen family had a lot of history. They were one of the top five influential families in the capital. Despite being ranked the fifth, they had much higher status than many other families in high society.

Although her father was a Shen, he was only a distant relative. Owing to her father’s great business acumen, the eldest son of the main clan thought highly of him, so their lives had started to improve in recent years.

A lot of people wanted to ingratiate themselves to their family.

Shen Si gathered her thoughts and asked. “What does his project have to do with a celebrity that goes by Huo?”

“I heard your father talking about it. He said that the person in charge of the project is a Huo and their son is in the entertainment business, so I thought you might know.”

Shen Si’s mother was not good at using the internet, so she simply asked her daughter when she recalled it today.

Shen Si contemplated. She did not know any celebrities who went by Huo. However, she wasn’t sure if there were any supporting actors or extras who were Huos.

“Did Dad mention if he is popular?” asked Shen Si.

Her mother shook her head. “I didn’t ask him about it. The company your father is working with is one of the top 100 companies in the world, so they are far more influential than the Shens. I think he is probably doing well in his career.”

Shen Si was caught by surprise. Why would a young man from such a powerful family join the entertainment industry?

“Well, I don’t know any Huos in the business.”

“Really?” Her mother seemed disappointed. She wanted to get her daughter to get acquainted with him if she knew of one.

“Very few celebrities go by this surname,” said Shen Si. She looked at Wu Miao and asked, “Miaomiao, do you know any male celebrities who go by Huo?”

Wu Miao had been listening to their conversation the entire time. She quickly shook her head when her cousin asked. “Nope. I only know some female celebrities who go by that surname.

“Fine. Why don’t you check with dad and see if he made a mistake?” Shen Si looked at her mother and contemplated before she added. “Maybe you can get him to find out what his name is, so I can check with my friends.”

“Okay. I will ask your father when he finds the time to call home,” replied Shen Si’s mother pensively.

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