Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 674 - Someone Damaged The Brake

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Chapter 674: Someone Damaged The Brake

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The doctor walked in and handed the examination report to Huo Yao. He confirmed that everything was in order before he left.

Tong Yu finally felt relieved. He pulled up a chair and sat down, pointing at Huo Yao’s hand. “Yao, is your hand okay?”

Huo Yao pursed her lips and shook her head nonchalantly. “Just some scratches I got from the broken windscreen mirror. It will recover in a few days.”

Tong Yu contemplated before he took out his phone and said, “In that case, it is bound to leave a scar. I have a friend working in the beauty trade. She has some really effective scar removal cream. I will get in touch with her and get you a few bottles.”

“It’s fine.” Huo Yao turned down his kind offer.

She was a physician, and was capable of making scar removal cream effortlessly.

Since Huo Yao genuinely did not want any scar removal cream, Tong Yu did not insist. He put his phone away and glanced at Huo Xiang before he asked quizzically. “Your brother is a very good driver. How could he have gotten into a traffic accident?”

Huo Yao narrowed her eyes. “The brake malfunctioned.”

“Huh? Did the brake malfunction? I recall that your brother sends the car for servicing regularly, so it is impossible for such things to happen.” Tong Yu frowned as he spoke.

Huo Xiang had sent the car for servicing just a few months ago. Also, Huo Xiang typically moved around in the company car, so his personal car was mostly parked at home. He rarely drove it.

“Can you find someone reliable to check the brakes?” Huo Yao adjusted herself and crossed her legs.

Tong Yu opened his eyes wide and looked at Huo Yao. “Do you suspect someone of deliberately damaging the brakes?”

Huo Yao looked at the ground coldly. Moments later, she acknowledged his words calmly.

Typically, a car ought to slow down after the driver stepped on the brake. Also, it was unlikely for such accidents to happen judging from Huo Xiang’s car’s specifications.

Moreover, the hand brake happened to malfunction at the same time, so someone was clearly behind it.

Tong Yu suddenly recalled how Huo Xiang ended up poisoned last time. All this while, investigators had been checking on the matter. However, they were unable to get any leads because it happened too long ago.

Now his car’s brakes malfunctioned, so this probably had something to do with the same person who poisoned Huo Xiang.

The culprit must have done something to Huo Xiang’s car after Huo Xiang ended up surviving the poisoning.

The culprit first wanted to poison Huo Xiang and handicap him. Now, he wanted to get Huo Xiang in a traffic accident. Both these tactics were capable of taking down Huo Xiang without much effort.

Chills ran down Tong Yu’s back as he contemplated over it. Although he had seen a lot of underhanded moves in his line of work, it was the first time he encountered someone using such a ruthless tactic to take a person’s life.

He composed himself and said, “I will send someone to get the car back from the pound.”


Tong Yu glanced at Huo Xiang as he lay on the bed. He thought about all the hype outside surrounding the traffic accident that he had to handle and said, “I have to take care of the news. Can you...”

Huo Yao waved her hand and said understandingly, “Sure thing. Go ahead.”

“Okay. When your older brother wakes up, get him to send me a text message. I am worried about reporters coming to the hospital now that such a major accident has happened.” Tong Yu looked at Huo Yao solemnly.

Before long, he left the hospital ward.

Huo Yao’s phone rang in her pocket.

She took it out and quickly answered it.

“Are you and your brother okay?” Min Yu’s voice came through the phone. He was looking at the pictures on his computer screen.

They were images of the traffic accident that some passersby happened to take which showed that the head of the car was completely totaled.

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