Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 675 - Flawlessly Avoided An Accident

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Chapter 675: Flawlessly Avoided An Accident

Huo Yao had already walked out of the hospital room. She leaned against the corridor wall lazily and said unhurriedly, “I’m fine. Just some superficial injuries.”

Min Yu’s frown disappeared instantly when he heard Huo Yao’s calm voice over the phone. “What happened this morning?”

Huo Yao patiently explained how they got into an accident because the brakes malfunctioned. The moment she finished her sentence, Min Yu said, “From the looks of it, someone damaged the brakes.”

Huo Yao tilted her head up and raised her brow. She looked at the ceiling with barely any expression on her face as she replied calmly. “I think so too.”

Min Yu narrowed his eyes before he said, “Zhuo Yun is a car expert. I will send him to check on the accident.”

Huo Yao contemplated for a couple of seconds before she agreed. “Sure. Thanks.”

Even if she trusted Tong Yu, Min Yu’s men were undoubtedly more professional when it came to technical stuff.

“You’re welcome.” Min Yu spoke in a cold voice while thinking about the accident.

Shortly after, she saw her parents hurrying over from the other end of the corridor. She said to Min Yu before she hung up the phone, “I have to go.”

Before Huo Yao hung up the phone, Min Yu could faintly hear her parents calling her. He rubbed the side of the phone for a few seconds before he put it away.

He turned to look at Zhuo Yun.

Zhuo Yun instantly caught his drift and stood up from the couch. He said, “I will check on the car now.”

Min Yu acknowledged softly before he paused and added. “Go check Huo Xiang’s social ties as well.”

Zhuo Yun nodded solemnly. “Got it.”

After all, Huo Xiang was their future fourth brother-in-law, so they had to be particularly vigilant.

Min Yu glanced at Zhuo Yun.

Zhuo Yun touched his nose and hurriedly left.

Only Yang Yi remained in the living room. He had already retrieved the surveillance footage from the site of the accident. He tapped on the file and showed it to Min Yu.

After looking at the surveillance footage, Yang Yi was particularly surprised. “They were going downhill, but they did not run into any other cars or passersby. They really calculated their moves well and successfully kept a safe distance. Only someone with excellent driving skills can slow the car using the speed bumps.”

After looking at the footage, Min Yu could not help feeling surprised as well.

“I think Miss Huo’s fourth older brother must be an excellent driver. He was able to stay calm when the accident occurred and flawlessly avoided a major traffic accident,” concluded Yang Yi with a sigh.

The surveillance footage only contained footage of how the accident occurred, but no one could see the driver inside the car. Hence, Yang Yi assumed that it was Huo Xiang’s excellent driving that saved them.

“Maybe.” Min Yu crossed his arms and contemplated for a few seconds before he said, “What gifts should I bring when I visit patients at the hospital?”

“Huh?” The subject of the conversation changed so quickly that Yang Yi was unable to wrap his mind around it.

A few seconds later, he raised his head and looked at his boss. “Gifts? Are you planning on visiting them at the hospital?”

Min Yu nodded mildly.

Yang Yi scratched his head before he turned off the computer and stood up. “I will prepare a gift.”

“20 minutes.” Min Yu raised his brow.

Yang Yi was briefly surprised before he nodded. 20 minutes should be enough time to prepare gifts.

Min Yu waved his hand, indicating that Yang Yi should get to it.

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