Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 690 - Call The Cops

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Chapter 690: Call The Cops

Huo Xiang walked back on a huff and sat down on the bench beside Huo Yao.

He reminded her in a serious tone. “Yao, you shouldn’t give your WeChat ID to random people. There are bad people out there, you have to be careful.”

Huo Yao quietly looked at the little princess.

Huo Xiang touched his nose and instantly got scared. He promptly changed the subject. “How did you know how to hack...”

“Don’t ask.” Before Huo Xiang finished his sentence, Huo Yao raised her hand and cut him off solemnly.

Huo Xiang instantly swallowed his words.

Huo Yao tilted her head sideways and said, “Give me your hand.”

“For?” asked Huo Xiang as he obediently reached his hand out.

Huo Yao placed her fingers on his wrist for a few seconds before she stopped. “After we get home, I will give you some medicine.”

Although she had done her best to avoid getting into a fatal traffic accident, Huo Xiang needed medication considering his underlying physical condition.

Huo Xiang pulled his hand back and acknowledged Huo Yao obediently before he suddenly went quiet.

Moments later, he smiled sadly and said, “Xiang Nan’s little brother is an honest guy. He always idolized Xiang Nan. Perhaps he decided to use such an extreme method to help when Xiang Nan told him about his resentment towards me as the bandleader.”

Huo Yao glanced at him and said nonchalantly, “Only stupid people resent successful people. Sometimes, they don’t deserve our pity.”

Huo Xiang inhaled deeply. “You are right. Some people don’t deserve our pity.”

Even though he felt sorry for Xiang Nan’s little brother, his feelings stopped at that. If his little sister was not around when the traffic fiasco occurred, a major accident would have transpired and he would have probably ceased to exist.

A mistake was a mistake. It did not matter whether Xiang Yang was a good man at heart.

“It serves no purpose to be softhearted,” added Huo Yao as she raised her brow.

Huo Xiang touched his nose. It did not sound like she was trying to comfort him. Instead, it was offensive.


After Tong Yu left the hospital, he went over to Huo Tingrui’s law firm and gave him the evidence.

Huo Tingrui went through the evidence and said coldly, “This already adds up to intentional homicide. We should report this to the cops.”

Tong Yu also wanted to file a police report. Since he had known Xiang Nan for a long time, he softened up and said, “How about I get him to surrender himself to the cops?”

Although Xiang Nan’s younger brother did it, Xiang Nan was culpable to a certain degree, so he could not help feeling soft-hearted. If Xiang Yang voluntarily confessed to his crimes rather than wait to get arrested, the judge would be more lenient with his sentence.

The moment Huo Tingrui heard Tong Yu’s suggestion, he knew what Tong Yu was thinking. If it were anyone else, Huo Tingrui would have nothing to say. Since it was his younger siblings in question...

Huo Tingrui adjusted his spectacles and looked at Tong Yu sternly. “Trust me. You should report this to the police and handle it asap. It is much safer than waiting to convince him to confess.”

Since Tong Yu had already linked Xiang Nan to the crime, Huo Tingrui was certain that his father would catch wind of this in no time.

If Xiang Yang was arrested, there was still room to negotiate. However, he could not say the same if Xiang Yang landed in his eldest uncle’s hands.

Tong Yu could tell Huo Tingrui was trying to allude to something. He felt puzzled and paused before he asked. “Why? Are you afraid that Xiang Nan’s little brother will make a run for it?”

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