Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 755 - Huo Yao, Where Is Your Speech?

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Chapter 755: Huo Yao, Where Is Your Speech?

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Huo Yao was the third year student representative. Chen Yu was worried she might feel stressed, so she kept encouraging Huo Yao.

Huo Yao did not know whether to cry or to laugh.

Chen Yu kept cheering Huo Yao up and personally walked her backstage.

The moment Chen Yu and Huo Yao came over, Yi Feiyu, Mu Qing, and Jiang Mingyue raised their heads.

They had already overheard Chen Yu and Huo Yao’s conversation.

Jiang Mingyue pursed her lips in disdain.

Even though every generation had new talent of its own, she felt it wasn’t entirely true. Was Huo Yao not embarrassed that her teacher had to encourage her and accompany her all the way here?


She shook her head and continued reading her speech.

The moment Chen Yu left, Yi Feiyu got up and went over to Huo Yao. He said, “Your teacher certainly cares a lot about you.”

Huo Yao nodded and replied. “Uh huh. Miss Chen is a great teacher.”

Yi Feiyu smiled. He led her a few steps forward, pointed to Mu Qing and Jiang Mingyue, and introduced. “You already got acquainted with Jiang Mingyue in the canteen. This is your senior, Mu Qing. He graduated in ’05. Back in the day, he stood second in the college entrance exam, so he is a genius!

Mu Qing stood up from his seat.

Huo Yao looked at Mu Qing’s face calmly for two seconds before she nodded courteously. “How do you do?”

Mu Qing finally got a close look at Huo Yao’s face. She had exquisite features and was exceptionally stunning. Her eyes were deep, bright and beautiful. She gave off a cool aura and seemed laid back.

She looked at him with utter calmness in her eyes.

Mu Qing raised his brow slightly and felt surprised.

After all, he typically made people feel nervous when they first met.

“Nice to meet you, Huo Yao.” Mu Qing reached his hand out. His hands were fair and his fingers were long and slender and looked like a work of art.

Jiang Mingyue could not help feeling surprised when she caught Mu Qing voluntarily shaking someone else’s hand.

Mu Qing was a proud man. Although he seemed nice on the outside, he barely took any interest in others.

It was rare for him to take such initiative to be close to someone.

Jiang Mingyue glanced at Huo Yao with complicated emotions rising in her heart. Was it her pretty face?

Huo Yao paid no attention to Jiang Mingyue’s expression.

Mu Qing was considered to be relatively good-looking. However, it did not go beyond that. Even compared to her four older brothers, every single one of them was better looking than Mu Qing.

Since everyone at home was gorgeous, she had already gained immunity and did not react much when she encountered slightly handsome members of the opposite sex.

Everyone was equivalent to trash unless they could surpass Min Yu in the looks department.

It was probably near impossible for anyone to outdo her big fat cash cow in terms of appearance.

Huo Yao calmly glanced at Mu Qing’s outreached hand and nodded politely. She stood where she was without moving or having any intention of shaking his hand.

Mu Qing pursed his lips and smiled. He did not feel awkward and simply put his hand back unhurriedly.

Yi Feiyu coughed awkwardly when he saw this. He checked Huo Yao’s hands and noticed that she had come empty-handed, so he asked. “Where is your speech?”

It was a major event, so even a camera had been set up to film it. All of them took the matter seriously and had written scripts which they intended to bring up on stage just to be safe.

Although it was fine to give a speech impromptu, Yi Feiyu quickly threw the notion out of his mind when he recalled Huo Yao’s teacher encouraging her earlier.

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