MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 475 - : Fusion of Man and Sword

Chapter 475: Fusion of Man and Sword

Both the players from the Divine Faction and Infernal Factions had received notifications.

That was to stop Jiang Feng from completing his pills.

Similarly, the players from the other five servers from both the Divine and Infernal Factions had received such notifications.

They all made their way here.

Suddenly, the players from all six servers and the army of millions led by King Zhou had descended upon the Ancient City.

If they were to continue the fight, the Ancient City had no hope of victory at all.

That was why Ling Feiyu stood up at this juncture.

Her words had stopped the players from the Huaxia Server that were preparing to or had already attacked the Ancient City and caused them all to think.

While the Shifter Emperor was the enemy of the Divine and Infernal factions, but it was no longer about factions now and that it also had something to do about the unity of the players from the Huaxia Server.

Ling Feiyu had thought about the problem of factions as well, that was why she only asked the players from the Huaxia Server to not give them any more pressure.

The leader of the Huaxia Server’s Divine Faction sheathed his weapon and said to the group of people next to him and said, “Ling Feiyu is right. We should stand by. If we attack now, even if we could stand in our own factions, we are not worthy of being in Huaxia!”

“Yes, I think so too. I give up!”

“I never wanted to fight in the first place. I hope that the Shifter Emperor can plough through!”

“Please work hard, Shifter Emperor! We can’t help you now!”

Ling Feiyu’s words were quite effective.

All the players that were still attacking the Tianyao Furnace had all stopped and stood aside.

The players from the two factions within the Ancient City who were looking for a chance to destroy the Heavenly Saint Pill had all sheathed their weapons, and gave up on what they wanted to do, and were prepared to stand by.

When Ling Feiyu saw that the Huaxia players from the Divine and Infernal factions had stopped attacking, she heaved a sigh of relief. She then took out the Shifter Emperor Flag and placed it at the heart of the city, and then shouted to all the players that were from the Shifter Faction and monsters that were within the Ancient City, “Brothers and Sisters of the Shifters Faction, prepare to defend against any attacks!”

As soon as Ling Feiyu had finished her words, all the players and monsters from the Shifter Factions that were on the Shifter Emperor Island and the Ancient City itself headed out to attack the players from the other five servers that had begun to attack the city’s defense array.

On top of the Ancient City, Jiang Feng had dodged one of King Zhou’s crowd control skills and reappeared within a group of Insectoid monsters.

He used “Sweep the Army” and struck them all away.

He then glanced at the Ancient City.

He saw Ling Feiyu take out the Shifter Emperor Flag. He then cried out, “Monsters in all directions, heed my call!”


As soon as he had said that, all the flying monsters from Mount Kunlun which was just under the Ancient City began to fly toward the Ancient City, and attack the players from the five nations.

Only Jiang Feng could use the Shifter Emperor Flag.

As the Shifter Emperor Flag could not command monsters more powerful than sacred rank, he then left it in the Ancient City and did not bring it with him.

The reason that Ling Feiyu took out the flag and planted it was to let him use the skill of the Shifter Emperor Flag.

As groups of high-level monsters flew from the peak of Mount Kunlun, Jiang Feng gave Ling Feiyu a worried look and then continued to clean up the monsters around him.

He had already killed around four thousand Sacred Rank monsters, and when he encountered anything that was at higher levels, he would directly use Transmute Monster to transmute it.

King Zhou’s duplicate led his followers and kept on using Crowd Control skills in trying to control Jiang Feng, but unfortunately, Jiang Feng dodged them via teleportation.

At this time, Black Widow’s spider webs appeared all around Jiang Feng as it rushed toward him.

“Dimension Door!”

Jiang Feng had killed a few monsters and was just about to use Dimension Door to escape. But his face paled when he realized that he had run out of teleports, and he was completely webbed by Black Widow’s spider web.

King Zhou’s duplicate let out a smile when he was caught by the spider web. They all aimed their ultimate skills at Jiang Feng and were going to use them.

When he saw that their attacks were getting closer and closer, Jiang Feng, who was originally quite nervous, had calmed down.

The edge of his lips rose slightly as Deicide in his right hand slowly fell from his hand.

While Deicide was let go from his hand, it did not drop. Instead, it floated in front of him.

With the use of his consciousness, Deicide cut apart all the spider webs.

After escaping his bondage, he did not escape. Instead, he attacked King Zhou and the others. With a point of his finger, his Deicide clashed with King Zhou’s Nine Dragon Sword.


Deicide had managed to immediately block King Zhou’s Nine Dragon Sword.

Next, he continued to use the Sword Manipulation Technique and Deicide once again returned into his hand.

“Shadow Strike!”

The moment that Deicide had returned to his hands, he immediately used his ultimate attack when he saw that King Zhou was so close to him.

This time, he did not use his ultimate attack with Deicide in its staff form. Instead, he used it in its sword form.

He then saw seven sword flashes immediately going through King Zhou’s body.

“Hm? Reposition?” But what surprised Jiang Feng was that when the seven swords pierced into King Zhou’s body, King Zhou had become a spider while Zhou King had appeared somewhere else.

His guess was that King Zhou had used a repositioning skill that allowed him to change his location with someone else.

That was why he was able to dodge his ultimate attack.


After a short period of surprise, he quickly attacked Shi Long who was going to attack him from his back.

His speed was very fast. Shi Long wanted to dodge, but his Dominate Soul skill forced him to stand still on where he was.

The Deicide then attacked around eight times per second. Thanks to critical hits and other effects, Shi Long had become a corpse as he fell toward the ground below.

The Black Widow, who was just about to spray poison on him, and several generals were stunned when they saw what happened after reaching Jiang Feng.


Next, Jiang Feng used the crowd control skill on the Requiem Bell. In the blink of an eye, he flashed toward Black Widow and the other generals, and he used Deicide to unleash hundreds of Sword Chis and immediately killed them off.

Black Widow and Shi Long were inheritors and they could be revived. However, the generals could not. After they had been slain, they dropped a lot of loot.

The Lianyao Flasks’s auto pickup ability was activated and pulled in all the items that the generals had dropped.

After clearing out the troublesome characters, he then attacked King Zhou.

Among them, King Zhou was the most powerful. Even if he was just a duplicate, his power was at the peak of Lesser Sacred Master. With his power, he had barely reached the level where he could fight him.

If it was like last time and he could use Two Becomes One, he could immediately destroy King Zhou.

However, he was in no rush. If he could fight with King Zhou who was at a similar power level with him, he could use this chance to see how he fought so that he could have an easier time dealing with him when he went back to Silvermoon.

When King Zhou’s duplicate saw that several of his powerful underlings had all been slain by Jiang Feng, he yelled out angrily, “Shifter Emperor! You have a death wish!”

With that, he threw the Nine Dragon Sword into the air, and then when the sword fell downward, it directly stabbed into the head of King Zhou’s duplicate.

Next, King Zhou’s stats had increased by five times as if he himself had become a sharp sword and attacked Jiang Feng.

“Fusing Man and Sword? I didn’t expect King Zhou to be quite well versed with swords. I can use you to conceive the Sword of Time!”

When he saw King Zhou’s movement and his stats, he was slightly stunned. And then, he smiled and attacked King Zhou with Deicide in his hand.