MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 479 - Magic Heart

Chapter 479: Magic Heart

When Jiang Feng created the Providence Pills, he did it for his son as well as for making the Humans whole.

Nuwa had said that the Humans were not whole. Once they had become whole, they would become extremely powerful.

And currently, within this game, the relationship between himself and the Humans could no longer be separated. The Humans would assist him in the future, so he naturally had to watch over and take care of them.

He had arrived at the Humans’ City.

He was surprised at what he saw.

He saw that the Humans’ City was developing very well.

Farmers were working in the fields. Merchants selling vegetables, equipment and other items on the streets. There were fishermen fishing at the lake. There were many children playing with the residents. Everything was turning for the better.

Not only that, but he also realized that the Humans in the Humans’ City had already reached around 400,000.

That meant that during the time that he was alive, the Humans had given birth to a lot of babies.

“The game is getting more and more realistic. Other than different backgrounds, it has almost no difference with the real world anymore. With the Divine Dominion’s appearance, there wouldn’t be any other games that could compare to it. This game is probably going to be around dozens of years!” Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as he looked at what was happening here.

Ling Feiyu nodded and said, “Yes, I believe that too. When we are old, we can still return to this game. I hope that at that time, you and I can travel around this world and enjoy our last scenery together!”


Jiang Feng gave Ling Feiyu a gentle glance, and then pulled her toward the Humans’ City.

“Look! It is the Shifter Emperor!”

When he had just landed from the air, many of them had already noticed Ling Feiyu and him, They all ran toward where he was landing after the initial surprise.

After landing in the Steward’s Residence in the Humans’ City, the Patriarch of the Humans, Lin Xi, quickly greeted him.

“Shifter Emperor!” Ling Xi was also very excited as he quickly approached Jiang Feng.

The Humans had also seen the war in the air, and they had become even more impressed with Jiang Feng.

“Long time no see. Seems that the Humans have developed very well. It seems that choosing you as the Patriarch of the Humans was the right choice,” Jiang Feng said to him with a smile. He then led Ling Feiyu deeper into the Steward’s Residence and Lin Xi followed behind tightly.

As the Patriarch and leader of the Humans, Lin Xi did not live a life of luxury. Instead, his was a life of hardship.

He did not even have a servant in the entire Steward’s Residence.

Jiang Feng sat on the Steward’s throne and then said to Lin Xi, “Lin Xi, the Humans’ chance to change fate is here. Get me a pail of water and summon all the Humans that are stronger!”

“Change fate?” Lin Xi suddenly remembered the Heavenly Saint Pill that the Shifter Emperor had just created, and quickly said in joy, “Yes, I will go now!”

As he sat in the Steward’s residence, Jiang Feng then asked Ling Feiyu who was next to him, “Feiyu, did you obtain any new abilities after you ate the Providence pill?”

Ling Feiyu nodded with a smile. “One, and it’s quite good too.”

“What ability is that?”

“Magic Heart!”

Magic Heart?

Jiang Feng was stunned. He did not expect that the abilities that the Providence Pills granted would all be high-tiered abilities.

At this time, Ling Feiyu showed him the stats of Magic Heart.

Magic Heart: Low Level

Magic Attack +10%, Casting time* -10%, Store 100,000 Mana, Pocket dimension of 10 cubic meters.

T/L Notes: By Raw, it’s “Spell Casting speed -10%” but that would make spell casting longer, not shorter. The intended effect is to reduce the amount of time required for casting to complete a spell/ reduce casting time.

The abilities were similar to Sword Heart.

With the Magic Heart, spellcasters could use their skills faster and could deal higher damage. Not only that, they did not have to worry about running out of Mana.

When he saw that Lin Xi had not returned, he then chatted with Ling Feiyu in the Steward’s Residence as he relaxed.

He had also taken this chance to see his current level and how much time he had left on the Divine Dominion Continent.

He could still stay for around three to four hours on the Divine Dominion Continent. Once his time was up, he would most probably be automatically sent to Silvermoon. As for his levels, his original level of 155 had fallen after Two Becomes One had been dismissed. It could be said that he would lose the levels that he gained after using Two Becomes One.

Just when he and Ling Feiyu were chatting for the time to pass, Lin Xi finally led many of his people to the Steward’s Residence. At the same time, he had also prepared a pail of water.

He did not waste his breath and walked toward the pail of water that Lin Xi had prepared. He took out the Providence Pill and put it in.

The Providence Pill melted as soon as it was placed inside the water. Very quickly, the pail of clean water transformed into a white liquid. And it was even a bit sticky.

“Get another pail of water!” Jiang Feng said to Lin Xi when he saw what was happening.

The pail of Providence Liquid would only be enough for a few hundred people, and its effect was too strong. He needed to further dilute it.

After a short while, Lin Xi took in another pail of water.

Next, Jiang Feng combined the two pails of water together and once again tried to dilute it.

After diluting it, he was quite happy with it and then said to Lin Xi, “Drink this cup of water. And then tell me what has changed after you drink it.”

He did not know if drinking the diluted Providence Pill could make whole the Humans’ missing Meridian and the vortex within them, so he had Lin Xi try it first.

Lin Xi nodded and took a teacup on the table. He threw away the tea in it, and then scooped a cupful from the pail and downed it.


After drinking it, Lin Xi simply smacked his lips and he did not feel anything. But after a while, he began to show expressions of discomfort as he dropped to the ground from the pain, both of his hands pressing his abdomen.

Next, Jiang Feng saw something wondrous.

It was as if Lin Xi’s abdomen had a giant funnel that kept on absorbing the flow of air around him.

As it continued to absorb, Lin Xi’s stats kept on increasing.

After around ten minutes, Lin Xi stood up from the ground with sweat all over him.

Now, his face was bright and spirited. He had an exceptionally fresh and pristine aura coming from him, and it made him feel very comfortable.

“Thank you, Shifter Emperor!”

After standing up, Lin Xi directly knelt before Jiang Feng and said to him, filled with gratitude.

He finally knew what Jiang Feng meant by changing Fate. It was to make him a whole Human.

And now he finally knew how to become stronger, and he could grow very fast.

“Alright. Distribute as you see fit. After a while, I will take you all to Silvermoon. I hope that you can become even stronger!” Jiang Feng said to Lin Xi.

“Alright!” Lin Xi nodded.


After taking care of the Humans, Jiang Feng then left together with Ling Feiyu and returned to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

He was almost done with everything on the Divine Dominion Continent. And now, he had to wait for the most important one. The birth of his son.

Although his son had saved him twice, he could not check his son’s stats. He wanted to see after his birth how powerful he was exactly.

If he could force Tathagata’s duplicate to retreat twice, his power must not be underestimated.

As soon as he returned to the Shifter Emperor Palace, Xiao Yatou walked over and said to him, “Shifter Emperor, the Inheritor of the Metropolitans is here to see you. Do you want to see him?”

‘Inheritor of the Necropolitans? Oh… I forgot about the thing that I promised them both.’ Once he heard it from Xiao Yatou, he remembered Nanyu and Ningxiang. He then said to Xiao Yatou, “Let them in.”