MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 692 - The Black Bear King

Chapter 692: The Black Bear King

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Reputation was not as useful to those players that had entered the Great World of Tianji through the terminals.

However, it was more important than anything else for players such as Jiang Feng that had entered the game using their real bodies.

As long as they had enough reputation points, they could bring anything out from the Great World of Tianji.

At this stage, they had only explored one small corner of the Great World of Tianji. If they had all been explored, who knew what kind of powerful things they could find.

For example, a rare treasure here could easily allow Jiang Feng to create an elite back on Earth.

If he could ask a player from a scientifically advanced country to write for him a technology’s formula, he could then bring it back to Earth, apply for a patent, and gain great benefits there.

If he could bring out a Chaos Divine Weapon, he could even destroy a nuclear weapon in one hit.

Just thinking about it made Jiang Feng feel excited.

It was not that he was patriotic, it was because he wanted the planet he was in to become powerful.

If Earth were to become powerful, he would not need to worry about Earth being destroyed, and he would not have to worry about his family and friends under constant threat.

He was not very ambitious, he only wanted his family, friends, and lovers to live a carefree life.

T/L Note: Not… ambitious? Really?

However, he needed to destroy all potential sources of danger before they became a threat.

For a moment, his thoughts drifted a bit too far away. He shook his head and his eyes turned to the Wallow Mountains. “I can only sign up for the tournament tomorrow. I should first finish the quest, gain the Consoler class title and its Combat Rating and Inner Chi boost. Only then I don’t need to fear the top ten players from the Tianji Leaderboard, and win the tournament!”

With that, he continued to find the signs of the Black Bear King in the Wallow Mountains.

During his search, he encountered a normal Black Bear.

The Black Bear’s power was around Black Realm Seven Stars with a Combat Rating of 3,500. It had the power to crush rocks in one punch.

Jiang Feng rode on the Lunar Wolf King and stepped forward. As he looked at the five-meter tall Black Bear, he then spoke with the Black Bear using the tongue of the Beast, “Hey, where is the boss?”

The Black Bear turned around when it heard Jiang Feng’s voice, it did not even waste its breath communicating with Jiang Feng when it saw that he was a human. It immediately pounced toward him with an angry roar.

What insolence!

When he saw the Black Bear rush at him, he took out the Feihe Sword and jumped off the Lunar Wolf King. As his body flew into the air, he thrust his sword toward the Black Bear’s head.

The Black Bear let out a roar as its paws began to focus its Inner Chi, and then it violently slammed at Jiang Feng who was in the air.

“Cloud Walk!”

When he saw the Black Bear’s attack, Jiang Feng’s feet quickly stepped in the air a few times and avoided the Black Bear’s attack, and appeared right on top of the Black Bear.

Next, with both hands holding the Feihe Sword, he thrust it down in a straight line.


The Feihe Sword was a Spiritual Treasure. It was not hard for one to imagine how sharp it could be.

The sword immediately stabbed into the Black Bear’s head, and immediately depleted half of the Black Bear’s HP.

Before the Black Bear could even react, he equipped the Blazing Divine Fist and brutally hammered down on the hilt of the Feihe Sword.

The slam caused the Feihe Sword to be directly drilled into the body of the Black Bear. The Black Bear could only let out a wail, and crumbled onto the ground.

“Transmute Monster!”

After killing the Black Bear, he then used Transmute Monster on the Black Bear’s corpse.

Next, a Mid-Black Rank Beast Pill appeared in his hand. At the same time, the Feihe Sword also reappeared in front of his eyes.

He put away the Mid-Black Rank Beast Pill, the Blazing Divine Fist, and Feihe Sword. He then used his Wildshape skill and transformed into the Black Bear that he had just killed.

When the Lunar Wolf King saw that Jiang Feng had transformed into a monster, it then asked him, “Howl~ Boss, what about me?”

“Stand guard at this place,” Jiang Feng said to the Lunar Wolf King, and his large body then headed deep into the Wallow Mountains.

While the Monster Transmutation Systems’ abilities were different than that of Divine Dominion compared to when he was within the Great World of Tianji, it was still quite useful.

After running for some time, he then encountered another Black Bear.

“Bro, why are you in such a rush?” The Black Bear asked with a roar when it saw Jiang Feng running so quickly.

It seemed that only those of the same species would have something to talk about. See, such a friendly Black Bear.

Jiang Feng walked over and roared back, “I found something delicious. I want to give it to the boss.”

“Something delicious?!” The Black Bear also became interested.

“Yes. I killed a human and took them from his corpse. Seeing that we are such good friends, here’s something for you.” Jiang Feng said that and then took out some roast chicken and roast duck from his backpack in the Golden Dragon Ring.

He even forgot which backpack the meals came from. He had been carrying them and did not eat them.


The Black Bear was drooling as he quickly walked over and began eating the roast chicken and duck.

Looking at the feasting Black Bear, he then asked, “Bro, do you know where the boss is? Why can’t I see him?”

“You mean our leader? Isn’t he still in the valley?” The Black Bear roared as he ate and then pointed its paw in a general direction.

“Alright, I will go find the leader,” Jiang Feng said to the Black Bear and then ran toward the direction it pointed to.

When the Black Bear eating the roast chicken saw that Jiang Feng was walking away, it quickly stopped him, “Wait, the leader is quite moody now. You should not go there or the leader might accidentally kill you!”

“Moody? What happened?”

“The leader’s son went to the desert to play quite some time ago, and he was injured by a Poisonous Desert Scorpion. He was poisoned and is now dying. Our leader is grieving for him now.”

‘Hm? Can this be because of my quest? Is this what the Black Bear King is worried about?’ Jiang Feng was slightly stunned.

From his point of view, it had to be because he accepted the quest. If not, a plot like this would not have happened.

It seemed like the son would be the opening he needed to recruit the Black Bear King.

He did not care about the warning from the Black Bear that was eating and quickly headed toward where the Black Bear was pointing to. Very quickly, he heard a sorrowful growl from within.


He had arrived at a slot canyon, and there was a nine-meter tall gigantic Black Bear King. It even had three strands of silver hair on its chest.

At this time, it was guarding a little Black Bear that was lying on the ground on the verge of death.

When he saw that, he walked over. Once he was close enough, he began to speak, “Boss, I…”

“Roar! Scram!”

The Black Bear King did not even wait for Jiang Feng to finish talking before he roared, and a punch as big as a sandbag came crashing toward him.

“Wait! I have a way to save your son!”

The Black Bear King’s Fist was enveloped in powerful Inner Chi. If he let it hit him, he estimated that the force would be enough to disintegrate him. That was why he quickly yelled out what he had to say.


After he had finished his sentence, the Black Bear King’s fist stopped right in front of him. But even then, its formidable Inner Chi still smashed him away, and he had lost one-third of his HP.

The Black Bear King quickly rushed over and caught Jiang Feng excitedly with its pair of bear paws and asked, “What did you say? You know of a way to save my son?”

“Yes, Boss.”

Jiang Feng nodded and then planned in his mind on how to dupe the Black Bear King.