MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 695 - Shifter-Drooling Pickle Flavored Instant Noodles

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Chapter 695: Shifter-Drooling Pickle Flavored Instant Noodles

The Vajra’s Iron Fingers was one of the martial arts belonging to the Shaolin Temple.

There were only a few people on Earth that knew this technique. Those that were performed on stage were all acts.

In order to learn the Vajra’s Iron Fingers, other than the meridians in one’s body, one also had to develop the meridians in the fingers.

The meridians on the hands were small and fragile, and it was very easy to ruin the hands by accident.

He began to move his Inner Chi and slowly infuse them into the meridians within his hands.

Luckily, after he was trained in the Xingyi Fist, the meridians in his hands had become very strong. After spending half an hour, the path that he needed for his Inner Chi to move within his hand had been developed.

Even then, his hands became somewhat inflamed and part of them had become numb.

That was normal after the meridians had been developed.

He quaffed a Stamina Potion. While waiting for his hands to stop being inflamed, he waited for the Inner Chi within the body to be restored.

Once his Inner Chi had been restored and his hands were no longer puffy, he moved his Inner Chi to his right hand, and suddenly stood up with two fingers pointed toward a bamboo.

His two fingers pressed onto the bamboo, and it shook.


As for Jiang Feng, his two fingers instantly became inflamed and the pain immediately reached up to his brain.

As for the attack, his Inner Chi had immediately dissipated the moment he struck the bamboo, which meant that he had simply struck it using his flesh.


He ate another High-Yellow Beast Pill, waited for the inflammation to go away, and continued trying.

After the experience last time, he did not rush at attacking the bamboo. He waited for the Inner Chi to dissipate and then stopped.

After his experience at failing the first few times, he found out why he had failed.

The Inner Chi that was focused on his fingers when he was attacking was either unstable or had dissipated outward the moment he had managed to focus it in his fingers because it could not find where to go to.

Afterward, he tried to slowly focus the Inner Chi within his fingers as he was attacking.

T/L Note: I’ve ignored “when he was running” in the sentence. He was not running! Maybe he meant when he was “attacking?”


After trying it a dozen times, he finally found the correct way to do it properly. His two fingers pressed on a bamboo the size of one’s thigh, and in the next moment, there was a light pop where he pressed on the bamboo. A hole appeared, and the bamboo also cracked open as it fell onto the ground.

Ding. Tianji System Prompt: Congratulations, you have perceived the Low-Yellow Rank Vajra’s Iron Fingers Mysticism. You have been awarded 500 reputation points!

“Hm? Perceived? Not created?” When Jiang Feng heard the Tianji System’s prompt, he was stunned.

He had spent around 5 hours on the Vajra’s Iron Fingers, but he did not expect that in the end, he had only perceived it, and not created it.

That meant that in the Great World of Tianji, the Vajra’s Iron Fingers was a Mysticism that already existed.

However, he understood why. Who knew how many years the Great World of Tianji had been in existence?

Even though there were only a few areas that had been explored on the map, some of the explored areas were very far away from the Leisi area. Some of them even had to go through unexplored areas.

The only reason that the Gateway to Tianji existed within the Bermuda Triangle meant that there must be some Earthlings who had entered this world through that gate.

Since the Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms existed in this world, he should not be surprised that the Vajra’s Iron Fingers had already appeared in this world.

But he was still quite suspicious about something.

Were the players on the Tianji Leaderboard only referring to players within Leisi Area and the several areas that were close by, or was it inclusive of all explored areas?

If it was all the explored areas, then there was a problem.

Since the Great World of Tianji had existed for so many years, there were definitely those that had reached the Heaven Rank or even higher. It was impossible that there were only a few Earth Rank players on the Tianji Leaderboard.

That meant that the Tianji Leaderboard did not cover the entire Great World of Tianji, but was just a regional leaderboard.

“Fine, since the Vajra’s Iron Fingers already exists, that means that the other techniques on Earth should exist here too. I shouldn’t waste any more time here. I should enter the city to sign up for the tournament and then apply for a ranking on the Tianji Leaderboard!”

Jiang Feng was somewhat disappointed as he stood up and then headed to the Respite Winehouse.

Once he was back at the Winehouse, he then saw a very active monkey entering the Respite Winehouse with Yinke behind it.

He then went over with a smile. “Congratulations.”

When Yinke saw Jiang Feng, she also smiled and congratulated him, “Congratulations to you too. I didn’t expect that despite your quest being more difficult than mine, you were able to complete it before me.”

Jiang Feng shrugged and said, “I was just lucky!”

Yinge smiled as she entered the winehouse.

From her point of view, he was not just lucky. He did not die falling off the cliff, and the two swords he used to save her could not be owned by someone normal.

That was proof of his strength.

Once Yinke had obtained her class title, she then saw that Jiang Feng was about to leave by riding on the Lunar Wolf King. She then curiously went over and asked, “Where are you going?”

Li’er, who was sitting behind Jiang Feng, stuck out her tongue and said, “None of your business!”

Jiang Feng then replied, “Going to the nearby city and signing up for tomorrow’s competition.”

Yinke nodded and said, “Let’s go together then. I want to buy something from the city too.”

When Li’er heard that Yinke wanted to follow, she became nervous. “You can come with us, but Lunar only has enough space for two!”

Yinke then said with a smile, “No worries. You can go ahead. I will be riding on a horse.”

With that, she looked for Xiao Yu and said a few words to her. She then pulled a horse over.

She put on a saddle and jumped onto it. She looked very cool.

Afterward, the three of them headed to Xiayi City which was the closest to them.

When they were on their way, it was quite uneventful. Jiang Feng looked at the 1,050 reputation points and was getting quite restless.

He wanted to see what the lottery system from the Monster Transmutation System could give him since the Great World of Tianji existed within the real world.

‘I have full Luck! Since the stats are given by the Great World of Tianji, it must have some use, right? I’m not begging for anything good, but it should give me something better than a thank you message, right?!’ Jiang Feng thought to himself and then opened the Monster Transmutation System’s panel again. He gave his hands a rub and clicked on lottery.

Ding. Monster Transmutation System Prompt: Congratulations, you have received a cup of “Shifter-Drooling Pickle Flavored Instant Noodles.”

‘What the hell? Pickled Vegetable Flavored Instant Noodles? The name looks different though…’

As the Lunar Wolf King was running and the sound of it thumping was quite loud, he thought that he did not hear it properly. He quickly opened his backpack and checked.

He then saw a cup of instant noodles in his backpack. But it was not the familiar packaging of a Pickled Vegetable Flavored Instant Noodles, but the packaging contained pictures of hundreds of animals and beasts.

Curiously, he picked up the cup noodles and checked its information.

Shifter-Drooling Pickle Flavored Instant Noodles: will release a tempting aroma once boiled with hot water for three minutes. Shifters that smell it would drool. If eaten by humans or shifters, it can strengthen their bones and meridians as well as the ability to recover from wounds.

Note: For the best taste and effect, boil the noodles with dew.

‘Erm… I didn’t expect that I would get a cup of noodles from the Monster Transmutation System. And it seems to be some kind of super instant noodles. What the heck? Why would something like this exist? Where did it come from?’ Jiang Feng felt that he had gained a new level of understanding about the Monster Transmutation System as he looked at the Shifter-Drooling Pickle Flavored Instant Noodles.

Initially, he thought that he could only get some pills, weapons, or secret manuals from the lottery. He did not expect to get something so… advanced.

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