MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 776 - Sorry About That

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Chapter 776: Sorry About That

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As the contest had begun, Jiang Feng and the others stood in their designated positions.

Wanke was standing at the very front, Jiang Feng to his left while Kalosi was to his right. Sus was standing behind them with Huang Xiaoyu standing at the rear end. They formed a 1, 2, 1, 1 formation.

Pawa’s team had formed their formation as well. Theirs was a 2, 2, 1 formation.

“Listen to my command. If we win, we divide the 7 million. If we lose, all of you will pay for it!” Jiang Feng said to them as he activated his team channel.

When he was speaking through the team channel, what he said could only be heard by those in his team. The others could not hear it at all.

“So shameless!” All four of them said at the same time. Jiang Feng was the one betting but they had to pay for it, so that was kind of shameless.

Jiang Feng smiled and said, “Wanke, stop their DPS. Kalosi, you roam around and find a chance to eliminate their support. Sus, help me stop their commander, Pawa, so I can kill him. Huang Xiaoyu, stop looking at that! Later on, focus! Don’t draw too much attention or we’re all going to die!” Out of the entire team, he was worried about Huang Xiaoyu the most.

The kid was really undependable. If he were to draw an array that did not work and could explode, all he could do was say GG.

Pawa smiled coldly and then took out a long sword. He rushed toward Jiang Feng after saying to the teammates behind him, “Alright! Look alive, people! Don’t get yourself killed in an easy match! Attack!”

Pawa began the match with a direct attack, and Jiang Feng’s opponent was Pawa. The Feihe Sword appeared immediately in his hand as he faced Pawa in battle.

Both him and Pawa were the commanders of their teams. If the commanders were killed, the remaining team members would be in trouble.

Compared to the Bili Squadron, if Jiang Feng was eliminated, the Huaxia Squadron’s members would be in huge trouble.

That was because his team members had never fought in a group before and their synergy was zero. They would need him to command them, so he must not get killed off.

As the two commanders attacked, the members from each squadron also attacked. Kalosi quickly circled around from the edge of the ring to the back of the opposing team, preparing to cut off their support. At the same time, Bili Squadron’s Dala also circled around to the back of Jiang Feng’s squadron.

Huang Xiaoyu glanced at Dala making his way toward him. He did not pay him any attention and simply held his brush, drawing his array. Dala attacked Huang Xiaoyu with his short sword, but in the next moment, his attack was blocked by Wanke.

“Friend, do you believe in Buddha?” Wanke appeared in front of Dala with a faint smile and clasped hands.

“I am Buddha!” Dala quickly circled around Wanke as he proceeded to attack Huang Xiaoyu.

Wanke was angered. How dare someone humiliate his faith as such? That was not something he could ignore. He launched a slam with his palm toward Dala, and a golden palm strike flashed toward Dala.

“Those who humiliate Buddha, repent!”

Dala used his speed advantage to dodge Wanke’s attack with a sidestep and managed to reach Huang Xiaoyu’s side.

At this time, Huang Xiaoyu’s array had just been completed.

Wanke gave Huang Xiaoyu’s array a glance, and then saw his slight frown.

He quickly retreated after a moment of realization.

As expected, Huang Xiaoyu was undependable again and the array immediately exploded.

But what surprised Jiang Feng and everyone else was that Dala had just stepped into the array as Huang Xiaoyu left, and he was blasted by the explosion. He was dyed in black with his hair standing straight as if he had just exited a coal mine.

As he was standing in the middle of the array, he had taken the maximum amount of damage, and only half of his HP was left.

Huang Xiaoyu naively let out a smile and said to Dala, “About… About that, I’m sorry!”

‘Holy crap…’

“What the hell happened? Where is this? What am I doing? Who the hell are you?”

Dala was extremely confused. He did not expect that a support would be able to deal so much damage. A support that did not support but instead set up traps at the back… It was very unscientific!

Dala was not the only one confused. All his teammates and the surrounding people were also quite confused.

They had never expected that a supporter could have self-destructive skills. Seeing Huang Xiaoyu’s missing HP, the explosion was the kind that would not differ between enemies and allies.

Luckily, as Sus was helping Jiang Feng keep Pawa busy, he was not affected by Huang Xiaoyu’s explosion as he was not in the area of effect.

As Wanke had already determined that Huang Xiaoyu’s array was going to be undependable once again, that was why the moment that the array exploded, he immediately attacked and used the Divine Palm of the Buddha. The attack immediately slammed on Dala’s back, and the attack quickly reduced his HP until only a splinter was remaining.

Dala felt the pain on his back as his face turned pale. He became nervous and decided to escape before he gets killed. And then, he saw Huang Xiaoyu hold his giant brush and began drawing on the ground. The brush whipped on him, removing his final slither of health.

“About… about that, sorry. I was going to draw an array, but you knocked into me. It… It has nothing to do with me.” Huang Xiaoyu looked at Dala innocently as the latter slowly transformed into white light and disappeared from the ring.

In less than ten seconds, Dala had already been eliminated. Once he was out of the ring, he was angered by Huang Xiaoyu to the point where he almost vomited blood.

‘Seriously… Why the heck are you acting innocent after you have killed me? I’m the one that’s the most innocent!’

Originally, he was saying with great confidence that they could destroy the newbie team. He did not expect that he would be the first one to get killed. The disgrace made him hate Huang Xiaoyu even more.

If it was not because of Huang Xiaoyu, he would not die at all. That was all because of Huang Xiaoyu’s undependable support array forcing him into a corner. And only then did he create an opening that Wanke took advantage of. And in the end, he ran right into Huang Xiaoyu’s brush when he was trying to escape.

Jiang Feng, who was fighting with Pawa, glanced at the back from the corner of his eyes. He was slightly shocked to see that Dala had already been thrown out of the ring, and he was not sure what kind of expression he should wear on his face.

He did not expect that Huang Xiaoyu’s undependable array had managed to help them secure the kill to the point where he had gotten first blood. What he did could not be overlooked.

Without Dala the assassin and DPS, Jiang Feng and the others could instantly feel less pressure. Their back row was finally secured.

“Wanke, distract their commander. I will work with Kalosi to kill off their support!” Jiang Feng said to Wanke through the team channel.

Bili Squadron’s support did not depend on arrays but was similar to the Wizards in Divine Dominion. He would channel his Inner Chi into a staff and use it to buff his teammates.

Pawa’s damage and speed had been buffed beyond his stats, and it was going to be quite difficult to kill him off in a short amount of time. He had to finish the support off with Kalosi first.

Kalosi was currently being kept busy by their member that was focused on crowd controlling skills. She could not kill off their support for the time being.

When Wanke heard what he said, he quickly appeared next to Pawa and stopped him from chasing after Jiang Feng. He then said to Pawa with a smile, “Friend, do you believe in Buddha?”

“I believe in your mom!” Pawa was angered as he struck Wanke with his sword.

Wanke quickly used his Vajra’s Invulnerability Divine Technique skill and blocked several of Pawa’s attacks. However, he could not block the final attack and he breached through his technique, with blood immediately flowing out.

Pawa was then going to pierce Wanke with his sword.

However, Sus hurled his sword toward Wanke. His sword broke apart and formed a shield, appearing right in front of Wanke, and helped him block the attack.

At this time, Jiang Feng had already reached the enemy’s back row.

He looked at the member that was wearing a robe and buffing his teammates. With a smile, he slashed the Feihe Sword, and dozens of Sword Chis the shape of cranes flew toward that support.

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