MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 777 - Victory by Luck

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Chapter 777: Victory by Luck

Members of Squadrons who had reached B League had the ability to fight two at the same time.

While a Support’s direct combat abilities were quite weak in comparison, they were still stronger than normal people.

When the support saw dozens of cranes formed by Sword Chis heading straight into him, he did not react rashly. He waved the staff in his hand, and a wall appeared right in front of him, blocking the dozens of Sword Chis.

Jiang Feng quickly appeared next to the wall and felt the aura of elements from the wall. He raised an eyebrow as he thought to himself, ‘Hm? This is not a wall formed by Inner Chi? Magic can be used within the Great World of Tianji?’

He was not able to formulate an answer to his question, and as such, he circled around the wall and continued to pursue the support.

“Kalosi, forget about the Support! Kill their crowd-controller!” Kalosi wanted to kill off their support, but she was held up by the Bili Squadron’s crowd controller.

In order for her to be able to focus, he then gave her a new command.

Once Kalosi had received the new command, she stopped trying to find a way to breach through the crowd-controller so that she could kill the support. Instead, she shifted her full attention to the player in front of her. She spun the dagger around her arm and cut off all the inner-chi ropes that were entangling her. She was so quick that she left behind a mere after-image as she attacked that player.

Jiang Feng used Exploding Fist and brutally punched the Support’s chest, forcing him to take a few steps back.

While the Support had a lot of skills, once he was within the melee range of a DPS, it would be quite difficult for him to survive.

He kept on swinging his staff, buffing Pawa and the others while handling Jiang Feng’s attack. He also had to buff himself at the same time.

The support was quite skilled, he might even be able to find a Professional Squadron that was willing to recruit him.

‘You are quite skilled, but you’re useless before me!’

Suddenly, Jiang Feng’s speed increased. In the blink of an eye, he had already reached within the melee range of the support when he was previously ten meters away. He swung the Feihe Sword in his hand and forced the support into a bind and could not buff his teammates.

“Nameless Sword Style!”

The support’s panic had caused him to create an opening. When Jiang Feng saw that, he quickly used Expeditious Steps and used his most powerful attack and stabbed into his chest.

The support did not die from the attack, and so he quickly tried to heal himself. Unfortunately, Jiang Feng struck him with a Crushing Fist and immediately threw him out of the ring.

The Bili Squadron had lost another member, and Pawa’s face became quite dark.

Originally, they had a 100% chance of winning this. But after Huang Xiaoyu killed one through his trap, they were already at a disadvantage. With the death of their support, their chances of winning had become very slim.

When there were still four of them, they could still try to win. But when it was three against five, it became very difficult.

That was because, after the first round of exchange, Pawa then knew that when they were at the same level. Jiang Feng and the others were also the crème de la crème. He was having a hard time fighting them. However, if he could use his Black Pill, Jiang Feng and the others would have all been eliminated.

After Jiang Feng had taken out their support, he then went over to help Wanke and Sus to deal with Pawa.

Pawa was indeed quite strong. Wanke was already soaked in blood, with only one-third of his HP left. Sus had also been struck twice, with only half his HP remaining.

They might get killed by Pawa if he were to let Pawa engage them for a prolonged period of time.

Pawa still had two-thirds of his health left. Jiang Feng engaging him had caused his pressure to greatly increase.

After using a chain of Xingyi Fist on him, Pawa started to panic.

“Divine Palm of Buddha!” Wanke caught an opening and slammed his palm at his back, sending him flying.

“Come back here!” Sus let out a wicked smile as the sword in his hand transformed into a chain-sword. He threw it out and the chain-sword ensnared Pawa’s body. With a violent drag, he managed to pull him back, expending some of his health.

“Exploding Fist!”

Before Pawa could even fall on the ground, Jiang Feng’s Exploding Fist managed to kill Pawa in the air. He had been eliminated in the worst way possible.

The Bili Squadron had lost three players, which meant that only one crowd-control focused player and a tank player were left.

Tanks primarily trained in techniques that empowered their bodies, making their defense extremely high.

However, due to his low damage, Jiang Feng did not pay him any attention and ignored him. He would not bat an eye at him as long as he was not caught by him.

Jiang Feng, Wanke, and Sus attacked. The two of them were not able to handle the focused attacks, and in less than ten seconds, both of them were sent out of the ring.

Just after they had cleared all of Bili Squadron’s members, Huang Xiaoyu yelled out excitedly, “Haha! I did it!”


In the next moment, the array emitted a green light and covered everyone, helping them recover their health. The speed was not slow either, allowing them to recover 200 points of health. It was quite powerful.

However, Jiang Feng and the others were not that happy with it and rolled their eyes at him.

The fight had already finished and only now did he manage to complete a support array.

The four of them were very speechless.

However, when they remembered that Huang Xiaoyu had accidentally killed off Bili Squadron’s core DPS Dala, they did not blame him at all.

Huang Xiaoyu was the one that did the most in the fight.

If it was not because Huang Xiaoyu had Dala’s full attention and had failed with his array, Dala would not have died. And if Dala did not die, the victors of this battle could not have been so easily decided.

It could be said that Huang Xiaoyu’s failed array was the key to winning this fight.

Looking at the four of them rolling their eyes, Huang Xiaoyu scratched his head and stuck out his tongue, saying, “Sorry, I’m still studying many of the arrays, so I might be a bit slow in drawing them…”

Ding. Tianji System Prompt: Congratulations on leading your team to victory in this match. You have received the 7 million gold pieces wager!”

“Haha! This feels great!” As soon as he had received the 7 million gold pieces, he felt extremely pleased.

He then divided the 7 million into 5 portions and gave them to the other four.

“Sus and Wanke, here’s your money back. I’ll give you all an extra 300,000 too. Kalosi, you get 300,000 as well. Xiaoyu, you did very well this time, so here’s 500,000!”

Jiang Feng had immediately given out 3,400,000, but he still pocketed the remaining 3,600,000. After taking into account the 3 million that he spent, he had even earned an extra 600,000.

“I owe all of you one, as well as that 5 million. I cannot take this money, take it and divide it,” Kalosi said.

While they had gotten back the 5 million, he knew that if they had lost, Jiang Feng and the others would be at such a great loss because they would have lost 12 million gold pieces!

She could not take the money when they have risked so much just for her.

Jiang Feng smiled and said, “Getting you into our Squadron for 5 million is a great trade. This is what you deserve! If you treat us as friends, just take it. We’re all friends now!”

“Captain’s right,” Huang Xiaoyu said with a grin as he looked at the Gold Coin Card in his hand that had 500,000 gold pieces.

With this much money, he could buy even better quality beast blood. He might even be able to afford some Black Pills that were formed by monsters. He could then use the Black Pill to create portable arrays with limited use. He would not need to draw the array during battle afterward.

“Kalosi, just keep it. Our captain’s rich,” Sus looked at the 1.3 million Gold Coin Card in his hand delightfully.

As for the extra 200,000 that Huang Xiaoyu got, everyone believed that he deserved it. Since their victory was all thanks to Huang Xiaoyu.

“Dear patron, I would like to create a golden Buddha statue, but I am still lacking funds. If you do not want it, you can donate…”

“Scram!” Wanke had not even finished his sentence when Jiang Feng and the others yelled out at him at the same time.


The proud and cold Kalosi had slightly opened up and let out a smile for the first time. She became even cuter with that smile, and weird uncles all around the world would no doubt be charmed by her smile.

‘This is not a bad team!’

That was Kalosi’s assessment of the Huaxia Squadron in the end!

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