Monarch of Evernight - Chapter 1511

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Chapter 1511

Anwen’s suggestion gained unanimous support. Lady Ye felt that bringing a couple of continents back home would gain them even more merits. With such contributions, it would be easy to make up for all past crimes and even raise the status of the returning humans.

And what better way to prove the path of Evernight than to bring home two continents?

Once the path had been recognized, the Dao Court’s rewards had always been generous in this regard.

Now that the return plan had been decided upon, the next step was to realize them. The most important part was to push the radiant sun onto its return trajectory, then the continents could follow without a problem.

During the earliest phases of the Chronicle of Glory, the sun was drawn into action by the River of Blood. In the end, it was Qianye’s ascension to the great dark monarch realm that dragged the sun into the Evernight World in one go.

With Qianye and the Queen of the Night working together, it would not be a problem for the first and second drop of blood to activate the river’s power. What’s more, Nighteye would be assisting them as well, so the power output would be even greater than before.

Even so, it was still a difficult task to push the radiant sun. The main problem was that the power of the river was too ethereal, majestic, and difficult to control.

Qianye’s eyes landed on the Eastern Sea as he glanced at the map of the Evernight World.

Several days later, an unimaginably gigantic whale appeared on the shore of the Eastern Sea. At this point, the creature was well over ten thousand meters from head to tail.

Qianye had a feeling it had gotten fatter during this short time.

The whale seemed absolutely delighted, but that didn't reduce the effort it took for him to properly see Qianye. That was only natural since the latter was almost like a speck of fine dust.

"So that's how the brat Xuansi's attack works. No wonder. You humans sure love to play strange tricks. There's no helping it since you're not strong enough. Well, your final wish has been fulfilled, so it's finally time for me to roam the void. Give me a lift now and be careful not to hurt my back."

Gazing at that round body in the air, Qianye simply had no idea which part was its waist and back.

Hauling that whale into the air was no easy feat, even though Qianye was now the strongest in Evernight. Fortunately, he didn’t have to do it alone. The Sacred Mountain appeared in the air as Qianye and Lilith worked together to lift the whale out of the water. Nighteye gathered the power of all the experts on the Sacred Mountain and deployed a domain stretching ten thousand kilometers. Four gigantic caves appeared within that domain.

Four giants made of blood walked out from the caves and lifted the whale upward. These giants looked like rats beside the whale, but they were so strong that they managed to lift the giant creature upward.

In the blink of an eye, Qianye’s group used up most of their blood energy. The whale was only about a thousand meters in the air, far from reaching the void.

Lady Ye took action at this point. A sword radiance tore through the air and struck the whale at the tail. The giant tail swung down in pain, striking the Eastern Sea with a force so great that it tore right through the landmass. A fragment of the continent broke off from the Eastern Sea and became an island.

This force actually helped the giant void whale enter the void.

It turned around and glared at Lady Ye. “You hurt me!”

Qianye said thoughtfully, “So you do have the power to return to the void!”

The whale’s anger weakened significantly. “Says who? This old body still needs some help. Erm… I guess it’s time for me to roam the void.”

“Wait,” Qianye called out to the whale. “I still have something I need your help with. This matter is related to the human race’s future. We need you!”

“Haha! I’m always the most important person. Let’s hear it.”

“Well, it’s like this, follow me.” Qianye led the whale toward the Qin Continent.

Moments later, the giant whale was staring at the Qin Continent with a blank expression. “You guys want me to drag this monstrosity? Are you kidding me?”

“It’s not that hard, really. It looks big, but it’s not that heavy.” Anwen appeared in the air. With a wave of his hand, he produced a projection containing countless numbers and formulas. “We’ll only need this much force to move it initially, and the load will grow lighter and lighter as it gains momentum. You won’t need to do this alone, either. The River of Blood will aid in the entire process, and so will the Sacred Mountain of Evernight.”

“How much force is that exactly?” the whale asked.

Anwen immediately listed out the formulas. “I’m sure you can easily figure out such a simple answer. See? It’s not much effort, is it?”

The whale stared at the countless teeny tiny numbers for a good while before saying, “R-Right, it’s not a lot. I’ll help you guys this once!”

A month went by in a flash.

The humans began a large-scale migration between continents. The Qin and Transcendent Continents were chosen to follow the sun. One of the higher continents was also chosen to join the journey. This continent would eventually cool down and become hospitable, and its proximity to the sun would leave it with abundant mineral resources.

This new continent would become a resource mine for the humans returning to the Immortal Heaven, laying down an even stronger foundation for them.

Some of those originally living on the Qin and Transcendent Continents didn’t want to leave, while some of those on the Western Continent wanted to. Hence, countless airships were chartered every day between the continents.

At the same time, Lady Ye revealed the true face of the void continent. That landmass was actually the first vessel that had brought the human sinners to the Evernight World. It was a large cosmic palace that could move on its own.

After the void continent was activated, it naturally became one of the best tools to haul continents, only second to the immensely powerful void whale.

The great hall of the Evernight Council. The hall was packed to the brim this day, with virtually no empty seats.

Many Evernight experts stole glances at the newly added section in the hall, discussing amongst themselves in whispers. Those seated in this new section were actually human dukes and marshals.

In the air above, there was one additional seat on the Sacred Mountain, and it was Zhang Boqian who occupied it. The other three were taken up by the Queen of the Night, the Demon King, and the Spider Queen. However, there was one more seat that was currently empty.

“Quiet!” A clear voice echoed through the hall. The person standing at the council chairman’s seat wasn’t a demonkin. It was Lord Riverglance!

At this moment, his aura was completely different from before, and his every action contained the might of wind and thunder. Apparently, he had ascended to the heavenly monarch realm. His battle with Jian had made him stronger and restored his confidence, allowing him to step into the next level soon afterward. This could be considered a part of the human race’s accelerated fortune.

The hall quieted down, and all of the members stood up, waiting for the moment that would forever be etched into the history of Evernight.

Lord Riverglance announced in a deep voice, “The new Evernight Council is an unprecedented entity. I hereby announce that our human race will formally join the council and stand equally with the other races of Evernight. All fighting between the Daybreak and Evernight factions will now come to an end.”

Loud applause echoed through the hall, eventually converging into a thunderous roar!

The two factions had been fighting since the rise of the Empire. A war that had lasted one thousand and two hundred years had finally come to an end. All of the Evernight experts had learned to appreciate the delights of peace—no more descendants would fall in battle, and no more tears would be shed for fallen comrades.

Lord Riverglance waited a long while for the applause to die down. “The radiant sun will soon leave the Evernight World completely, and the passage to the inner world has closed up entirely. From now on, this world will be one in which the two origin powers exist together. There shall be no more restrictions. All races, both the sacred races and humans, can look forward to a limitless future ahead!”

Claps rang out once more.

“Now, let us welcome the monarch of both Daybreak and Evernight, the overlord of all the races, the first drop of the River of Blood, the controller of chaos, His Majesty Qianye.”

Qianye appeared with Nighteye amidst an earth-shattering round of cheers and applause, slowly making his way up the Sacred Mountain.

Qianye let out a long sigh. “I promised I would bring you up here. Who would’ve thought it’d come true?”

Nighteye chuckled. “You were so weak back then, yet you had all those bold words to say. You were definitely a reckless dummy.”

Qianye blushed. “I was definitely reckless back then.”

“That’s youth!” Nighteye smiled radiantly.

After the two reached the summit, Qianye led Nighteye to her seat and glanced upward.

A throne appeared above all of the other seats. Carved upon the backrest was a scale, the left side of which represented Evernight and the right side, Daybreak.

Qianye arrived before the throne in a single step. After a split second of hesitation, he finally sat down on it.

This time, there was no applause, but countless experts stood up to perform their salutations. The entire hall was solemn and respectful.

Qianye waved his hand, gesturing for everyone to sit down.

Next up, the council meeting officially began. Under the guidance of Lord Riverglance and the Eternal Flame, they began discussing the rules for the new council to follow. One law after another was presented, discussed, and voted upon. Qianye remained silent from the beginning to the end. There was no need for him to speak, either. As the sole leader of the entire assembly, he possessed the power to decide on anything. It would take the five supremes’ unanimous decision to overturn Qianye’s decision.

The council session was long and tedious, but the top experts here could debate for months, let alone days.

Even amidst all the solemnity, there were still some frivolous characters. The human section was adjacent to the demonkin on the left and the vampires on the right. Song Zining, who was seated at the leftmost edge of the human section, poked the neighboring Anwen. “I’ve already gathered sufficient materials. I also managed to produce a batch of those parts you designed. We can get to work once this session is over. How goes your divination studies?”

Anwen said in a whisper, “I’ve covered the basics, but there are a lot of things I do not understand. I also think some of the so-called basic principles need more proof.”

“Correct, it’ll be a long process. We should finish your calculator first before taking the next step.”

“Calculator? Oh, that’s a nice name, sounds better than ‘calculation machine.’ I think I can expedite our progress by a bit, but you must help me handle Master Predica!”

Seeing Anwen’s worried figure, Song Zining was curious. “What did you do again?”

“It’s not much, erm… well…”

“Out with it!” Curiosity was Song Zining’s weakness.

“I removed two parts from the fate apparatus while he wasn’t looking. They should be at our work site by now.”

Song Zining was speechless. He slapped Anwen’s shoulder hard, saying, “Evil!”

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