Monster Factory - Chapter 509

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Chapter 509: Hard work will have miracles.

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November 29, 2021

In the live broadcast, the audience can saw a tall and thin salesman called Huang Ran, and his eloquence was much better than that of the shy Tao Kexin.

Walking into EMAG Precision Co. Ltd., Huang Ran spoke fluent English and had impressed the foreign executives inside, and in less than five minutes, he convinced them to test the oscillator series chips.

It is worth mentioning EMAG Precision Co. Ltd. had many machine tools under its umbrella. The four new chips produced by Monster Heavy Industry were all present. This test was much more advanced.

EMAG Precision Co. Ltd. had a professional electronic laboratory. It used advanced testing equipment to conduct a full range of extreme tests on the chips called vibrating crystal from N° 1 to N° 4.

This is also true of letting media reporters and the general public watching the live broadcast know the real strength of Monster Heavy Industry in chip production.

After the test report came out, let alone Zhang Yutian, even the high-level executive of EMAG Precision Co. Ltd. had his eyes straight.

In a thick stack of reports, the vibrating crystal series chips have dumped Fresenius’ products ten blocks away.

It's really not that EMAG Precision Co. Ltd. takes money to write reports. They are a large multinational company with extremely strict requirements for products. Even one screw inside must be tested and qualified before it can be used.

Precisely because of this, EMAG Precision Co. Ltd. ran a wave of advertisements for Monster Heavy Industry for free in front of countless audiences.

"We at EMAG Precision Co. Ltd., the pursuit of product quality is eternal." The multinational executive said in front of the camera with loud praise: "Quality is our life. We have no reason for the electronic components that can improve our quality. We have no reason not to purchase."

"I also heard about the competition between Monster Heavy Industry and Fresenius. Before I was worried that the two companies would use tactics that violated business ethics. Now I can rest assured that both sides use products to speak, letting customers choose freely. This is the most chivalrous way and the most admirable way."

Multinational executives would like to say a few more words and advertise their own products at the same time.

As a result, the live video was cut again and was changed to another salesman. This time it was a girl, the sign of Vision Technology Co. Ltd. shining behind her.

Brother Yan Zhao, the president of Vision Technology Co. Ltd., had described the chip of Monster Heavy Industry as a product unparalleled in the world. He had also bluntly said that if Monster Heavy Industry had worked on these chips six months earlier, then Fresenius would have shut down six months earlier as well, and there wouldn't be anything wrong with that.

[Yongmao High-speed Machine].

[Qiao Gong Power].

[Santai Technology].

During the live video broadcast, the salespersons changed one after another, and the factories changed one after another, but one thing remained the same.

The bosses of these factories used various methods to inspect the vibrating crystal series chips sent to them with the salesmen of the Monster Heavy Industry, and all decided on the spot to choose the Monster Heavy Industry products.

Order today, the price is almost only half of the Fresenius products price. In the face of the fiercely competitive global market integration, even if it is 5% cheaper, it can seduce a large number of bosses to change their minds. What's more, unprecedented power and discounts, and stronger production performance?

It's another new year, companies that have basically had long-term business dealings with Fresenius Company have reached the contract deadline, which saves even the trouble of canceling the contract.

The press conference held by Zhang Yutian became a big-eyed and small-eyed conference.

"Please...Excuse me, Mr. Zhang." A reporter asked cautiously: "You said before that it would be impossible for Monster Heavy Industry to make chips within seven days. Now... What do you want to say now? Tell you, you have made a good match?"

Zhang Yutian wanted to jump off the stage and went while taking the microphone to smash the reporter's head severely.


The official website of Monster Heavy Industry had exploded. There were more than one million online viewers who were watching the Monster Heavy Industry broadcasting the product promotion video for five hours without interruption.

The comments below the video completely exploded, and there was a flood of praise.

"The countdown is really over, the ground is really shaking. Within half a day, Fresenius' business in our Chinese country was almost lost."

"The earth is shaking and the mountains are shaking, and Monster Heavy Industry has a strong face."

"I'm completely stupid. Who knows how the Monster Heavy Industry made the vibrating crystal series chips within seven days."

"I don't know how it goes, but I know the name vibrating crystal Chip must have a meaning, meaning Amano Heavy Industry went up to the company's boss and down to the sweeping aunt to be shocked."

"Those who once questioned, come out and leave me quickly, why can't I see any of them?"

"Haha... You go looking at those idiot news websites, the editor estimates that I drank too much during the New Year holiday. I questioned the title of the president of Monster Heavy Industry, who emptied the gun, but it hasn't been removed yet."

Eighty-five percent! This was the gratifying performance that Fresenius Company had lost from the China market before twelve o'clock.

On the morning of the next day, many news websites rushed to delete the previously questioned posts and replaced them with praises for the resolute behavior of Monster Heavy Industry and the praise of the news. Fresenius has lost more business, and many inferior factories have come to the door to sign a chip order agreement with Monster Heavy Industry. There were even two foreign companies who called from overseas to in-quire about vibrating crystal Chips.

At the same time that the picture was reversing 360 degrees, countless viewers, countless insiders, and reporters were all wondering this question.

"How did the Monster Heavy Industry manage to do this?"

In seven days! Even the most capable TV show experts did not dare to say that Monster Heavy Industry could make chips. This was not in line with science at all, and it was not in line with people's cognition of high-tech things.

To put it awkwardly, even if you grow cabbage, it will take a month to harvest.


So early this morning, at the door of the Blue Sky Building, dozens of cameras and reporters came. These media reporters were holding cameras and portable video equipment. Ye Qing didn't help them solve their doubts, so they couldn't leave without any explanation.

The security captain Wu Yuexiang squatted at the door with a few security guards, feeling his ears were about to be blasted.

These reporters gave him one million, and he couldn't be rude, he could only persuade them with good words, saying: "When Mr. Ye comes, he will definitely help them have feedback."

"Come here, look, Mr. Ye's car is here." The keen-eyed reporter suddenly noticed at the intersection there was the silvery-white Lagonda car waiting for the green light.

With a crash, dozens of pairs of expectant eyes struck the Lagonda.

Wu Yuexiang reported the incident to Ye Qing early, but there was no way, Ye Qing could only accept to do an interview.

The interview location was set for one hour later, at the newly constructed conference center under the Monster Industrial Building.

Ye Qing first held a morning meeting at the Lantian Building, and listened to the managers' report on the results of yesterday's battle, and arranged for the follow-up counterattack. He had Put on a new suit again, straightened out the tie, and then headed to the opposite industrial building.

The current conference center is temporary. When the building is completed, a larger, more technologically advanced conference center will follow.

Ye Qing stepped into the speech platform of the conference center, and more than sixty online media gathered below, which made him particularly energetic and confident. Unlike Zhang Yutian's blind arrogance, Ye Qing's self-confidence was supported by ample confidence.

"I think that the media reporters are most concerned by only one issue."

Ye Qing looked down at the reporters below and said calmly: "How do we, Monster Heavy Industry, build a better chip than Fresenius Company in seven days?"

The reporters below nodded frantically.

"Is there magic in this world?" Ye Qing's voice resounded in the quiet conference center.


"Is there a miracle in this world?"


"But miracles only happen to people who are willing to work harder."

"From the moment I made up my mind to make a chip that belongs to our China. We, Monster Heavy Industry, urgently set up a secret team to conduct chip research and development public relations."

"Um... the name of the group is uneasy to say."

"We worked a hundred times harder than usual, and miracles have happened naturally

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