Monster Factory - Chapter 510

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Chapter 510: Dangerous Circle.

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November 29, 2021

With hard work, miracles will happen naturally.

For a time, many users who paid attention to the official WeChat account of Monster Heavy Industry changed their personal signatures to this sentence, because this sentence is like a clear and sweet chicken soup.

With the exception of Ye Qing's disbelief, a lot of people believed it, because Monster Heavy Industry did! Chicken soup has convinced people, and so far the chips made by Monster Heavy Industry have convinced people.

In the afternoon, all China manufacturers using Fresenius' chips, except Amano Heavy Industries, called Monster Heavy Industry, hoping to sign long-term supply agreements. Even in Japan, half of the machine tool companies have called.

It was originally a happy year to grab red envelopes happily, and the management of Amano Heavy Industry was mourned because of the attack of Monster Heavy Industry.

Since yesterday, Fresenius’s Company had been receiving calls without stopping.

At this time in previous years, customers would call in to give New Year greetings to this group of foreigners who did not participate in the Spring Festival and then talked softly to discuss a New Year chip purchase contract.

Foreigners who were familiar with China's national conditions would also seize this opportunity to slightly increase the contract price, but in this year's call, the tone of Chinese customers was harsher than in other years.

"Haha~ I'm sorry, our factory has closed down, and there will be no way to continue cooperation with you in the future."

"Mr. Zhang, we won't have to talk about contract renewals after our contract ends next week."

"This is not a problem that can be solved by lowering prices. We can't always lag behind our peers in software, right?"

"Your products are too backward, the prices are still too expensive, and the service attitude is poor."

"I am sorry. I have had enough of you guys, go bankrupt soon."

Facing the crazy loss of orders, Amano Heavy Industry, which had just acquired Fresenius, had nothing to do. Price cuts would not work, and the price of Monster Heavy Industry's chips was already low enough. They would have to sell at a loss if they lowered their prices.

But even if they were selling at a loss, there must be someone willing to buy their products.


At noon, Ye Qing took off the expensive suit he was unused to and put on a light brown leather jacket, by putting on this handsome outfit suitable for young people, Ye Qing was a little bit elegant and kept looking at himself in front of the mirror. This leather jacket was bought by Bai Douer for him when he was visiting the mall a few days ago. The price was not expensive, a little over 3000 Yuan, but it looked very vigorous and handsome.

Today is the day of the Tea Party for entrepreneurs in Shanghai City. The Tea Party was hosted by the government. Ye Qing especially dressed younger and intended to stimulate the big bosses in their 40s and 50s.

He called his father and asked him to wait for him at the crossroads to accompany him to the development zone. As a result, the Lagonda was stopped by a police car as soon as he drove out of the underground parking lot. When he opened the car door, he saw a girl in a police uniform. She had a short ponytail, and her fair skin was full of heroic air.

Women who put on uniforms added a lot of temptation to the male sex, especially beautiful girls. There have been some good people who surveyed men on the Internet; what type of clothes worn by the opposite sex can elicit the inner impulse of men the most?

The final conclusion was actually military uniforms and police uniforms because these two uniforms are for maintaining and stabilizing the existence of national order. But the man is eager to rebel in his bones and wants to prove himself strong by challenging the order. But in reality, these orders are like a mountain that is hard to shake, making men feel short of breath when facing these orders. The best way to pick a woman in a uniform turned over. It can give a man great satisfaction both in his heart and his senses.

In Ye Qing's eyes, this girl in a heroic uniform was more of pure appreciation, because she was his old classmate Zhang Zhitong.

"Ye Qing, where are you going, are you in a hurry?" Zhang Zhitong waved to Ye Qing.

"I will go to the Tea Party, don't worry, you have something to ask me?" Ye Qing also opened the car door and motioned for her to get in the car and talk.

"I have a small favor and will to trouble you." Zhang Zhitong took out a silver-white metal ring that looked like a jade ring from her uniform pocket, handed it to Ye Qing: "The mousetrap project has been launched for almost a week. The gangsters are really calm and have not contacted the Company of Mr. Ba Sucha yet."

"We searched through clues and dragnets, and finally found a hiding place abandoned by them in Shanghai City. Through trace detection, we found there are residual nano-scale aluminum powder and nano-scale iron oxide in the room."

"When we have found this, we concluded this place was 100% the den of that gang of criminals."

"This metal ring was also found in the room?"

Ye Qing kept playing with this metal ring in his hand, starting with a sense of heaviness, it let him under-stood that this ring was made of cemented carbide. The caliber of the ring was just right to fit in the thumb, for the other side of the ring, some of the cutting marks were unpolished, Ye Qing really thought it was a metal finger that was processed by a bored person.

"It was found in a pile of debris. This was the only metal part left on the scene. It should be the thing that they have neglected and have not taken." Zhang Zhitong knocked her forehead with some trouble: "I came to you to find the answer hidden in this metal ring."

Ye Qing nodded, took off the ring from his thumb, and looked at it carefully in the sunlight. In the sun, Ye Qing could observe the inside of this ring, which had a brighter specular metallic luster than the outside.

"The standard thick-walled alloy precision seamless pipes on the market have an outer diameter of 30 mm and an inner diameter of 18.5 mm. The ring is cut from one end of the precision seamless pipe using a lathe tool, turning it into pieces." Ye Qing had lightly stroke the cross-section of the rough side of the ring: "This kind of seamless pipe can only be produced by large steel plants and is mainly used in high-pressure flow pipes."

"This is also what we are curious about in the trace inspection room. According to common sense, don't all these seamless pipes be cut directly with a cutting machine?"

"I specifically asked a merchant in the metal market who specializes in seamless pipe business. He told the police that all shops use special cutting machines to cut seamless pipes according to customer requirements."

"Why do the gangsters take time and effort to break with machine tools?"

"Because there is an elderly matter inside." Ye Qing had carefully observed the cross-section of the ring and found there was a 0.2-0.3 mm thick, very bright silver metal layer on the inner surface of the ring.

It is also this layer of metal that makes the inner surface of the ring in Ye Qing's hand brighter than the outer surface.

"Usually, people with higher craftsmanship have more obsessive-compulsive disorder in pursuit of perfection. This is especially true for those who are getting older and have more solid thinking."

"The cutting machine cuts the seamless pipe, it generates a lot of geothermal heat, resulting in the inner diameter of the seamless pipe, which has extremely slight thermal deformation but does not affect the use of thermal deformation. In the eyes of the master, this thermal deformation is an unforgivable error and an insult to craftsmanship.”

"So they, who are pursuing perfect quality, would rather use a machine tool and use cutting fluid to cut this seamless tube little by little."

After explaining, Ye Qing directed Zhang Zhitong's look again at the bright metal layer at the inner diameter section.

"This should be a layer of chromium-plated by them to increase the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the metal surface. It is not difficult to plate chromium on the surface of the metal, but it is very technical to plate chromium in the inner diameter of a seamless pipe. Especially if it is so beautifully plated."

The next sentence from Ye Qing made Zhang Zhitong nervous immediately.

"The seamless tube is chrome-plated on the inside. They want to make a gun. This ring is an additional chrome barrel cut from the barrel. There is no rifling, and the caliber has reached 18.5mm again, indicating they are making shotguns." Ye Qing's tone became serious when he said here: "For this group of people, let alone processing rifling, even if it is fully automatic. Assault rifles can be easily processed."

"And the quality and precision of the guns are still very good. As for the bullets and the propellant, they can make a scientifically proportioned thermite mixture. Then it is easier to make bullets. You can buy a little chemical and you can make the propellant."

Zhang Zhitong nodded solemnly: "Ba Sucha's company and our police will also cooperate. This gang re-ally took the bait and try not to come into direct contact."

Ye Qing returned the ring to Zhang Zhitong and patted her on the shoulder: "I will experiment again. Say hello to the police's room and ask them to check the metal composition, compare it with the seamless pipes of the same model on the market, and find out which steel mill produces the product.

"Thanks, my old classmate." Zhang Zhitong also patted Ye Qing lightly.

When he waved goodbye to Zhang Zhitong, Ye Qing said: "I'll go to the Tea Party first. You must pay attention to your safety in the subsequent actions."

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