Monster Integration - Chapter 1938 - Glow Palace I

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Chapter 1938 - Glow Palace I

I had to wait for nearly one and half hour before I could be sure that no monster was still looking around before I started to run again.

What Ashlyn did was dangerous, and I did not want her to do it again, but I am feeling happy because of it; even though I should not feel this emotion, it will encourage Ashlyn further to take such risks.

Half an hour ago, Ashlyn had said that she would spare me some Black-Ink lotuses; I don't know how much she will spare, but it would be two more, and for it, I couldn't help but feel happy. These roses are powerful and important resources, and I need them.

I will keep one for myself and give the rest to the teacher to exchange things for me; though such resources should not be exchanged, I need pretty rare resources, and nobody would give them for free, and for crystals, I will need to exchange them with the things of similar value.

I moved through the ruin with blurring speed; my speed is so great that aside from peak Elites, nobody would be able to see me moving; as for following me, very few peak elites would have the ability to do it from the ground..

Few hours passed by, and in these few hours, I continued moving while Ashlyn now and then would go for the resources she liked.

I did not collect any resources as I will find them in glow palace, so I should focus on getting there as soon as possible.

Half a day passed by since I came into this ruin, and I have to say this ruin is very dangerous. Now and I would come across a gust of cursed winds which will have many times dense curse energy than the normal; they are strong enough to erode the shields of leader class Tyrant within few minutes.

The monsters are another danger; these monsters are everywhere, and if not for Ashlyn is detecting every one of them, and I was able to evade their senses with the formation I had created from the rule-breaking power.

If a regular elite had been in my place, they would have died within a minute; even the leader would have activated the beacon had left.

Chew Chew

Ashlyn chirped in my mind again, and this time instead of showing the scene of the monster, Ashlyn had shown me. The scene of Grimm Monster, it is a little blurry and grainy, meaning the Grimm Monster is quite far away, but it is without a doubt a Grimm Monster, and it is a leader class Grimm Monster and not an elite one.

It is fighting against a couple of monsters, trying to get away, but these monsters seem to block its ways to escape.

Every creature of this ruin seemed to hate Grimm Monster to the bone for some reason and would attack them immediately, and the monsters here are no weaklings. It is due to them; there are so few Grimm Monsters here.

Another half a day had passed, and I had nearly covered half a distance to the glow palace. Currently, I am passing through the hilly region, which is filled with huge cursed snakes. I would have not dared to travel through this area if these hills were not the safest way.

Both sides of the hills have a swamp, and it is extremely dangerous, and there are a couple of Master class monsters hiding there. There is one in these hills too, on the northern side; it does not leave its place, and as long as I don't go there to disturb it, it will not bother me.

Four more hours passed by, and I had crossed the swamp without altering a single monster, its all thanks to Ashlyn and rule-bending power.

Over the months, I had refined this stealth formation with limited changes I could make, and it had become quite efficient. If I had the power to do all the changes I wanted in it, I would have been able to make it four times more efficient than it already is.

If I had that formation, then I had the confidence to hide from Master class Tyrants soul sense, but unfortunately, I could not fix the flaw, but I am planned on doing that in the next upgrade. The core I am designing would let me do it.

Nine more hours passed by, and I had stopped again; Ashlyn had just shown me a huge fight; there were four Grimm Monsters fighting against a group of monsters.

After watching the battle for few seconds, I knew these four leader class Grimm Monsters would survive. They have come prepared; there are only pure course masters there, while the other three are the curse-type spell blades, using curse energy with their weapons.

They also have impeccable teamwork; it is clear that they had fought hundreds of battles together, and their powers complement each other.

While the numbers of monsters are double their numbers, they are fighting them with slight disadvantages. It won't be long before they get away from these monsters, and seeing that, I started to make my way even faster.

I do not want to be anywhere close when these bastards run-up and monsters start chasing them; it would be bad if a monster or Grimm Monsters had discovered me. These leader-class Grimm Monsters are powerful; they are no golem that I had fought in the legacy thatch.

Soon, I got far enough that I could no longer hear the sounds of fighting or aura it releasing and still continued to run at my full speed.

Another half a day had passed when finally a view appeared in front of me from Ashlyn, a glowing dot from the far; seeing it, a smile couldn't help but come across my face. The glow palace is barely an hour away; I had it would take me two and half days at least, but I had reached it in just two days.

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