Mr. Xiao's Unconditional Love - Chapter 599 - Hades Lu

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Chapter 599: Hades Lu

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He did not take advantage of her?

To a jealous person like her, let alone other women touching him flirtatiously, she had zero tolerance for him even looking at another woman!

Her possessiveness toward him was as strong as his possessiveness toward her!

“Brother Xiao, I’m not a petty woman. My time is special. I’m not angry with you. I’m just disgusted with that Xia woman! You can go ahead; don’t be distracted by me! Lu Xiaogun, Lu Xiaodan, and I will wait for you to come back!”

“Lu Xiaodan?”Lu Beixiao frowned. “Why are all my children’s names so…so cute!”

He wanted to tease her, but was afraid that he would upset her, so he could only say ‘Cute’!

“If you think it’s funny, then you should be a father!” Ye Qiao rolled her eyes.. How could she not know what he really thought!

“I listen to my wife! Call them whatever you want!” the wife-spoiling devil said seriously.

Ye Qiao: “…”

‘Lu Xiaogun and Lu Xiaodan, you can’t blame Mom for this. Who asked your dad to spoil me so much?’ Mrs. Lu thought to herself.

She thought that Lu Xiaodan must be having a mental breakdown right now!

* * *

At ten o’clock at night, the wake-up call suddenly sounded. The Wolf Pups, who had finally been able to go to bed early, cursed Hades Lu in their hearts!

A minute later, all of them were fully armed and gathered on the training ground.

Not long after, the helicopter carried the group of Wolf Pups who had never killed anyone and flew toward the southwest border.

For zipping training in the dee mountains and forests, the group of Wolf Pups felt like they could finally go out for a breather after being locked up for a long time. Each of them had an excited look on their faces!

* * *

“07, why have you been at the mansion since last night?!” sitting in his wheelchair, Venomous Scorpion looked at the computer screen and asked coldly.

Venomous Scorpion looked at the dot on the laptop screen and asked through gritted teeth.

“Boss, I’ll get 09 to investigate it immediately!”

“What’s the situation at the border?” Venomous Scorpion asked again with a wily look.

“Our mercenary team has already crossed the border. It’s time to start killing Lu Beixiao’s underlings!”

Venomous Scorpion was delighted when he heard what his subordinate said. “I’ll wait for them to bring back Lu Beixiao’s head to collect the reward!”

* * * *

In the primitive forest, it was quiet all around. The wolf underlings, who were dressed in auspicious clothes and disguised as bushes, were lying in ambush.

“F*ck, Brothers, we have a major situation. Two o’clock, three people!”

“Hades Lu is not making a sound. This is a drill, right?! Number 1, attack!”

Before Number 4 could finish his sentence, Number 1, Xu Yi, had already fired. He fired three times in a row, hitting each of them. However, his gun was filled with blanks!

Xu Yi stood up proudly. “You three, you have already died in battle!”

These wolf brats thought that the three fully armed men were sent by Hades Lu for field training with them!

They were less than fifty meters away from Xu Yi. They wore beanies and their faces were covered in camouflage, so their faces could not be seen clearly. After they were hit three times, they looked in Xu Yi’s direction. One of them was well-trained and had already taken aim at Xu Yi.

In the nick of time, Xu Yi, a wolf cub who had never killed anyone, grew a sense of alertness. Before the enemy’s bullets flew out, he immediately fell to the ground!

Gunshots rang out.

The smell of gunpowder filled the air!


“It’s live ammunition!”

“It’s not a drill!”

All of them shouted, and the three armed men had already attacked them. “Great, they don’t have live ammunition!”

“I heard that they are all Number 10’s soldiers! Number 10 was too careless. Oh, I feel sorry for him!” The foreign mercenary was like a cunning and proud hunter, approaching their little prey.

Seeing the armed men approaching them, Xu Yi and the others gritted their teeth. The feeling of being a lamb waiting to be slaughtered was very unpleasant!

“Hades Lu! Requesting backup! Say something!” Xu Yi held his earpiece and was so angry that he swore. They had been calling for a long time, but they still did not get a reply from him.

“Backup? Don’t you know how to resist?”Hades Lu’s calm voice finally sounded.

Hearing this, Xu Yi and the others became even angrier. His team members were about to be killed by the militants, yet this guy was actually absent-minded!

“I don’t have any bullets, how can we resist?!”

“You talk as if you can resist only with bullets. None of you have been killed!” Hades Lu’s mocking voice sounded.

“Lu, give me live ammunition. I will kill these bastards to show you!” Xu Yi gnashed his teeth and said.

The others also spoke up hatefully.

“You are the ones who said that!” Hades Lu’s deep voice rang out, followed by his solemn yet resounding voice, as well as his inspiring words!

“Bastards! You all have live ammunition in your backpacks. Now, switch to live ammunition and immediately counterattack!”


Live ammunition!

The wolf bastards, who were dressed in auspicious clothing and lying in ambush at their respective points, suddenly felt their blood boil. They reached out and took out live ammunition from their backpacks.

“I f*cking understand now. Hades Lu already knew that we would encounter an ambush today!”

“Hades Lu, f*ck you! I almost got shot! F*ck!” When Xu Yi heard Lu Xun’s words, he was so angry that he had the impulse to shoot the black-bellied Hades Lu with one shot!

He immediately set up an ambush, aimed at the glabella of one of the leading militants, and pressed down on the trigger!

One shot!

Xu Yi cried out in his heart, ‘I finally killed someone!’

There was no awe like he had imagined, only joy!

“Oh! How did they get live ammunition?!” Seeing their teammate fall, the mercenaries cried out in surprise. They thought they were down.

“Sh*t! We’ve been ambushed!” another belatedly said. Number 10, as expected, was still Number 10!

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