Mr. Xiao's Unconditional Love - Chapter 600 - Black-bellied

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Chapter 600: Black-bellied

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The mission they received was to kill Lu Beixiao, who was in the primitive forest, and his men, who did not have any armed forces. Whoever killed Lu Beixiao would receive ten times the commission!

Just before they stepped into the border, the information they received was that they were here to train, without live ammunition!

In the end, one of their team members had already been killed!

“Number 10, he’s still as cunning as a fox! Hurry up and contact Venomous Scorpion, we need reinforcements!” a man wearing a beanie and hiding in the bushes, who had a full beard and was dressed camouflage gritted his teeth and said.

Among this batch of armed mercenaries who had entered the border, several of them were comrades from the Hunter School who had trained with Lu Beixiao. They had shared life and death with him, and they had persevered until they graduated with glory!

* * *

“God Xiao, aren’t you a little too ruthless? If we didn’t load them up with live ammunition first, No. 1 would have almost died!” He Feng, who was holding a pair of binoculars, was lying in ambush on the towering ancient tree and watching the battle.

“If the soldiers I trained die so easily, then they deserve to die!” Lu Beixiao sat leisurely with his back against the tree trunk. Unlike the others who were fully armed, he was unarmed and did not even have camouflage on his face.. When he said this, the corners of his mouth curled up into a sinister smile.


Should he say that he was too cold-hearted or too confident?! He was even more ruthless to this bunch of brats than the old men were to them back then!

“Little Lu, let’s quickly go and support them. These are all international mercenaries. The wolf pups have just come out of their fledgling stage and are not their match!” Da Sha, who was in disguise in the bushes, lay beside a sniper rifle and looked at the situation in the distance through the sight. He spoke worriedly.

As the martial uncles of the Wolf Pups, Da Sha loved them very much.

“There’s no rush,” Lu Beixiao said calmly.

If these pups were not forced, how could they experience the joy of surviving a desperate situation? How could they understand the importance of weapons on the battlefield!

Weapons were their protective amulets on the battlefield. He hoped that they would cherish every bullet so that every bullet could realize its value!

* * *

The Wolf Pups were very hardworking and smart. Soon, six mercenaries were killed. After three of them were killed, the second group also arrived at their position. This time, the Wolf Pups fought six against nine!

This was their first time participating in an actual battle. They had encountered international top-notch mercenaries and had yet to receive any support!

“Hades Lu is really ruthless. He still hasn’t given us reinforcements after such a long time!” Number Six, Han Yue, gritted his teeth and said.

The six of them were currently in a stalemate with the enemy. They were too far away from the target. Sniper Number 1, Xu Yi, and Sniper Number 2, Ling Xiao, were unable to obtain the best sniping position. The enemy was in the same position.

“Reinforcements? Is he going up alone? I’ve didn’t know Team AB was coming!”

“Hades Lu really thinks highly of us, Brothers. The first course of action is a feast and he wants us to fight six against twelve!” Number 3, Gu Yan, mocked.

“No. 6, cover fire!” After Xu Yi said that, he picked up his rifle and stood up. As soon as he stood up, bullets were fired at him. Han Yue raised his hand and threw a gas bomb.

Xu Yi moved at an astonishing speed and quickly moved diagonally toward the 11 o’clock direction!

The enemy machine gunner aimed at Xu Yi!

Xu Yi’s body rolled on the ground into a hidden spot. The others were sweating for him!

“This kid; I thought it was Number 10!”

“It must be Number 10’s most valued subordinate. I like him too much! Either kill him or take him under my command!” the two mercenaries discussed.

Bullets rained down and smoke filled the air. The newborn wolves were not afraid of the tigers. They all fought with all their might against the Venomous Scorpion’s mercenaries. However, no matter how heroic they were, their firepower and experience were insufficient. After a fierce battle that lasted for half an hour, they were gradually at a disadvantage!

“The firepower of the calves can’t keep up. Let’s go and capture them alive!”

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