Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 521 - Gege, I Was Wrong

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Chapter 521: Gege, I Was Wrong

“Mm… Gege…”

The huge bed bounced, and Song Yaoyao was stunned. She suddenly sat up, but her head hit Huo Yunque’s hard chest, and she was pushed back onto the white bed.

Song Yaoyao blinked, her little face was red as she asked in surprise, “Gege, did you come to see me?”


The man held her hands and pressed them on top of her head.

He opened his thin lips and said, “I’m here to take a disobedient creature home.”

“Hey! I’m not disobedient!”

Song Yaoyao wiggled her body like a caterpillar. She refused to cooperate.

“Oh?” Huo Yunque’s eyes were dark. “Where’s your phone? Do you want to see how many calls you’ve refused these last few days?”


Song Yao was embarrassed. “I forgot…”

She had been busy like a sponge absorbing water, frantically absorbing knowledge, so she had not used her phone since the first day it was thrown onto the nightstand.

She only realized what she had done wrong after Huo Yunque spoke up.

Her big eyes flickered, and she squirmed guiltily, not daring to look Huo Yunque in the eye.


Song Yaoyao felt something strange.

Her head buzzed, and her face turned ever redder. She whispered, “Gege, can you sit up a little?”


The man smiled, but his eyes were dark.


Song Yaoyao was scared, but the man’s breathing was steady.

He even seemed calm and composed.

“Gege…” Song Yaoyao said.


Huo Yunque chuckled and bent down slightly. “Since you’re not going to continue, then it’s my turn…”


All her words were immediately swallowed back.

Everything that happened next made Song Yaoyao feel as if her will was completely swallowed up. She felt as though she was rising and falling in a deep sea, and raging waves were stirring around her. However, when she stretched out her hand, she only caught a stretch of air.

When she woke up again, the sky was already bright.

She had changed into a set of dry and soft pajamas. Song Yaoyao opened her eyes sleepily and a handsome face moved in close.

The man put down a script and scooped her up from the bed.

His low and hoarse voice sounded like he had just woken up.

“Huh? Gege?”

Song Yaoyao knocked on her head and only reacted after a long time. She was shocked. “Gege, how did you…”

She remembered what the man did to her last night and her face turned red with embarrassment.

She licked her lips and forced herself to calm down. “Gege, why are you here? Could it be… really because of me?”

The girl’s eyes lit up. She raised her small head, and a dopey strand of hair stuck up. She looked extremely cute and delicate.

She was like a tender white glutinous rice ball that tasted like a peach.

The man reached out for the script beside him and continued reading. His other hand lazily circled around Song Yaoyao, and he casually twirled a strand of her black hair around his finger.

“Books say that after a woman gets it, she won’t cherish it anymore. Song Yaoyao, do you need to reflect on yourself?”


Song Yaoyao choked on her own saliva and coughed violently. Only then did she realize that Huo Yunque was reading the script that she had been revising for the past few days.

She grabbed his robe and coaxed him in a soft voice, “Yes! I will reflect deeply on myself! I will learn from my mistakes and not do it next time!”

“There’s a next time?”

Huo Yunque raised his eyebrows indifferently. His voice was deep and full of energy.

Song Yaoyao shrunk her head and immediately shook her head, “No, no, no, there’s no next time!”

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