Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 584 - : Reason For Firing You: I Am The Boss

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Chapter 584: Reason For Firing You: I Am The Boss

It was not a good feeling to be ignored. Fortunately, Dai Shiqing was not a shy girl.

She walked over with a smile. “Mr. Huo, I work in an investment company run by the Huo Corporation in Country F. I have heard a lot about you and have always regarded you as my idol and my goal. I wonder if I have the honor to receive your guidance?”

The voice in Huo Yunque’s ear was noisy.

He caressed the ring on his ring finger without a care, and a trace of gentleness flashed through his eyes.

His thin eyelids drooped, and his long eyelashes cast a faint shadow on his skin. His facial features were noble and pure, attracting Dai Shiqing’s full attention.

Just then, she unexpectedly met a pair of bottomless black eyes.

It was like mist flowing over the abyss, and beneath it was a beast that could destroy the world.

“Miss Dai, is it?”

It was just a glance, but Dai Shiqing felt as if her feet were nailed to the floor, and even breathing became difficult. She nodded lightly and clenched her hands. “Yes, Mr. Huo, you don’t have to be so polite. Just call me Shiqing.”

Huo Yunque curled his thin lips and did not comment.

“What is your position in Country F?”

Dai Shiqing’s eyes lit up. She suppressed the excitement in her heart and said in a calm and elegant voice, “General Manager.”

One must know that in the Huo Corporation, even if it was just a subsidiary company, the competitiveness was not to be underestimated. Huo Yunque must have known about this.

She was looking forward to seeing Huo Yunque’s appreciative gaze, or if he asked more questions, she would definitely be able to answer him smoothly.


“Then from now on, you won’t be anymore.”

Dai Shiqing was stunned as she met the man’s calm eyes. She said in disbelief, “Why? Even if Mr. Huo wants to fire me, he should at least give me a reason, right?”

“I’m the boss.”

The man was standing on his side. The light outside the hall shone on his well-defined face. The light was flickering, and half of it was hidden in the darkness, making it hard to see clearly.

“Is that a good enough reason?”

It was a willful and irrefutable answer.

The man’s voice was so pleasant to hear, gentle, warm, and even more gentlemanly than a gentleman’s.

But his words made Dai Shiqing extremely embarrassed.

“Are you denying my ability? I didn’t do anything wrong.” Dai Shiqing didn’t dare to imagine how many people would laugh at her after she lost her job at Huo Corporation.


Huo Yunque closed his eyes, clearly refusing to answer any more questions.

“Mr. Huo—”

“Gege! Catch me!”

Suddenly, a soft voice came from above. Dai Shiqing gritted her teeth and looked over. She did not know when, but Song Yaoyao was already standing three or four steps away from them.

She was wearing a red embroidered sweater with a big cat on her chest. Such a childish outfit made her look even more like she was underage.

Almost instantly, the coldness on the man’s face faded like the tide, and his lines softened. The gentleness between his eyes and brows was enough to make any woman willingly drown in them.

He opened his arms, and his low and hoarse voice was filled with helplessness and indulgence. “You’re making a scene again. Be careful not to fall.”

“I won’t!”

Song Yaoyao chuckled and hopped around on the spot like a happy little bird. Her eyes and brows were lively, and she hopped lightly into his arms.

“Oh, you’re a little heavy…”

Huo Yunque caught her steadily and pulled her into his arms as he laughed and teased her.

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