Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 689 - Drag The Doctor Here

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Chapter 689: Drag The Doctor Here

Translator: Yunyi

Count Lancaster looked at Alice silently. After a long time, he took the initiative to give in.

“Alright, but my dear, the most important thing now is for you to take care of yourself first. Don’t let me and your mother worry, okay?”

“Yes, Father.” Alice lowered her head.

“The doctor you came to look for, where is she? Why don’t you get her to treat you? Baby, your current condition is really terrible!”

Lady Celia stroked Alice’s hair worriedly, a pool of water hidden in her gentle eyes.

“Alice, tell Father where she is, I’ll send someone to drag her here immediately, how about it?”


Alice shook her head in disagreement, “She’s my friend, please show her some respect! Also, she was there last night, she was implicated by me and was also injured.”

She thought about the previous night. Before she lost consciousness and fell into the darkness, she saw the girl who was strong and fierce in the firelight.

This oriental girl had many secrets. She was very mysterious.

What did she not know?

Alice was very curious.

Lady Celia was very disappointed. While she was grateful to Song Yaoyao, she hoped that she could treat her daughter as soon as possible.

Perhaps, she could personally go to her house and plead her.

However, before this idea could be realized, the house they were staying in was quickly surrounded.

Count Lancaster had interacted with the person who came in a few times and knew that this person was from a top aristocratic family in China.

His surname was Huo.

“Huo, may I ask what you mean by this?”

The man in the lead looked fierce and had a body full of tendons and muscles. The weather was still very cold, but he had already changed into a thin t-shirt. His stature was also very obvious in the crowd.

He was like a giant.

“I’m sorry, Count Lancaster. Have you forgotten that this is not Country Y, and we are no longer in your sphere of influence?”

Huo Si chewed on his gum and smiled carelessly.

Count Lancaster had never seen such a frivolous person! Huo Si’s every action was in conflict with the aristocratic education he had received. His eyebrows twitched and he said in a deep voice, “Huo, we mean no harm! We are only here to visit our daughter.”

“Oh? But didn’t dear Miss Alice also arrive without a warning?”

Huo Si shrugged as he forced a smile. His appearance was already fierce and he was full of malice.

“However, please don’t worry, we don’t mean any harm. But if you want to stay here quietly, please cooperate with us obediently. Do you know? Because of Miss Alice’s recklessness, our Madam was also put in danger. Now, our Master is very unhappy. Count Lancaster, you who love your wife deeply, you must be able to understand, right?”

“Louis, who is he?”

Celia nervously grabbed Count Lancaster’s arm, vigilantly sizing up Huo Si who was approaching menacingly.

Huo Si raised his eyebrows and casually waved his hand. “Hello, Lady Celia, I know you.”


Lady Celia quickly hid behind Count Lancaster.

“You scared her,” Count Lancaster said unhappily.

“I’m really sorry,” Huo si said sincerely. “Perhaps, I’m too handsome, so Madam Celia felt shy?”

Madam Celia: “…”

“You’re offending a lady, Please apologize!” Count Lancaster’s face was gloomy. “Also, we’re not prisoners. What you’re doing is very impolite!”

“I know.”

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