Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 364 - Regret 2

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Chapter 364: Regret 2

Gu Chaoyan looked at Madame Gu.

For one moment, she found Madame Gu pitiful, but she was not kind enough to forget those who had hurt her. What was done was done, and she was not ever going to forgive them.

She nodded. “Yes, I am able to cure you. But I won’t. I have my own bottom line. I never cure those who have ever hurt me.”

Madame Gu got confused and dumbfounded.

Gu Chaoyan did have a hard time before, and she knew that, but she did not interfere with her life, because she knew clearly that this girl was not going to bring anything good for the Gu Mansion. However, she did not hurt her, not at all!

Madame Gu felt that she still had some hope. She had not hurt her and she had even helped her several times.

Madame Gu shook her head vividly. “No, I never hurt you!”

“It is Gu Zhenkang who hurt you! Not me! You should not blame that on me, but on your father! He thinks that your mother’s social status humiliated him, so he was mean to your mother! After your mother passed away, he started to treat you in the same way! If for Mrs. Gu, you would not have grown this big. But she is not a nice person.” Madame Gu said with a tone of complaint. “Mrs. Gu hated your mother, but your mother passed away way too early for her to have tormented her enough. That is why she kept you so she could continue to torment you instead! That makes her feel convinced.”

“They are the only two people in the whole Gu Mansion who have ever hurt you!”

Gu Chaoyan looked at Madame Gu with a flat look on her face. She truly felt that Cai Ming deserved more than serving such an old lady.

She had not liked Madam Gu before, but she did appreciate her for being smart enough to make use of everyone who was practical to her, and at least, she was doing everything for her son’s sake.

However, now… She was going to abandon her own son for her own sake!

What was the difference between her and Gu Zhenkang? Gu Zhenkang deserted his mother because he found her impractical. He did not even think of her. Gu Zhenkang resembled Madam Gu way too much.

Gu Chaoyan sighed. “Madame Gu, you must have forgotten what you have done to me. You forced me to marry that Young Master before. If he had not dropped dead, I would be living in hell now.”

Madame Gu did remember this. She countered directly when she realized that Gu Chaoyan hated her for this. “That is not true! You are not supposed to get married, because you are divorced! He was the best you could find!”

“But he was a mentally ill man! He already killed four or five wives of his and the last one died not too long ago. You knew that, didn’t you?” Gu Chaoyan gazed at Madame Gu.

Madame Gu hesitated. How did she know all of these?

She did admit that she approved of Princess Gu’s proposal because she was being selfish, hoping that the family could help her. That was not her fault, that was the best she could get!

“You had no choice back then. That was the best you could get!” Madame Gu insisted.

“You have no choice now either, do you?” Gu Chaoyan asked calmly.

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