Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 445 - Struggling 2

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Chapter 445: Struggling 2

Zhou Huailing left in fury. He was not fast as he went. He was expecting that the Princess Consort would regret and started to plead, but he heard no sounds from inside even when he came to the doorstep. So he hurried off in a fury.

Shao was her maid, so she knew something wrong was going on when she heard the noise, but she did not dare to break in when the Lord was inside. Now that the Lord was gone, she hurried inside.

“Princess Consort, are you alright?” Shao asked discreetly.

Seeing the scene in the room, she was startled. “Princess Consort!”

“I am fine, is the warm water ready?” Princess Consort asked quietly.

“Yes, it is ready.” Shao answered tearfully, picked up the clothes on the floor and got her a new dress.

The Princess Consort was still holding a very peaceful look on her face, as if nothing had happened. She followed Shao to the bathroom for a bath.

Shao felt her heart aching at the sight of the Princess Consort.

It was already a humiliation for her when Lord married an Equal Princess Consort, but now he was humiliating her in this way again!

Zhou Huailing on the other hand felt that he needed to vent the anger as he came out of the Princess Consort’s room. So he headed to the Princess Concubine’s room instead.

Princess Concubine was surprised too at the sight of Zhou Huailing. It was his wedding day, wasn’t it? She had planned to get dressed up to go to the Princess Consort’s room, but now the Lord was here.

The Princess Concubine showed a bright smile, “Lord, what made you come here today?”

Zhou Huailing frowned slightly. He remembered the first time he met Gu Ruxue – she used to be the best candidate for his wife in his heart. She was bashful yet not conventional. She was not as stiff as the Princess Consort, nor was she as open as the Princess Concubine who made him feel that he had just walked into a whorehouse.

Although he did not like the Princess Concubine’s way of talking, he felt that it was still the most suitable place for him to stay for a while.

“Yes.” He answered with a low voice. “The Equal Princess Consort is not feeling well, and I just went to the Princess Consort who did not even want to serve me. She is my woman!”

“I was forced to marry the Equal Princess Consort. I am doing this for the sake of the mansion! Only when I am doing well can everyone else do well! Why can’t she get it?” Zhou Huailing snapped furiously.

The Princess Concubine smiled, but when Zhou Huailing looked up at her, the Princess Concubine withdrew the smile and said seriously, “Lord, the Princess Consort might have not thought it through, and she will be fine in a couple of days. Since you are here, just take a break in my chamber instead.”

Zhou Huailing suddenly felt much better, after being depressed for the whole day.

He had not liked the Princess Concubine for her exaggerating behavior, but now he found her quite interesting. She was the Princess Concubine, what she needed to do was to make him happy.

He was going to see who was going to come to compromise when he kept turning down the Princess Consort!

As he made it through, Zhou Huailing took hold of the Princess Concubine’s hands and walked into the inner chambers.

The Princess Concubine was wearing a smile, looking very happy.

That made Zhou Huailing even more pleased.

He asked the maids to leave the chamber, then he placed the Princess Concubine down upon the bed.

Then a very sinister smile hovered over the Princess Concubine’s face.

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