Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 930 - Yellow Crane

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Chapter 930: Yellow Crane

“I need to speak with him.” The Imperial Master showed an arrogant expression, looking down on the Luo’s as if he were facing a group of ants.

If those people from the Luo’s had a slight idea of whom they were dealing with, they should have left the first time his men came to remind them, and nothing like this would have happened. Then this “broad-minded” Imperial Master would have allowed them to make some business outside the capital, but the people from the Luo’s did not seem to have the intention of retreating.

So when he thought of how much money he had lost at Fortune Restaurant and how he was forced to carry out so much extra work, he felt really annoyed.

He was the Imperial Master, he should not be fooled by those stupid commoners!

So at this moment, he not only was going to drive these people out of the capital, but was also going to teach them a good lesson. As for how he was going to teach them a good lesson depended on how his talk with the manager went.

When the employees from the Luo’s saw the arrogant look on the Imperial Master’s face, they were not intimidated, they just went to fetch Zhou Huaiyu with calmness on their face.

Zhou Huaiyu was taking a break in the backyard, since he had waited for the Imperial Master for so many days. He had lost the patience to wait for this man.

That was why the employees had to fetch him in the backyard.

Hearing that the Imperial Master was here, Zhou Huaiyu rushed out in excitement.

Many people were standing in the main hall of the Luo’s. Most of the guests left seeing the guards here, but some brave ones remained at the tables.

“You are asking for me?” Zhou Huaiyu asked the Imperial Master.

Zhou Huaiyu rarely stayed in the capital, but he was Lord Yu who attended the court banquet and met several people present. Although the Imperial Master followed the Prince on the visit to the Saint Divine Land, he had not yet had time to see Zhou Huaiyu when he was dispatched back to the Feather Mulberry Land. So he had never met Zhou Huaiyu before.

At this moment, he thought that Zhou Huaiyu was just some common rich boy from some business family.

He threw a look at Zhou Huaiyu. “I am ordering you to get out of the capital right now.”


“My Fortune Restaurant has been open for several months, and the branded dish there is very special, and highly spoken of by the noble and rich people. It has attracted a lot of business.”


“Who do you think you are, copying the branded dish from Fortune Restaurant and opening a small restaurant here? I reminded you before, and I gave you time to move out, but you are still here, running your business,” the Imperial Master said furiously.

The guests at the table watched the show in astonishment. Well, it seemed that the dish they were eating right now was indeed from Fortune Restaurant. Was it stolen? Well, they as the guests had no idea. They did not care either, all they needed was the food.

Hearing what the Imperial Master said, Zhou Huaiyu smiled rather than get frightened.

“Fortune Restaurant has been open for several months? But I ate such food back in the Saint Divine Land, and I learned the branded dish from Yellow Crane in the Saint Divine Land, which has nothing to do with you.”


“Oh yes, I am running a business here under the empowerment of the manager of Yellow Crane. I wonder whether your branded dish has been empowered by the Yellow Crane?”


“If you want to have a dicussion over empowerment… I believe that you should have a clear talk with the manager of Yellow Crane rather than babble here.”

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