My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 1065 - His Father was Powerful (III)

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Chapter 1065: Chapter 1065 His Father was Powerful (III)

It seemed that in Tang Zhimo’s heart, Ye Lanchen was still very powerful. Otherwise, he would not have asked her to ask Ye Lanchen for help.

It was not that Chu Wuyou did not think of Ye Lanchen, but it was because so many things had happened at the Ye family’s side, and everything was related to her.

At this time, Chu Wuyou did not want ye Lanchen to be involved in the matters of the Chu family.

Chu Wuyou went downstairs and only then did she remember that her car had been driven away by Li Min yesterday. She had taken a taxi home last night.

Chu Wuyou did not want the people of the Tang family to know about this and did not want them to worry, so she thought of taking a taxi to the Chu family.

There was no one in the hall, so Chu Wuyou directly walked out.

“Wuyou, are you going out?” Feng Miaomiao was in the courtyard. When she saw Chu Wuyou walking out quickly, she could not help but ask.

“Yes, I have something to do.” Chu Wuyou did not explain. She did not even stop walking. She just turned her eyes to Feng Miaomiao.

“Is it very urgent? Aren’t you going to drive out?” Feng Miaomiao felt a little strange when she saw Chu Wuyou walking out of the gate instead of going to the garage.

“My car didn’t come back last night.” Chu Wuyou did not want them to worry, so she did not tell them the truth.

“Then let the driver take you.” Feng Miaomiao did not think too much about it and just said that very naturally.

“There’s no need. I’ll take a taxi by myself.” Chu Wuyou had already walked out of the main door quickly.

“Why is this child in such a hurry to leave?” Feng Miaomiao’s brows furrowed slightly, faintly feeling a little strange.

“Aiya, where are the two darling treasures? Wuyou went out alone, why didn’t she see the two darlings?” However, in the next moment, Feng Miaomiao thought of the two darlings and went upstairs as fast as she could.

After Chu Wuyou got into the car, she wanted to give Ye Lanchen a call, but she saw a new report on the internet.

The report mentioned that the woman who Third Young Master Ye kissed outside the Ye family’s mansion the day before yesterday was not Gu Yingying. The reporter’s report was revealed by Granny Ye.

However, this time, Granny Ye did not hold a press conference and did not publicly state it. She only provided this information to the reporter.

The report was from a very famous media company. The reputation of this media company was quite high. They said that it was Granny Ye who provided the information, so there should not be too much doubt of its truth.

The Ye family had just announced their marriage to the Gu family yesterday, and even the wedding date had been announced. But today, such news suddenly broke out..

This scene really made the onlookers unable to understand.

Although Granny Ye did not directly admit that the girl who kissed Third Young Master Ye in the video was Gu Yingying, Granny Ye had tacitly agreed to it yesterday.

Therefore, the internet exploded again in an instant, with all sorts of things being said.

However, there were still quite a number of people who doubted the authenticity of this news. They felt that with Granny Ye’s status, she should not slap herself in the face like this.

However, Chu Wuyou did not doubt it at all. She firmly believed that this news was really leaked by Granny Ye.

Of course, there was only one possibility that could make Granny Ye go back on her words and leak such news herself.

That was, Granny Ye already knew that the person that night was Tang Xin’er, the eldest daughter of the Tang family.

Of course, Chu Wuyou knew that it was definitely Ye Lanchen who told them. Everything must have been arranged by Ye Lanchen.

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