My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 917 - You Are Merely a Joke

Chapter 917: You Are Merely a Joke

“Shut up! You unfilial daughter, what nonsense are you spouting.” With a darkened face, Zheng Cao walked over with large strides and struck his daughter’s face with his palm.

Third Miss Zheng fell down to the ground from this strike, yet she still repeated again and again nonstop how her aunt had plotted to frame the crown prince consort.

Zheng Cao immediately turned around and knelt down before the king, exclaiming sorrowfully, “My king, it’s that talisman, there’s something wrong with that talisman! That talisman made my daughter delirious, without the sanity of a human or a ghost. She is completely spouting nonsense right now.”

“What an ignorant and ill-informed person.” Qiao Mu coldly spoke, “You’ve never heard of a dictum talisman? It will only make people tell the truth. If Sir Zheng doesn’t believe me, I still have another here, which you can use to test its authenticity.”

Zheng Cao stepped back in fright. He certainly didn’t want to use that dictum talisman. Afterall, if he happened to shoot off his mouth and say disrespectful things about the king, then wouldn’t all his boot-licking in the past go down the drain?

“W-Wicked talisman!” At this moment, Zheng Cao could only insist that the crown prince consort had used a wicked talisman. He scrambled to the king’s feet and wept while speaking, “Her Highness the Noble Consort wouldn’t do that, so will the king please render fair judgement.”

“Your Majesty, do you still not understand?” Qiao Mu’s chilling voice continued to ring out.

The moment all the civil and military officials came into contact with the young lady’s dark and chilly eyes, they all involuntarily felt their bodies shivering.

“In order to frame me, she didn’t scruple to plot against me using the child in her own belly as the cost. Your Majesty, are you unable to discern such a simple truth?” Qiao Mu pressed forward, while the old king unwittingly retreated backwards.

The young lady’s eyes were engraved with an abyssal vortex and a chilling aloofness. Practically no one was able to keep staring at her, left with no choice but to avoid her gaze.

“Why is Courtesan Zheng so certain that as long as I am led over, her child will definitely suffer from a miscarriage? And that I would definitely bear the brunt of this fabricated charge?”

While looking at his daughter-in-law in disbelief, the old king clenched his fists as his body turned cold.

“Because she had already calculated the time way beforehand, with no scruples to use her pregnancy to frame me! Because, she, personally killed the little prince in order to push me into desperate straits.”

“Impossible!!” The king roared while trembling.

“Your Majesty, you actually already have the answer in your heart, don’t you.” After coldly saying this, Qiao Mu then returned to the crown prince’s side without speaking anymore.

Meanwhile, Priest Dayu looked at her sullenly from the side with an abnormal gleam in his eyes.

This gaze made Qiao Mu uncomfortable all over, and she suddenly commanded, “Qingluan, kill him for me.”

Everyone’s hearts suddenly leapt because of that girl’s sudden but decisive order.

There was one point that Priest Dayu was correct about.

Sure enough, the crown prince consort was cruel and emanated an indescribable evil energy.

“Shriek.” Appearing out of nowhere, the large cyan bird descended over everyone’s heads and abruptly brandished a wave of icy wind and snowy rain at Priest Dayu.

“The heavenly bird Qingluan!” Priest Dayu lost his composure, as if simply not expecting that this crown prince consort would attack him inside the royal palace just because she didn’t like what she heard.

He totally didn’t understand Darling Qiao’s temper.

She wouldn’t let Priest Dayu off for wanting to kill her earlier.

Whoosh! An ice pillar shot straight for Priest Dayu’s chest.