My Ex-husband Regrets After Signing The Divorce - Chapter 452 - The Dream Person

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Chapter 452 The Dream Person

With that, Chen Chen raised his fist and was about to hit him.

Huo Tian was also extremely depressed. He had not done anything for no reason, so why was he being beaten up?


He also pulled Chen Chen’s collar forcefully. “What does it have to do with you? You can’t even protect your sister well and let her be hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. You still have the face to blame me?”

Bai Ran was really speechless. These two people always fought each other the moment they met, but what situation was it now?

She pulled Chen Chen back and said, “What’s wrong with you? Is this a fighting place? Lin Lin is still lying inside. Can the two of you be more rational?”

Indeed, a nurse immediately walked over and said with a disdainful expression, “Sirs, this is a hospital. The patient needs to rest. Can you not make a fuss?”

The two of them could only stop angrily.

Bai Ran looked at the two of them speechlessly and said, “President Huo, please. I invited you over to let you see Lin Lin. She’s not eating or drinking now, and she’s in a bad mood. We can’t persuade her no matter what. I think it’ll be better if you communicate with her.”

Huo Tian instantly looked helpless. He only replied after a long time, “Ran Ran, don’t worry. I know, but she and I… You understand that I can’t accept her!”

He was very worried that it would have the opposite effect if he went.

Unexpectedly, Chen Chen exploded again when he heard this. He felt that his sister had been despised and shouted, “Bastard, who do you think you are? Lin Lin is young and insensible. She was bewitched by a jerk like you. It’s not your turn to say that about her…”

Bai Ran was furious. She walked to him and grabbed his arm. She retorted, “Chen Chen, please don’t be so childish. President Huo is only telling the truth. Are you still letting your emotions affect your decisions?”

When Huo Tian saw Bai Ran’s actions, his eyes, which had been filled with anger because of Chen Chen, instantly calmed down.

He felt that he should take responsibility for this matter. Besides, even if he did not love her, he should not have left her in the lurch.

He straightened his suit and walked to Chen Chen. “Chen Chen, I don’t want to pester you anymore. I won’t escape from Chen Lin’s matter. I’ll help resolve it, but please be more polite and take note of your self-cultivation!”

With that, he flicked his sleeve and left, leaving Chen Chen with a furious expression.

Huo Tian walked quickly, but when he reached the door of the ward, he stopped.

Standing at the door of the ward, Huo Tian took a deep breath and pushed the door open to enter.

Chen Lin still looked like she had lost her soul. She did not eat, drink, or move. She lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling with a lonely expression. Her thoughts of plastic surgery were strong but she was avoiding it.

The familiar smell of sandalwood perfume wafted into Chen Lin’s nostrils. She was so familiar with this smell and loved it…

Her eyes suddenly shone like pearls and she looked at the door.

The person at the door was in a suit and leather shoes. He had an extraordinary aura. He was tall and had an exquisite face. He was looking at Chen Lin on the bed helplessly.

The person in the dreams was in front of her. Chen Lin instantly felt as if she had been electrocuted. Her entire body regained consciousness. She suddenly sat up and looked at Huo Tian in front of her. She did not believe her eyes and said, “You… You, Huo Tian?”

Huo Tian could only smile at her.

After a while, she reacted and quickly touched her hair. It was a little messy. She used her fingers to grab her hair and tidy it up. Then, she pulled her clothes, afraid that Huo Tian would see her ugly side.

However, she was still a little depressed. She was still sick and her face was pale. She definitely did not look good at this moment!

At the thought of this, she could not accept it and quickly covered her face with the blanket.

Her young attitude instantly became obvious.

Huo Tian saw this and could not help but pity the young lady in front of him.

He walked to the bed and asked, “Chen Lin, are you okay?” Chen Lin covered herself with the blanket and refused to show her head. She stammered, “Why, why are you here? Who asked you to come?”

“I heard you went to the hospital. I came to see you. Are you okay?” Huo Tian asked with concern.

“I’m fine. Thank you!” Chen Lin’s voice was clearly a little flustered.

Huo Tian smiled helplessly. “Show your head first before we talk, okay?”

There was no movement under the blanket for a long time. After a while, she heard Chen Lin say, “No, I didn’t wash my face. I don’t look good either. I don’t want to see outsiders!”

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