My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start - Chapter 478 - A Potion Revolution

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Chapter 478: A Potion Revolution

[Congratulations, Master, on successfully fusing with the Blessings of the Gods and Demons potions. You have received a complete Blessings of the Gods and Demons potion.]

Hundreds of streams of light appeared in front of Watson as the voice rang in his ears.

“One, two, three… one hundred and two hundred and three hundred and four hundred!”

Stella’s gaze was fixed on the potions that Watson had combined. She gulped. There were more than 400 potions in front of her. Rose Weiser had previously tried a thousand times and only succeeded once; there were 999 failed products, and those failed products were turned into complete products at a two-to-one ratio.

That ratio was unfathomable. It was the same as Watson conjuring up hundreds of blessings out of thin air.

“Those blessings appear to be real, but can the effect be the same?” Stella could not help but inquire.

She was perplexed as to whether the Blessings of the Gods and Demons had the same impact as the real thing. After all, they were made from faulty materials. Perhaps Watson only made that potion appear to be the real thing on the surface. The essence of the potion could be very different. To make money, he might have intended to sell it as inferior to the genuine one.

“Master Robin, you will know if you try it. You have been supervising potion-making in the Abedor family for the past two days. I will give you the Blessings of the Gods and Demons potion as a reward.”

Watson motioned with his hand. One of the potions he had just fused transformed into a stream of light and approached Robin.

“I did not work too hard, Young Master Watson. My daughter was the one who put in the most effort. I was only here to assist. That potion—”

Robin gave a hesitant look halfway through his words. He had the same reservations as Stella. He had no idea whether the potion in front of him was poisonous. He could call a random servant to test the effect if Watson had not said anything. However, Watson had asked him to take it, so he was in a bit of a pickle.

“What is the matter, Master Robin? Do you think there is a problem with the potion I made? If that is the case, I will bestow the Blessings of the Gods and Demons on someone else.”

Watson extended his hand toward the Blessings of the Gods and Demons. Just as he was about to take it back, Robin gritted his teeth and stuffed the potion into his mouth. “Young Master Watson, you have to be kidding. Why would I be skeptical of you?”

Robin thought his relationship with Watson was more important than the effects of the potion. He would suffer a significant loss if Watson were unhappy.

He swallowed the potion and closed his eyes nervously, fearful that his body would feel uneasy. Surprisingly, there was nothing awry about his body. On the contrary, an electric current passed through his body, causing every cell to become boiling hot, followed by an indescribable sense of comfort.


A piercing sound was heard. Six pure white wings appeared on Robin’s back, and a halo appeared above his head. In addition, his body emitted a powerful platinum-tier aura.

Robin’s face revealed an ecstatic expression as he felt the surge of power in his body, looked at the angel wings that appeared on his back and raised his hand to touch the shapeless halo above his head. “That’s right. That is a real potion. I have also turned into an angel.”

Initially, he was bothered by Nia stealing his potion. Furthermore, he had no idea how long it would take him to get the next one after she consumed that potion. He no longer had any hope to get the Blessings of the Gods and Demons in the short term; he did not expect Watson to arrange for him to take the Blessings of the Gods and Demons potion.

He was grateful to Watson, but he was also taken aback.

“Immediately converting a large number of defective potions into genuine, usable potions. What level is that?” Stella muttered to herself, her face expressionless.

Rose Weiser, who had been a little happy because she had developed the Blessings of the Gods and Demons, had also lost her joy at that moment. Watson could produce hundreds of times her output with a wave of his hand, so she could not be complacent just because she could create a platinum-tier potion. She was nowhere near that level.

Rose decided that she would have to work hard to be useful to Watson. Watson said, “Master Robin, you have received the Blessings of the Gods and Demons. My reason for coming here has essentially been fulfilled. I have to go now! I originally came to the Abedor manor for two reasons. One is to assist Nia in becoming an angel, and the other is to review your achievements and make sure that you can create the Blessings of the Gods and Demons on your own. The Abedor family’s title as the kingdom’s most powerful potion-making family is not in vain. I will give some of the remaining Blessings of the Gods and Demons to your family members, and the rest will be sold on the market.”

“Thank you very much, Young Master Watson. Could you please tell me how much that potion would cost?”

On the surface, Robin expressed his gratitude, but his heart was sighing. He was not pleased with Watson’s praise for the Abedor family. The Abedor family was already amazing if they could produce the Blessings of the Gods and Demons, but what about Watson, who could create hundreds of the potions with a wave of his hand? Watson had previously stated that he was not good at making a potion. If he was not good at it, the Abedor family’s various potion-makers might as well kill themselves.

“I would sell it for 100,000 gold coins.”

“A hundred thousand gold coins?”

“Is it too much?”

Watson frowned in response to Robin’s exclamation.

“No, Young Master Watson, it is not too much; it is far too little!” Robin shook his head and said, “A potion like that can transform a person into a platinum-tier angel, as well as give them eternal life. The price of a hundred thousand gold coins is far too low! Platinum-tier plus everlasting life. That is a level that people aspire to but may never achieve in their lifetimes. As a result, they should have to earn a few lifetimes of gold coins to pay for it. Only then can it be considered a win rather than a loss.”

“What you are saying makes sense. So, how much do you think that potion should fetch?”

“At least ten million gold coins.”

“Very well, then.”

A Blessings of the Gods and Demons was worth ten million gold coins. That was a much higher price than Watson had previously set. However, the patriarch of the Abedor family clearly understood the kingdom’s market better than Watson. Since he dared to set a price of ten million gold coins, he could almost certainly guarantee that it would be sold.

“I had hoped for a high-end Blessings of the Gods and Demons. After all, receiving the potion would grant one eternal life. That can’t be consumed in large quantities because too many people would receive eternal life, and the world would be unable to bear it,” Watson grumbled to himself.

Humans were a rapidly reproducing race. He could not imagine what the world would be like if they continued to give birth to immortals. It would most likely take less than a hundred years for the world to become a place where no one would die.

“I will let you handle the sale of the Blessings of the Gods and Demons. I will just take a cut of the profits when the time comes! Aside from that potion, I also have a few new formulas. I would like the Abedor family to assist in developing them and selling them after the Blessings of the Gods and Demons.”

The Book of Wisdom appeared as Watson spoke, and the pen and paper appeared out of thin air.

He scribbled quickly on the paper while holding the quill pen. The formulas were soon recorded—they were formulas from the Dragon Lair.

He quickly jotted ten potions and handed them to Robin, who examined its contents and read aloud. “Super Strength Potion, Super Speed Potion… What tier are these potions?”

“Those are platinum-tier potions.”


Robin’s eyes widened as he looked at Watson in disbelief. “Are you sure those potions are all platinum-tier, Young Master Watson?”

Initially, he thought it would suffice to have the Blessings of the Gods and Demons. After all, a single platinum-tier potion could feed the Abedor family for several lifetimes. He did not expect Watson to give him new formulas after they had developed the Blessings of the Gods and Demons. He did not dare to think about what kind of sensation it would cause in the kingdom if so many platinum-tier potions were developed.

“These are ten sets of those formulas, Watson—ten platinum-tier potion formulas. Where did you get them from?” Stella moved closer to Robin and asked, knowing that there were no potions higher than peak gold-tier in the Holy Dragon Kingdom. Furthermore, the ten potion formulas Watson gave her were all new to her; it was difficult to imagine a person mastering so many magical formulas simultaneously.

“It had been a cold winter. I fell into an ancient ruin by accident while out at the border. There was a lot in that ruin. There was not only the Spring of Life water but also many potion formulas…” Watson retorted in his usual defensive manner. “I almost forgot to mention that not all of those potions are platinum-tier. Six of them are platinum-tier, and the other four are diamond-tier!”


Robin meditated on that word. Even a platinum-tier potion was too much for him to bear, let alone a diamond-tier potion. He had never seen or heard of an elixir of that caliber before. His eyes rolled backward before he fell to the ground with a plop. Even though he had just become an angel, he could not withstand such a powerful blow.


“Are you okay, Father?”

Rose and Stella were taken aback. They dashed over to Robin’s side to check on him. Meanwhile, Watson and Nia said their goodbyes and left the Abedor family.

“The kingdom is about to embark on a potion revolution. I am confident in the Abedor family’s abilities. Now, I will pay a visit to the Campbells! I have not had a proper conversation with Gerant and Lubin since they arrived in the capital. I will treat them to a banquet. I have a task for them to complete anyway.”

Watson took a deep breath as he stood at the manor entrance. His eyes flickered as he strode toward his next destination.

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