My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start - Chapter 494 - Everyone Knew About It

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Chapter 494: Everyone Knew About It

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“Senior Brother Sylvan, the matter of reviving the Queen—”

Watson looked troubled. Just as Sylvan looked a little nervous, he nodded. “Leave it to me. There’s no problem with that.”


Sylvan let out a long breath and felt relieved. “There’s no time to lose. Let’s set off now.”

King Landhar III’s words to him in the palace echoed in his mind. He had been worried that Watson would do what King Landhar III had said to control the kingdom and King Landhar III. It seemed like he had thought too much about it—Watson was not that kind of person.

Watson was about to leave with Sylvan when Antonio and Reid stopped arguing and walked toward them.

“Watson, wait a moment! How can you agree to such a huge matter like resurrecting the late Queen so hastily? And Sylvan, didn’t I ask you to keep an eye on King Landhar III? Why did you run out of the palace and ask Watson to resurrect the Queen in such a hurry? What happened?”

Sylvan hesitated for a moment before recounting what King Landhar III had said to him in the palace. Of course, he hid the other party’s intention.

“King Landhar III’s purpose in doing all that is to resurrect the former Queen Avril? That does explain a lot about some things that I can’t figure out. But why do I feel that the matter is a bit odd?” Antonio narrowed his eyes.

“I also feel that that matter is not quite right. Let’s not discuss whether a cruel and indifferent king would be interested in a woman. Why did he wait until now when he learned about Watson’s ability to resurrect the late Queen? Perhaps he has some ulterior motive for resurrecting her.”

As he spoke, Reid noticed something not quite right with Sylvan’s expression. He said, “Sylvan, I’m not saying that you can’t resurrect Avril. I just hope that you won’t be tricked by King Landhar III.”

“Resurrecting my sister has always been my long-cherished wish. Furthermore, I don’t think King Landhar III can do anything to her! Even though my sister is the Queen and the previous Demoness Church’s leader, she is not that strong. She barely had the strength to fight against a platinum-tier elite by relying on a platinum-tier item, the Great Sin Mask. Her strength is nothing to Watson.”

As Sylvan spoke, he knelt on one knee toward Watson and lowered his head. “Watson, please, as long as you agree to my request, I will do anything for you.”

As the border count, he was a well-known figure in the border. He had always held a high position and cultivated his dignity, so he would not show weakness even when facing King Landhar III. However, he was close to begging Watson.

“Senior Brother Sylvan, you don’t have to do that! You’ve contributed a lot to the construction of Mount Creation. You’ve also taught me a lot of things in the mountains. If you want to resurrect Queen Avril, I’ll help you achieve it.”

Watson smiled and helped Sylvan up. It was his wish to make his family and friends happy. After living together at the border for two years, he had long regarded Sylvan as a member of his family, and it was normal for him to fulfill his family’s request.

“Watson—” Reid frowned slightly and wanted to say something. Before he could say anything, another voice came from outside.

“I agree with you about resurrecting Queen Avril.”

The person who spoke was Denise. She walked into the room with Nightingale. A shy-looking teenager with gray mousy ears on his head stood behind them. After entering the courtyard, she came to Watson. She bowed her head and said, “Master Watson, I hope you can fulfill my and Lord Sylvan’s wishes.”

“Nightingale, Denise, why are you here? Even Little Grey is here.” Watson looked surprised.

Denise said, “There was a fierce battle in the sky just now. Nightingale was worried about your safety and insisted on coming over here to take a look! She had wanted to go to the sky to help you at the beginning of the battle. I was the one who stopped her, and she almost cried because of it.”

“Sister Denise, don’t talk nonsense. Why would I cry?” Nightingale’s face flushed red as she waved her hand to defend herself.

“So it’s true that you’re worried about Young Master Watson?”

Denise’s teasing words made Nightingale’s face redder.

They had seen the battle in the sky from their manor in the royal city. Both of them had been informed that it was part of Watson’s plan, but Nightingale wanted to help when she realized that Watson had been in danger. Fortunately, Denise had managed to stop her.

Since the matter was settled, Nightingale wanted to see Watson, so Denise brought her there. Unexpectedly, she overheard the conversation between Watson and Sylvan.

Denise had a different reason for wanting that. As Avrild’s former guard, she had always thought of delivering Avril’s last wish, even when she was in the Demoness Bandit Gang.

That was her wish until she had a better choice. It seemed like she could see Avril again. It sounded like a fantasy, but it was Watson—he could do it. Furthermore, she had heard Watson’s agreement.

“If you can resurrect Avril, Young Master Watson, I will persuade her to join Mount Creation and become your helper! The era of the kingdom’s seven gods has passed. Now is the time for Young Master Watson to become a god. Queen Avril used to be the Demoness’ Church’s leader, so she is very familiar with the management of a church. Furthermore, after she is resurrected, she can help suppress King Landhar III’s feelings if his feelings for her have not changed.”

It was true that Denise missed Avril, but she had become a part of Mount Creation during her stay there. She was speaking from Watson’s standpoint.

“Let’s go.”

Watson nodded and did not say anything. He turned around and walked out of the room. “Let’s go resurrect the Queen.”


A huge teleportation array appeared under Watson and the others. It brought them out of the Sword Saint’s courtyard and into the palace.

“Who broke into the palace?”

The light of the magical array had just disappeared when a group of soldiers rushed out with long spears and surrounded Watson and the others. When they saw the figures in the light, they were stunned.

“It’s Lord Sylvan and the strongest genius of the kingdom, Watson. Even Antonio and Master Reid are here?”

“Oh, my! So many important figures are at the palace together. Did something big happen?”

As the guards cried out in surprise, Watson waved at them. “Go and inform King Landhar III that we’re here. Tell him to wait for us at the former Queen Avril’s tomb. We are going to resurrect the late Queen.”

Revive the late Queen?

The guards looked at each other, clearly in a daze. One of the bright ones reacted and hurriedly ran into the palace. The guards began to discuss the matter.. The news about the kingdom’s strongest genius reviving the late Queen swept through the entire palace instantly.

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