My Hermes System - Chapter 361 - 360: The Storm

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"Hermod? What does he want?"

"I am afraid I can't question someone from the Palace, King Evans. Doing so may jeopardize my college."

"...It's alright."

After almost 3 hours of… discussing combat tactics with Athena during their voyage, Van's mood was at its peak. He was at the late stages of adolescence, a time where his sexual urges were at their pinnacle-- and considering everything that he and Athena did, his Olympian genes might be starting to amplify it a bit.

But now, that mood was completely gone by the resurfacing memory of the last time he saw Hermod; with his head completely separated from the rest of his body. Granted, it had already been months since that incident happened, but to think he truly didn't die was a shock.


Of course, he had already met someone who could literally survive from being a puddle of blood, so it was not like it was unprecedented to him… but Hermod was just known for being fast; does that mean all the Aesir have this kind of regeneration capabilities?

"Where is he right now?"

"He… is waiting for you in the training field," Headmistress Hilda said before letting out a long and deep sigh, "I made extra measures to ensure that a crowd would not gather… but someone from the Palace visiting my school is not something the students experience every day."

"So we have an audience?" Athena smirked, "Another chance for you to show off, King Evans."

"...When have I ever shown off?"

"All the time?"

"Right," Van squinted, "The latest being in your cabi--"

"Let's not keep our guest waiting."

And before Van could finish his words, Headmistress Hilda was quickly dragged away by Athena. Seeing her flustered like that, it would seem that van would have a new thing to tease her with in the future… this should be fun.

And so, with a light snicker, he followed the two to the training field; and true enough, Headmistress Hilda's words were true, a crowd, even bigger than when he punished the students, has gathered around the training field.

And like a wave parting, the crowd immediately made way for Headmistress Hilda as soon as she arrived. And even though they almost filled the entire perimeter of the training field, not even a whisper could be heard. Instead, their eyes moved incessantly, moving back and forth between them and Hermod, who was quietly standing right in the middle of the field alongside Sigrid.

"He's planning something," Van whispered.

"That is correct, King Evans," Athena nodded,

"As for what, I may already have an idea; someone else is here," she then said as she looked towards the sky as the three of them continued to approach Hermod. And the nearer they got to him, the more the field became hushed-- one might say even the grass itself became still.

The only noise that persisted was the sudden thunder that echoed throughout the field as they finally stood near him.

"Master Hermod, I have brought you the instructor who saved your daughter," Hilda proceeded to bow her head as she gestured towards Van.

"Your service is much appreciated, madam," Hermod nodded before turning his head towards Van, "Greetings again, Lord Van. The last time we met was quite unpleasant for the both of us."

"It was alright," Van said, his eyes looking towards Sigrid instead, "Are you okay?"

"I… I'm fine, Mr. Evans," Sigrid bowed her head several times, her words slightly sedated and meek as she did so.

"It truly is quite a playful coincidence that fate has decided for you to be this girl's instructor," Hermod let out a smile as he placed his hand on Sigrid's shoulder, causing her to flinch, "And not just that, you even rescued her from her dire situation; and for that, I offer my sincere gratitude."


Although Hermod was Sigrid's father, Sigrid had told Van that she had only met her father once-- and from afar at that. Her existence could almost be considered forgotten at this point. But now, all of a sudden, here he was.

"And I see you are no longer wearing the thing you have borrowed from me?" Hermod then said as he removed his hand from Sigrid's shoulder. And as soon as he did so, Sigrid quickly bowed her head towards him and carefully rushed behind Athena.

"..." Hermod didn't really seem to mind, as he only glanced at Sigrid as she did so.

"What thing?" Van then asked.

"My crown," Hermod said as his fingers pointed to the side of his head, "It was made from the golden bones of Nidhogg, carved into perfection into the shape of a feather by the best goldsmith in all of the 9 Realms."

"Oh, you mean the hairpin?" Van blinked a couple of times as he heard Hermod's words. The truth is, he had completely forgotten about that, not even knowing when he lost it. But if he knew that it was actually something that expensive, then he might have taken better care of it,

"I lost it."

"...I see," Hermod's eyes slightly twitched. "I suppose it is of no importance, I am here to talk about a different matter-- your unconditional surrender."

"Yeah, no," Van breathed out, "If that's all you wanted to say, then I suggest leaving. Some of the students still have a class and your presence is disturbing them."

"I take it that you are not willing to surrender?"

"Are you here under the orders of Odin?"


"I didn't think so. Say goodbye to your father, this might be the last chance you may get to do so," Van said as he turned her head towards Sigrid.

"R… right," Sigrid meekly nodded as she moved from Athena's back, "Thank you for visiting, father. I… I hope to see you again soon." And although there was still a bit of fear and shyness from Sigrid's words, a certain hint of longing still managed to seep out from them.

Hermod, however, completely ignored Sigrid's words as he disappeared from his spot, only to appear blocking Van's path. And as soon as he did so, a spear instantly materialized in Athena's hand.

  "I am afraid you are not going anywhere, boy." He then said as he looked Van straight in the eyes, any tone of respect or modesty he had earlier was completely gone.

"This impertinence shall not be allowed, Hermod," Athena said as she tapped her spear on the ground.

"M… Master Hermod, please do not cause any trouble in the college!" Even Headmistress Hilda, who was previously showing Hermod a semblance of respect, got into a stance as she pointed her palm towards him.

And finally, the students who were quietly watching from the sides started to make some noise; their whispers, enough to reverberate in the entire field.

"I will go once this deviant comes with me to answer for his crimes of disrespecting and harming a major Aesir."

"And if I won't?"

"Then I will have to resort to using force, I am sure the Headmistress will not fancy such an idea if she cares for the lives of her students."

"The last time you used force, it wasn't too good for you, wasn't it?" Van then let out a sigh as he returned Hermod's glare, "At this distance, I could probably crush your brain without you even knowing what happened. The only reason I am not doing it is because of your daughter…

...Speaking of which, do you even know her name?"

Hearing Van's sudden question, Sigrid's eyes immediately widened as they turned to look at her father. However, her head quickly turned to the ground as soon as she heard her father's words.

"The girl has no significance in this situation," Hermod said, "Surrender, or we will use force to drag you away from here."

And as soon as he said that, the clouds above the college instantly clustered, drowning the entire academy in a shroud of darkness. A slow, encroaching rumbling also started to drum in the air; with the grass dancing as the tears of the sky started to drop without end

"This is…" Headmistress Hilda whispered before grabbing Sigrid and quickly rushing away towards the other students, "All of you return to your dorms!" She then screamed as she slammed her palms on the ground, causing some sort of shockwave to ripple across the students, causing them to slightly fly away.

But before any of the students could run, the whole academy was suddenly filled by an intense flash of white; almost blinding all of them. It was then followed by a roar, a thunder that caused the ground beneath them to quake without control.

And as soon as they opened their eyes, a small and almost concentrated windstorm welcomed them, dancing a few meters from the middle of the field as it seemed to cover a tall silhouette. Hermod, who was previously blocking Van's path, was now kneeling in front of this miniature storm.


And as he said that, the storm violently faded, causing the grass beneath it to completely be razed away. And as the cloud once again dissipated, the silhouette inside the storm revealed itself.

A towering figure, almost as tall as a forest giant; a beard that haggardly flows down towards his huge stomach that seemed to be made and carved from stone… and perhaps the most striking feature-- a hammer that was almost as huge as the wielder itself adorning his back.

A single step, enough to make the whole island tremble.

"Looks familiar," Van muttered.

"Odin's son, King Evans…

...the mighty Thor."

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