My Mom's Second Marriage Gifted Me Seven Brothers - Chapter 169 - The Strange Hotel

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Chapter 169: The Strange Hotel

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Hugh’s face turned pale when he heard that!

Adela also hugged himself nervously!

Hugh shivered, “Are you seeing things?! How, how could an old lady suddenly appear from the mountain? And you guys didn’t hit anything just now!”

Herman said coldly, “That’s because Mary turned the steering wheel. And I saw it too.”

Although he was looking at Mary when he took the glass, he saw the old lady from the corner of his eye, just like Mary.

This scared Hugh and Adela.

Adela said, “We haven’t even reached the hotel yet and we’ve already seen something so scary? Is it an appetizer?”

Mary felt that it was more like a warning to them not to continue moving forward!

Mary turned to Hugh and asked, “Are you sure you want to go any further?”

If Hugh regretted it, she could have sent him and Herman out first.


Hugh was afraid, but he was quite determined this time. “Of course! I won’t fall for such a trick to scare me off!”

Mary had to look at Herman. “Then let’s go on. We should be there soon.”

They were indeed almost there.

After about twenty minutes of walking in the fog, it finally faded a lot.

In a huge mountain wall stood a building!

It was as if half of the original mountain had been hollowed out and a building had been built on the ground.

It looked mottled and old, dilapidated and desolate, like an abandoned building that had been abandoned for many years.

There were also irregular red marks on the walls outside the balconies on some floors. From afar, it looked like a large pool of blood…

Strange mountain, strange fog and a strange hotel…

Hugh looked at the huge object in front of him. “This house looks so scary! The intuitive feeling is a hundred times stronger than the picture!”

No one answered because the car still had to continue moving forward.

The strange thing was that from the moment they entered the hotel’s territory to the parking lot on the second floor, there was no one around them!

The closer they got, the clearer they saw how dirty the hotel’s outer walls were!

Red, green, and yellow covered the entire building.

Although Mary looked calm on the surface, in fact, from the moment she entered the parking lot, she felt a gloomy aura crawling all over her body from behind…

Finally, Herman parked the car in the parking lot.

The huge RV took up two parking spaces, and the roof of the car was almost touching the ceiling.

The four of them got out of the car. Adela moved all the luggage down, but the supplies were left in the car. Mary had said that these supplies could only be used in times of need or emergency, and there was no need to take them out during normal times.

When they got out of the car, the four of them were stunned.

The huge parking lot occupied an entire floor of the hotel, and only a few cars were parked on the flat floor.

Perhaps it was because this place was too big, and they had not found a place to park their cars, but from where they were parked, there were only four small cars that could be seen from the front, back, left, and right.

Moreover, they were all broken cars that were about to fall apart.

The cars were covered in a layer of dust. When they got closer, they saw that they were covered in moss. They did not know how long it had been since the cars lost their owners.

Adela crossed his arms and looked uncomfortable. “Why do I feel Like a zombie will come out of this place at any time?”

Hugh did not say anything. His expression did not look too good.

Mary smiled. “What nonsense are you talking about? Let’s go and check in first.”

If this scared the two men, she felt that she should be calmer.

Herman followed Mary with her luggage and walked forward. Hugh also quickly pushed his suitcase and followed. Adela did not dare to look at the ownerless cars anymore.

The four of them tried to find a way out, but the strange thing was whenever they did, the door was either locked by rusty chains and locks, or they accidentally walked into a dead end. It seemed that they could not find a way out!

After turning for almost twenty minutes, Herman finally saw the sign of the emergency exit.

“This way!”

The narrow corridor and the walls were stained with countless dirty things. It looked like feces or something mushy. Mary wanted to vomit, not to mention Hugh and Herman, who were a little obsessed with cleanliness.

The four of them did not look too good. With great difficulty, they carefully walked out of the corridor and arrived at the elevator on the second floor.

However, when they reached the elevator door, they pressed the elevator button, but there was no response.

The elevator number above their heads kept changing from top to bottom. When they reached the fourth floor, it stopped forever.

Mary said, “It seems that we can only use the stairwell.”

Hugh held his head and was a little devastated. “Oh my God! What a terrible start!”

Adela made a praying gesture. “I hope that God can bless us with a smooth trip… just like the last volcanic trip, we can escape death!”

Mary thought the two of them were really funny, and the tense atmosphere was ruined.

Herman looked down and saw Mary’s smirk.

The four of them could only carry their luggage upstairs.

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