My Mom's Second Marriage Gifted Me Seven Brothers - Chapter 170 - Their Rooms

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Chapter 170: Their Rooms

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Mary asked Hugh on the way, “I bet you’re the author of sitcoms.”

Hugh exclaimed, “How is that possible? I’m the author of epic books! Have you even read my books to question me like this?”

Mary asked, “Then why are you so funny?”

Mary ran to Herman.

Hugh was so angry that he wanted to go up and give Mary a smack!

Herman reached out to stop Hugh and said coldly, “Be careful, you’ve touched the dirty things on the wall.”

Hugh immediately jumped up and crossed his arms, carefully shrinking himself.

Mary turned around and winked at Herman, grateful that he had protected her.

Although the corridor was very narrow, there would always be a moment when they reached the end, not to mention that they only needed to climb to the fourth floor.


According to the instructions of the revised room information, the lobby of the Karsten Hotel was on the fourth floor.

When they walked out of the corridor, the first thing they saw was not the lobby, but a long shopping street.

Although it was called a shopping street, it was actually a few very dilapidated and old stalls.

The stalls sold everything.

Food, necessities, clothes, shoes, flashlights, everything was available.

Moreover, ever since Mary and the others entered the mountain and came to this hotel, it was also the first time they had seen a living person!

The four of them walked in the alley and looked around. Adela suddenly said, “I feel like all our supplies have been wasted.”

Herman said, “That might not be the case.”

Herman was an ice-cold handsome man, but he had spoken quite a lot over the past few days. Furthermore, Mary found out that he was really a brother who looked cold on the outside but was actually very considerate and sweet towards her.

Mary said, “I think so too. Don’t make any moves. If there’s a need, you can buy things on this street first.”

Although she said that, Mary found that the vendors were all staring at them with cold eyes. They didn’t want to look at the guests at all. Instead, they looked like wolves, tigers, and leopards staring at prey that had fallen into a trap…

Adela asked straightforwardly, “Why are their eyes green and shiny?”

Mary said, “We’re at the lobby.”

They finally walked out of the shopping street and arrived at the lobby.

But strangely, there wasn’t a single staff member in the lobby!

Adela shouted at the top of his lungs, “Is anyone there? We’re checking in!”

No one responded.

Mary looked around and took a closer look. Herman took out his cell phone and found that there was still no signal!

It was as if he was cut off from the world.

At this moment, a tall man with his hands in his pockets and a pair of black-rimmed glasses walked out.

“You’re also here to explore? But why did you bring so much luggage? We usually only carry a backpack here… so you’re actually here to stay?”

The man asked a lot of questions, and they were all strangers. It was the first time they met, and it was so abrupt. No one would talk to him, right?

Hugh, Herman, and Adela didn’t say anything.

Mary said, “Yes, we’re siblings. We used our RV to travel, but somehow, we got lost here. When we saw that there was a hotel here, we quickly went in to have a look. Why is there no one checking in here?”

Mary looked so innocent that Hugh could not bear to look at her.

He was about to go forward when Herman secretly pulled him back.

Herman shook his head at Hugh. Hugh then understood and looked at the strange man in front of him.

“Oh, I see. Hello, my name is David. I have been here for a few days. The receptionist here rarely sits at the desk. You can wait for a while.”

Mary smiled brightly. “Oh, thank you. You’re so nice! My name is Natalie, and these are my two brothers, William and Jack. This is our friend, Ade.”

David nodded at them, not too enthusiastic. “This hotel is very special. Good luck.”

With that, David put his hands in his pockets and left. His back looked quite relaxed.

It was not until this person’s back completely disappeared that Hugh looked at Mary meaningfully. “As expected, you’re a smart cookie!”

She even gave them an alias. This was a move that Hugh did not expect.

Mary warned, “When you’re out, you must be wary of others!”

Adela gave Mary a thumbs-up full of admiration. He was like a dog licking everything, making Hugh very worried for him.

“If you worship my sister so much, how high will your standards be in finding a girlfriend in the future?”

Mary felt that Hugh’s words were a compliment to herself.

Herman suddenly said, “Someone’s here.”

Finally, someone came from the front desk.

It was a young lady wearing a uniform with her hair tied up.

Perhaps it was because the three people around Mary were exceptionally beautiful, so she looked at them a few more times.

“Do you want four rooms?”

Because Hugh had only booked three rooms in advance, there was now an additional room needed for Adela.

Herman said, “Yes, please book all the rooms on the same floor for us.”

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