My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’ - Chapter 1009 - Extra Ten (1)

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1009. Extra Ten (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Feng Li looked into the distance, saying through his teeth, “Long Jingtian that son of a bi*ch! He really did that thing to Cang Qian!”

Feng Ming knitted his brows. Now no one didn’t know that Cang Qian, as Feng Li’s son, got pregnant with Long Jingtian’s kid, which was a shame to their phoenix race.

“What now, uncle?” Feng Ming asked.

Feng Li’s face suddenly turned dim, “I also have no idea.”

Long Jingtian! Long Jingtian! What the hell is that guy up to? How could the dragon king raise such a bastard? “What do the elders say?” asked Feng Li.

Feng Ming’s face immediately got stained with a little discomfort, “The elders asked the execution of Cang Qian”

A wry smile crawled onto Feng Li’s face, “I knew it, I knew it, I knew they would have such an idea.”

Feng Ming looked at Feng Li, “Uncle, just ignore them.”

Feng Li sneered, “Who wants to kill Cang Qian? Let them go! But if they die in the hands of that bastard Long Jingtian, I can only say they deserve it.”

Feng Ming bowed his head, with his face infected with a wry smile. Long Jingtian owned the body of blood dragon. Even if he fought him, it would be a tie at most. Through the whole phoenix race, maybe only Feng Li could beat him. But for the elders, it was like sending the sheep into the tiger’s mouth.

A burst of colorful halo suddenly broke out from the mountain.

A black fox hurriedly ran into the inner hall, “My king, I found Long Jingtian’s whereabouts, he is near our Thousand Fox Mountain.”

“Near the Thousand Fox Mountain? Hiding on our territory again? This guy was holed up on our territory last time, this time, again? What? Take our place as a refuge?” Hu Qianjiao murmured with some dissatisfaction.

“He seems to have made it to the late stage of divine king class.” Said the black fox.

“So quick? Didn’t that guy share the Dragon Phoenix fruit with that little phoenix? Its efficacy is not complete, and that guy still got promoted so quick?” Hu Qianjiao was surprised.

“I don’t know.” Said the black fox.

“I’ll go and check it out.” Hu Qianjiao’s body flashed and disappeared from the palace.

A blood-red giant dragon was flying through the air, and a shrill roar of laughter echoed through the air.

“Ha ha ha…”

“Ha ha ha…”

Cang Qian hid inside the cave, looking at the crazy-like Boss Long outside, secretly thinking, Boss Long’s laugh sounds so annoying!

Cang Qian shrank his body inside the cave. Since Boss Long had made such big noise, who knows what would be attracted over? Boss Long really didn’t know to stay low-profiled.

Hu Qianjiao looked at the sky, the corners of the mouth formed a helpless smile.

“No wonder those fox whelps who have already been silly could find Long Jingtian’s whereabouts. So he exposed himself!” said Hu Qianjiao helplessly.

A little white fox was full of curiosity to look at Boss Long in the sky, with that pair of eyes full of interest.

Hu Qianjiao frowned and then covered his eyes, “Don’t look at him! If you see too much of that lunatic, you’d also behave like him!”

The little fox tried to pry open his hands and stretched out his head out of Hu Qianjiao’s hand.

Hu Qianjiao said sullenly, “You little thing! Why don’t you listen to me?”

Boss Long roared into the sky, “Dragon king you old thing, phoenix king you old thing, I will no longer be afraid of you! Anyone who dares make gestures before me, I’ll kill you!”

Hu Qianjiao narrowed her eyes. Long Jingtian’s fighting capacity was already amazing, now after making it to the late stage of divine king class, it was true that no one could stop him in the immortal world.

Finding Long Jingtian’s words kind of funny, the little fox also followed to shout, “Old thing, old thing!”

Hu Qianjiao turned over a white eye, damn fool, instead of learning the fox arts, you learned roaring like that Long Jingtian!

Long Jingtian was full of excitement to swim in the air, waves of magnificent spirit pressure giving off out of his body, and those evil beasts around all ran as rapidly as their feet would move on feeling it.

Hu Qianjiao squinted, saying to herself in the heart with dissatisfaction, what is this guy doing? Making a tour in my place? Damn it!

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