My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1371 - Restore Them

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Chapter 1371: Restore Them

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Aiden turned the switch on the side of the fire hydrant and water gushed out.

The inspector’s expression turned extremely ugly.

“Hehe, I see. Do you have fire hydrants elsewhere?”

Aiden smiled. “Yes, outside every specialty store.”

“All right, that’s good.” Then, the inspector waved at the people behind him and asked them to gather around. “Time to go.”

“Wait a minute,” Aiden called after the inspector.

“Mr. Aiden, is something the matter?”

“Of course.” Aiden smiled. “Someone responded to us just now and said that the subdistrict inspections on your street and another street destroyed a few of our stores. Since we do have fire hydrants, we’d like to ask for your help in restoring them. We used imported materials to renovate each of our stores. I’ll send you the bill. Please help us repair the shops’ front within three days. Otherwise… There are a lot of surveillance cameras in our stores. The video proof of your failure to investigate properly before trying to seal up our stores—how you got someone to damage our stores—will be published on the internet. If that happens, it’s a small matter to lose your official titles, but defaming the executive hall is a huge offense.”

The inspector’s face paled in fright immediately.

When that person heard that, his face turned pale.

He had made sure that there were no surveillance cameras inside or outside of this shop before spitting out his previous accusations.

However, Aiden told him that there were a lot of cameras here… Was he trying to scare him?

Seeing that the man was in a daze, Aiden kindly reminded him, “Look, there’s a small hole on this rock, and there’s a camera above it. There’s also the swallow’s nest on the roof. That’s a camera above it. And just now inside…”

The subdistrict inspector, “…”

This time, this person was completely dumbfounded.

Normally, he was the only one who would confiscate other people’s things. Since when was it his turn to compensate them? Most importantly, this was a shop in Tianheng Holdings. Everything would definitely be exorbitant, so how was he supposed to compensate them?

“Hahahaha…” The subdistrict inspector laughed awkwardly. “Chairman Nangong, this is a misunderstanding. This is just a misunderstanding. ”

Seeing that Nangong Nuannuan had been smiling the whole time, this person had the misconception that she was easy to talk to. “Previously, someone reported that there weren’t any fire hydrants in your company. Since we’ve been repeatedly emphasizing the issue of fire protection in our jurisdiction, we lost control today and did something bad to your company. Chairman Nangong, please do not make things difficult for us on account that we’re just doing our jobs.”

Nangong Nuannuan smiled and said, “Of course, you’re just doing your job.”

When the man’s expression relaxed, she added, “But what does that have to do with me? So, please do come to our finance department to check the price and mailing address for all the damages you’ve incurred. I won’t lie to you. You can simply restore them to whatever they looked like before. However, if there’s even a single item that’s different from before, don’t blame me for posting the video online. Violence isn’t an option.”

With that, Nuannuan left with Aiden and Selina behind her, dismissing the subdistrict inspector.

“F*ck, what kind of people are they? How dare they come shitting on Tianheng Holdings? Is there something wrong with them?” Selina could not help but complain. “Boss, I think the Shi family is messing with us. Am I right?”

At the side, Aiden answered, “It’s not a feeling; it’s a fact. Since he knows Boss’ identity, who else could it be other than that old man from the Shi family who was about to kick his coffin lid off?”

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