My Vampire System - ​Chapter 1718: Fight the god. (Part 2)

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Chapter 1718: Fight the god. (Part 2)

The strange white light surrounded Jessica and Bliss, and they all could tell it was the same one that had taken Quinn away. Jessica wondered what to do.

She wanted to let go, but it was as if her hands were stuck on the staff. Seeing this, Peter had no choice. He decided to no longer care what would happen to him.

He allowed the energy blasts to hit his body, his head swung to the side for a bit, but his legs kept moving. It looked like part of his ear had been torn off, but it was healing in the process.

Running at full speed, Peter was almost faster than the energy blasts, so many couldn't hit him in the first place until finally, he had reached Jessica. From the back, he pulled her out of the way.

Immediately, Peter grabbed her tightly, pulling her into his chest, and shelled her up into a ball.

The remaining energy blasts hit Peter, creating immense energy of light that pierced the eyes of the others with so much pain that they had to look away.

When they could feel the heat from the energy attack had faded, they looked and could see Peter still there. His head-tail had been served.

Multiple parts of skin from his body were burnt off, and he was almost entirely naked.

"PETER!!!" Lucia screamed, running over.

His body was reverting back to what it was and, at the same time, was healing was as well. Eventually, Peter let go, he felt tired, but there was no permanent pain.

On top of that, he was happy to see that Jessica was unhurt.

"This celestial energy... It's different... it's as if there are two of me. Whatever happens to my celestial form doesn't affect the current me."

Clenching his fist, Peter could still feel his strength; he could still fight in this state; although weaker, he was still plenty strong.

It was a good use that he perhaps could use for later.

Before the others could see anything, Logan had shot out a giant spider from his armour that had landed right on Peters's groin, covering the area up.

It was the least he could do. After all, he ended up in that state because he risked his life to protect Jessica.

Still looking at the mess around them, Logan couldn't help but let out a large sigh as he heard sirens coming from the distance to check if everything was okay.

"Not even celestials that I thought were good ones seem to be on our side." Logan sighed.

The group were currently back inside the building resting. Even Peter, for the first time since Logan had known him, was resting as well. If there was one clear thing, that new form of his tired him out.

The truth was, many of them, including Peter, wanted to stay outside on the rooftop, waiting to see if Quinn would return. Logan tried to explain how it was unlikely he would, even by now, especially with that woman's powers.

In the end, the only thing he could do to convince them was put a few robots on guard that would inform them immediately if Quinn was to return.

While resting and getting checked up by 100 different robots in the medical room, Logan was searching for answers.

Trying to look at the cameras and more of how exactly Bliss was able to get up there and if there were any clues of what happened to Quinn.

"Im sorry." Peter eventually said, out of the blue while the room was silent with everyone else.

"I'm sorry, I thought that you might have been the one behind all of this... it just so much has changed since Quinn, and I came back, and I was with him that whole time, and now I failed him... He's gone."

The Wight hardly showed emotion other than anger, it was the first time the others had seen him act this way, so they knew how much the whole thing must have meant to them, but even more so, Peter felt highly guilty for accusing Logan.

Logan then lifted up one of his arms encased in metal and pressed it with his other hand. The metal started to retract, eventually revealing a scaled black arm.

"IA lot of my body has changed since you last saw me, and truth be told, I could have removed my Dalki arm and replaced it with a robotic one."

"...but I didn't because this arm was the memory had of you, Peter."

The others didn't know the meaning behind what Logan was saying, and they were more surprised to see that Logan's arm didn't look human. This was never revealed to the world in all of the video feeds and more.

It made Jessica and Lucia realise there were a lot of secrets that people had kept that they just didn't know about. Of course, Peter knew that arm was the arm that Logan had given Peter to eat when he was on the verge of death.

Someone who was able to do that, who was such a dear friend to the group, would have never betrayed them, and Peter now knew how stupid he was being.

To break the awkward silence, the group were greeted with good news, and that was because Minny looked to be waking up. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around the room at the others.

"Did I have a bad dream... where is Daddy?" Minny asked.

The look on their faces, the look they couldn't hide that said it all, told Minny it wasn't a bad dream at all, and as expected, the waterworks had started.

After giving Minnie a juice box, she seemed to calm down, and the others were curious about what had happened to her.

"Do you know what that nasty woman did to you?" Jessica asked.

Although Minny wasn't sure when waking up, she was sure now, she couldn't feel something with her, it was a strange feeling, but she knew. She held out her hand, and there was nothing; there was no shadow.

"I... i... i can't use the powers that Dad taught me!" Minny started to cry once again.

While the sentimental women who were best at comforting Minny were trying to calm her down, Logan was thinking.

"This whole thing, it's like when Bryce had that strange crystal and was taking the shadow. Did Bliss do the same?" Logan thought.

"I always thought it was strange that Bryce had managed to get that Crystal, and from who?"

"It looks like we might have gotten our answer.' Logan looked at the back of the others. Quinn, where are you... and I hope you're safe."

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