My Vampire System - Chapter 45 Seeing the future

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Chapter 45 Seeing the future

The second-year students had Quinn completely surrounded, as he took a step forward to try to break out of the encirclement, a wind strike came towards him. He managed to lift his hand to block the attack but at the same, another slash was felt against his back.

< 12/20 HP >

The attacks continued with a mixture of abilities but most of them were weak elemental abilities such as level 2 wind users and earth users. However, when he was being attacked from all sides, the attacks quickly added up.

Quinn continued to block strikes coming from the front of him but still was hit from all sides.

< 11/20 HP >

< 10/20 HP >

< 9/20 HP >

There was a constant cycle. Once he was injured to a certain degree Quinn's blood bank would auto-activate and heal him, but even with the blood bank, there was no getting out of this one. But he knew this would happen to some degree. He never expected to win in the first place.

Ignoring the pain of the strikes and instead of trying to avoid all the attacks. He rushed forward towards one of the students. This time two hits had hit him from each side, casing two big slashes on his body.

< 8/20 HP >

< 7/20 HP >

But he didn't care, his speed was quick and using the strength in his legs he was able to move himself forward and grabbed one of the second-year students. He quickly went behind the student grabbing his arm and at the same time kept one of his claws towards the student's neck using him as a meat shield.

The second years were hesitant to attack afraid they might hit their fellow classmate. Quinn continued to walk backwards with the student until his back was up against the wall.

"Me and you both know you're not going to hurt him Quinn." Momo said, "If you attack too deep and kill him, you'll be in trouble, attack to shallow and we will pounce on you and make you wish you were dead."

Quin hated to admit it but Momo was right, he couldn't kill the student and at the same time the second he turned his back to them they would take him out so Quinn was left with only one thing.

He no longer had his claw hand out but then started to choke the student from behind wrapping his arm around his neck. He used his strength and carried on until he eventually passed out.

< 50 exp gained >

< 275/400 exp >

"No point wasting good exp," Quinn said.

As soon as the student fell to the ground the attacks came out fast and furious from the others. Quinn was able to block most of them now his back was up against the wall, he started dodging a lot of the strikes, which made him think back to the test centre.

The situation he was in was similar to the agility test where holographic spikes came at him. However, these attacks were more powerful and were greater in number, eventually, Quinn let a strike get in.

< 6/ 20 Hp >

Suddenly the attacks had stopped and Momo had stood forward with his whip in his hand. Seeing the Whip Quinn remembered that a single attack last time had brought his HP down by seven points. If he was to receive another attack form it right now, he would be brought down to below 0.

Quinn still didn't know what happened when his HP would reach 0 but at the same time, this wasn't the time to find out. He had no choice, he would have to use the blood bank to heal himself. Even if the others did see him use this, it wouldn't reveal he was a vampire but they would just think it was some type of self-healing ability.

The problem was Quinn had already displayed abnormal strength. If he then displayed abnormal healing, things wouldn't add up. A student couldn't have two abilities apart from rare cases, which meant it would only lead to Quinn being asked more questions.

Just as Quinn was deciding what to do, Momo sensed something and moved his head at the last second. As he did a black ball came flying through the air and went past his head, then the black ball stopped mid-air and suddenly started moving back towards Momo.

Momo lashed his whip at the ball slicing it in half. As he turned around, he saw Vorden standing there, when he looked to see what had happened to the rest of the second years, he could see a few had already been taken down and those who hadn't been, were busy engaging in combat with Layla and Erin.

"So you got free huh?" Momo said, "Do you not remember what happened to you last time the two of us fought?" Momo taunted.

"Last time you fought against that weakling, this time you're fighting me." Raten said, "I'm not as nice as Vorden."

Raten lifted both hands, and with it, two more black balls of the ground lifted up. Vorden swung his hands in the air and the black balls followed the same path.

There was no need for Vorden to use his hands when using his telekinesis ability but it allowed him to focus his mind better. Doing this moved the balls at greater speed and precision, after all, he wouldn't be able to use it as well as Layla who had the ability most her life.

The balls flowed a similar pattern to his hands, Striking at different directions. However, Momo would simply step forward, move back or turn his body slightly avoiding each of the balls. He then grew tired and grabbed one of the balls mid-air that was heading straight for his face.

"Looks like you really don't remember what happened last time?" Momo clenched his fist tightly destroying the black ball held in his hands. He then swung his whip destroying the other without even looking where it was.

Quinn wanted to help. While Momo's back was turned he tried to go in for a strike but before he even took a step, the whip came flying out and landed just in front of him.

"Don't even think about it," Momo said.

Before Quinn had taken a single step, Momo had already acted. Then Quinn waited once again for the right moment and when he thought it was right, he tried moving in again but the same thing had happened, Momo swung at his whip before Quinn had moved.

"It can't be?" Quinn thought, So far Momo hadn't displayed anything reviling his ability but just now and how he had acted before, it seemed like it was part of his ability.

There were two guesses Quinn had, he either had some type of mind-reading ability or future seeing ability.

If that was the case then the fight ahead would be a tough battle.

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