My Vampire System - Chapter 76 Find the Portal

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Chapter 76 Find the Portal

Due to Quinn's energy and most of his blood being used in the fight earlier, his body was now no longer naturally healing itself. He was too hungry to heal and would need blood.

As Quinn looked at his system, a certain number stuck out to him and it was all he could hear in his head, the number Thirteen.

"With thirteen points that's thirteen hours before I reach 0 and that's only if I don't use any of my skills or get injured along the way."

He was really struggling with what to do, should he sit and wait, perhaps the school would send someone after him, or should he walk around and try to find the portal. If he did, there was the chance he could run into more beasts on the way.

"I have no choice, I have to try to find the portal," Quinn said.

This was his only option. In reality, he would have liked to think the school would have sent someone after him. This might have been the case if Quinn had a strong family backing him or he was a potentially high-level user but Quinn was none of those.

He was an orphan with no family backing and the school still believed he was a level 1 user, someone with no ability. Why would they bother risking their lives for someone like him? It just didn't make any sense even to him. He had no choice but to soldier on.

Before leaving the hanger, Quinn had to think hard about just where the portal would be. All he knew was that they had to place it somewhere safe. Somewhere the beasts wouldn't be able to get to it.

The shelter was a big place though with many buildings, it wasn't as big as the city the school was in, but still big. To get from one side of the shelter to the other it would take him at least two hours and that was walking at a decent pace.

As he walked through the city, he decided to tread very carefully. Even if he came across a basic tier beast, it would cause all sorts of problems for him. As he walked through the city he went through at an incredibly slow pace.

Once in a while, he would come across a building with beasts inside. Although Quinn's eyesight was incredibly handy in situations like these. The beasts too had good eyesight in the darkness for they had lived on the planet but his seemed to be even better than theirs.

As he entered the buildings there would be cases where Quinn had spotted them far up ahead in the darkness, he quickly would shift and hide in the shadows or behind wall's waiting for the beasts to leave and when he was ready, he would zoom past and around.

With no direction to go in and just simply wandering around, Quinn had already used up two hours of his time exploring the place.

< 11/50 HP >

The hunger in his belly was starting to distract him and it was getting harder for him to focus as his health had gone down.

Then finally, Quinn had spotted another building that was relatively in good condition. It was a large dome-like shape building. The training centre, a place where Travellers could come and test out their skills or practice with new equipment.

The outside of the dome was made with special material in case practice matches got a bit out of hand and a stray attack would hit the outside now and then. It was capable of withstanding attacks from some of the strongest beasts and power level users.

"No wonder it's in good condition," Quinn said as he looked at the building.

It was the only other place Quinn could think of where the portal could be kept safe. The place was large and had a sturdy outside that was yet to be destroyed.

As Quinn got closer to the dome building, he noticed there where several mechs stationed outside that had been destroyed. Their cores completely ripped out.

Mechs were a powerful device used in the war but to power them they required an incredibly powerful beast crystal of a high tier.

It was a strange thing because the higher power levels preferred to use their own abilities, while the lower power levels could never afford to use such a thing. Most of the mechs were used by the military or private companies that hired Low-level travellers to operate the thing.

However, it was a double-edged sword for a low-level Traveller. Usually, they would come with contracts, if the mechs were ever destroyed then the user would be asked to pay for them. Of course, a low level in their whole life time could never afford to pay back something as expensive as a mech. Causing them to forever be a slave to the company.

Just another one of the changes that had happened after the war with the Dalki. During the War Humans were brought together to fight the common enemy but once the treaty was signed the greed of humans were shown.

If the Dalki knew how ununited earth was at the moment, Quinn was sure earth would lose the way it was right now.

That's why he needed to get stronger, to protect himself.

As he reached the entrance of the training centre, he could see that two Rattaclaw's were standing out in front of the building. Before entering he decided to walk around the large dome carefully to see if there were any other entrances, but there were none besides the first one he had seen.

He returned back to the entrance and was hidden behind one of the destroyed mechs around thirty meters away from the entrance. Even though he had walked around for about thirty minutes the Rattaclaws remained there unmoving.

He decided to wait a little longer hoping that the Rattaclaw's might move.

< 10/50 HP >

But as he saw the message bring his health down once again, he was only getting even more aggravated. The Rat's didn't look like they would be leaving any time soon and Quinn needed to come up with a plan.


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