My Vampire System - Chapter 769 The strength of a demon tier

Chapter 769 The strength of a demon tier

Once everyone was chosen, it was time for their group of thirty people to set off. Outside their ships everyone had gathered and were preparing to leave. The military had brought two head generals with them, Duke, and a head general named Sophie. On top of this, they had ten sergeants and then the rest were captains of their own squads.

There were no weak members in the group the military had brought with them. Looking at the Graylash family, they too had selected thirty of their top tier members, and finally there was the Bree family. Mona still had her humanoid-looking spirit next to her, while there were ten others in the group that carried beasts with them.

What was fascinating was how the beasts had been taken off the ship, which meant they had to have been living with them or at least transported by them safely on the ship. Quinn wondered just how the Bree family ability really worked, was it similar to how vampires made contracts with Familiarers, or did they actually control the beasts like his influence skill?

Looking towards Sil, Quinn thought there was one person he could maybe ask if he could get a touch. Other than those with beasts, the rest of the group looked quite average and had no beasts at all. According to the information Quinn had on them, the Bree family had similarities to the Truedream family. They had many with different abilities in their family, but only the leader's power was taught to those trusted the most.

When exiting from the ship, Quinn also managed to catch Logan, which meant he too would be coming on this trip. He didn't know whether to be happy or upset about this, as he was afraid Logan might just get hurt.

Then there was finally Quinn and his group. If it wasn't for Helen and her sisters, they would have seemed quite lacking. Yes, they had strong members, but after that, the rest of the Cursed faction wasn't too impressive. They were even bringing along some of the B rank members.

Helen did offer to have some of those from Daisy to fill the slots if he wished, but Quinn had refused saying he trusted these people more.

When everyone was ready, the four small armies were off and taking the lead was Mona, as she was relying on Logan to give them first hand information on the beast with his special equipment. The groups traveled on foot, as nearly the whole planet was one that was unexplored and they needed to be careful.

"Look at this!" Nate said with excitement. "The strongest people in the world are travelling together and I'm with them."

"You need to hone in your excitement a little." Paul said. "It will give others the wrong idea about just how serious they need to take this. None of you have ever faced a demon beast before, have you? I don't think even those from Daisy have."

The three girls shook their heads.

"Is there really that much of a difference in power?" Sam asked.

"We can take on emperor tier beasts without too much trouble, so it should be fine, right?" Fex wondered.

For a lot of those in Quinn's group. They had only experienced life in the military. In the past there had only been two encounters that the world knew of with demon tier beasts. One of them with the military, and the other Pure had dealt with. There were no recordings of such events, so none of them knew how much power a demon tier beast really had.

"Think about it. Why, even with all the leaders' strength here, have they chosen to bring thirty people each? It isn't because we want to risk others' lives for no reason, it's because this is the bare minimum number of people needed to fight them. Even the Dalki don't bother fighting demon tier beasts due to how strong they are." Paul continued to explain.

Although a lot of them didn't know the strength of the demon tier beast, they did know the strength of the leaders, and to hear Paul say they wouldn't stand a chance on their own was a frightening thought for them.

"Well, if they can't activate the beast equipment, then it would be pretty pointless to risk so many lives to get it." Sam said, speaking about the Dalki.

"I am worried." Paul said, for the first time speaking his concern out loud to the others. "Our group has dealt with emperor tier beasts before, and Quinn, I know you're strong, but we haven't even fought against a legendary tier nor a Demi-god tier beast. I'm sure you've realised each tier of beast gets incredibly stronger and the gap between them is larger as well."

What Paul was talking about was the gap in power between the tiers. The difference between a basic tier and intermediate tier wasn't so great, but between each tiers as you went up, this gap grew more and more.

"I understand your concern," Quinn replied. "That's why I want everyone to listen up. Kazz isn't here and your lives are more important than anything. If you are in trouble, I want you to use your full strength, hold nothing back and live. We can deal with the problems later as long as you are alive, but can do nothing when you're dead."

Some of those that were walking with Quinn were confused, especially since his words only applied to a few of them. The one that stuck out to Helen the most was the words 'use your full strength'. This would imply that what they had seen at the duel wasn't everything they had. At the same time, there was also the mysterious boy who they wouldn't let take part in the fight. Although they were happy for Quinn to bring him along now.

With the device Logan had created, they were sure there was only one demon beast on the planet. So it wouldn't interrupt the duel, they had decided to place it a great distance away from where the demon tier beast was located.

They also chose to travel on foot to not cause any disturbances and to be ready for any beasts around them. However, because of this, the travel to the location of the demon beast would take some time, on the way there they would have to camp for a few nights before they would reach their destination.

It was tricky to find a safe place to park such a large group. The whole ground was covered in a hard diamond like substance, and the floor was often uneven with large slabs of land sticking out here and there. Eventually they discovered a weird path. There were several giant slabs sticking out above, it looked like large spaceships had crashed and ice had formed over them.

Here, they decided each group would take cover underneath a different slab. Sleeping wasn't too bad either. Those in the military who knew how to use the earth ability well could also apply it to the diamond substance.

The material they were on seemed to be a mixture of some sorts. Because of this, they were easily able to create large places for the groups to sleep in. Even with sleeping bags, sleeping inside a place made them feel safer somewhat.

When the night sky hit, fires could be seen out and the members were busy chatting away. Both Nate and Sam stayed a distance away and were walking around the edge of where the girls from Daisy were. It looked like they had been discussing for a while now what to say and how to introduce themselves.

Looking at this, Quinn thought it would be nice for them to have this as their only worry. He wished one day that kids, and people their age only had to worry about everyday normal things like this.

That's when he heard large footsteps approaching from behind him. He pretended he didn't notice and continued to look at his members.

"Quinn, do you care to join us?"

Turning around, Quinn could see it was Oscar. He had his hand held out, and there was a separate fire, where all the leaders were sitting with raised seats made for them personally.

"I think it will be important, there is something we need to discuss. Oh, and it would be best if we bring Helen into this too."

Just then, Nate was ready to go in, he had waited long enough.

'Wait, what's happening, where is Quinn taking her?' He thought. 'NO! Not another one.'

But when he saw where they headed, he knew it wasn't what he had first thought.

Sitting around a campfire was Helen, Mona, Owen, and Oscar.

"The reason I wanted to bring everyone here, is because I have the most experience fighting a demon tier beast before. I want to give you all an idea of what it's like to fight such a thing, and why we came to even give it the name Demon in the first place.

"Let me tell you about the human race's first encounter with a demon beast." Oscar said, and responding to his words, it seemed like the flame flickered with sadness and anger.


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