My Vampire System - Chapter 770 Beast gun

Chapter 770 Beast gun

Oscar begun his great tale of the first encounter with the demon tier beast and everyone sat around the camp fire listening well. It was a tale that not many knew all the details of, and they would be hearing it from the very man who owned a demon tier wepon.

At the time, the human race were in the middle of the war with the Dalki. At this point they were fearing a bit better thanks to the introduction of ability users. The military were starting to learn the earth ability and Oscar was one of the first people selected to learn about such an ability.

Because of his talent with the ability, he rose up the ranks quickly and was put out on the battled more often then not. But still, the rollout of abilities to the military and general public was slow. They needed to do more to win this war, or at least give them a fighting chance.

During this time, another man had been introduced into the war who would also be one of the few who people came to know as one of the heroes of war. This was none other then Leo. He was one of the first few people that were able to kill a Dalki without the use of ability. Due to the use of abilities, only those that had great power were Abel to kill the Dalki, which would destroy what was left of most of them.

However, thanks to Leo, they were able to retrieve the bodies of the Dalki mostly intact. This was when they discovered the strange armour the Dalki wore. Testing it out, they soon found out the great power of beast equipment.

Still, this could only increase the strength of a few, not all Dalki wore beast equipment, and it was hard to retrieve their bodies as the Dalki seemed to be actively collecting there fallen comrades as well.

That's when another person, who would turn the tide appeeared Richard Eno. He was the one that told the others of the ability of the beast equipment, and also calmed he knew where to find more beasts.

After showing what the beast equipment could do, and how it could power people, there were those that started to trust him. The military were desperate and felt like they had no choice., eventually he was given access to everything the military had access to, most of it being destroyed parts of the Dalki's spaceships and more.

Form this, Eno introduced the introduction of portals. Portalks that would transfer one to the beast solar system, and the introduction of beast planets would come into play.

Of course, a few testes were done with men, before deciding anything, but times were getting desperate. Learning abilities took too long and people were starting to hit their limit with certain abilities. Just because everyone could learn an ability didn't mean they would be as strong as another with it.

The military then started to rely on their second plan more, relying on the beast planets with the beast gear. A small team of fifty people lead by Oscar was made, and they were to travel to the beast planets, hunting for crystals.

Back then, there were only portals, and the coloured portal system never existed, they had no clue what dangers they would face, but the group sent out were confident. They were all ability users, and Oscar was special, being the only one at the time in the group who could use a soul wepapon.

As expected, beast were killed easily and crystals were obtained, but then they started to come across more difficult beast, the crystals obtained slightly different. The expedition was a long one, and they would constantly send back crystals back to the military.

Here Eno, had discovered along with the help of others how to turn the crystals into weapons. A report came back to the expedition team, stating that the clear the crystal were the stronger the weapons and armour created from them would be.

This wasn't good news, as Oscar knew that the clearer crystal came from the more difficult of beasts they were hunting. However at the time, Oscar was in a position were he was unable to go against his superiors orders and he knew the dire situation earth was in.

In a way, they were being relied upon. Thier hunt for clearer crystals put them into different areas on the planets. They started to learn that the stornger beast were located in the same area, which made their progression slower.

"Sir, we can't continue on like this, ten of our men have already been injured and the beast keep on getting harder as we press on." One of the sergants said, voicing his concern.

The group were resting after having defeated a group of strong beasts, it came as a surprise as they were looking for a place to use as shelter. They were currently on a planet filled with snow, and the visibility was quite poor.

Still, they had eventually found a place, an ice cavern of sorts that allowed them to take cover from the snowstorm outside.

"I know it's hard." Oscar said clenching his fist. "But I just got a report recently form back at earth. They have just destroyed London. Whatever you knew of the place no longer exists."

The serge looked devastated and so did those behind them. London was one of the strongholds, one of the main bases that were being used, and it just meant the Dalki were even closer to winning the war.

"We'll stay here until the snow storm dies down, and then we can move out again." Oscar said. "This that are injured can remain here, and we will come back to get them. We been getting good feedback from the team. The latest batch of crystals we created have been the best weapons yet."

Oscar and his team were also trial users for the beast equipment. Whatever they sent back, would be made into items and sent to them first. This helped them gain more strength as they went on, and they found that the beast weapons of a higher tier dealt more damage.

" I can tell, the beast we are fighting, are not the strongest, and I still haven't had the chance to use this yet." Oscar said patting his side. It looked similar to a gun that would be used, but everyone knew guns were useless against beasts and the Dalki. Which meant Oscar had to be carrying something special.

Beast weapons were pretty useless if formed into a gun, as every crystal had an imprint, these imprets helped base what the items or weapons the crystal could be used to make into. FI peons wenr;t made to this psersfic imprint, then it would cause trouble when trying to activate the beast weapons power, once again making it no better than what the Dalki were using them for.

No beast implement was suitable to be made into a gun, the second problem was, even if it was, then the next problem was what to supply it with, as standard bullets did next to nothing. However, when research continued they found something.

There seemed to be a beast crystal imprint that was suitable to be made into a bow, and then later they found one suitable to be made into arrows as well. IF this could be done, there was soon hope for having a gun beast weapon along with a bullet.

And many assumed that what Oscar had on his side, was a one of a kind weapon. The only beast gun and bullet in existence.

While waiting for the storm to settle and in the cavern, the room they were in started to vibrate, the isles on the roof were moving slightly, and pressing their hands up agains the wall they felt like they could feel something.

"What was that, an earthquake?" One of the men asked.

Another vibration was felt, and this time listening carefully Socar could hear it, it sounded more like a cry. A scream so loud that it had caused the whole room to vibrate.

"It's a cry of a beast, and a pretty loud one." Oscar said.

The cries continued and the vibrations in the room where felt. When looking outside in the snowstorm they could see nothing, but also the vibrations seemed to lessen. When returning to the cavern, they q1uicjly realised that it was coming from underneath instead.

In the room, there were several tunnels that looked to have led down, but afraid of where or what they would lead to they thought it would be too risky to investigate. Especially fi they were fighting.

"You're not thinking of goign down there are you, the tunnel walls could collapse if you start fighting."

"With my ability it shouldn't be a problem. I can stop the place from caving in, and if the beast is a large as it's cry, there's bound to be a lot of space down there and another way to get out." Oscar repeated.

After much discussion, Oscar gave his squad the choice, to either come with him or not, and that he would only be scouting. But other then the ten who were injured they all agreed to go with him.

This was one of the biggest mistakes Oscar had made, as he would be the only one left alive to return.


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