My Vampire System - Chapter 80 Bloodsucker

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Chapter 80 Bloodsucker

< Transformation will now begin >

As soon as this message appeared, a shooting pain could be felt all over Quinn's body. It felt as if his insides were burning with fire. The white of his eyes slowly started to fill with black and his teeth started to grow in size.

However, the pain didn't stop there, his body would jolt itself up and down as if something was trying to break free, his nails grew slightly larger and his skin started to form around his body even tighter. The features of his bones started to show more and his hair was falling from his head.

< Your mind is unstable >

< Your blood lust has reached its maximum level >

< You are now a (Crazed) Bloodsucker >

< All stats will be doubled >

< Health will be halved >

< While in this form all blood skills are unavailable >

Although he had received message after message about what state he was in, Quinn was unable to read any of them because his mind was no longer there.

A human figure remained but what was now standing in the middle of the arena was no longer human. With a Bold scalp and claw-like hands, the creature was hunched over.

As it opened it's pitch-black eyes and was startled by the light, it stumbled to the ground as its senses were now super heightened.

"REKKKKKKK!" it then let out a loud piercing screech that echoed through the large training centre. With its eyes closed, it ran forward at an inhuman speed and when it reached the side of the wall, it dug it's the claws in and started to climb up.

It quickly moved up to the ceiling before smashing the light with its fist, the light was now no more. With the light taken out the Bloodsucker was able to now open its eyes. It could see just as clear as if it was day inside.

It let go of the ceiling causing it to fall the ground. The drop was at least 30 meters to the top but as it landed it bent its knees and walked off as it had taken no damage from the fall.

The bloodsucker started to roam around the training centre, as it entered each room it continued to destroy the lights. It only had one thing on its mind, it was hungry and was looking for blood.

After transforming into the Bloodsucker, Quinn's thoughts, his emotions everything that made him human were gone, his body acted on its own and that single thought of blood occupied him. Finally, he had returned to the arena in the training centre and as if it didn't know what to do, it started walking in circles waiting for his prey.

Then a few moments later, Vorden and Ian had entered the room, although they were quiet. Quinn could hear everything, their soft footsteps against the floor and even their whispers to each other.

His head turned and saw two bright lights. At first, the light covered the humans so he was unable to tell what they were but when they turned the lights off, he could tell his meal had arrived.


Ian and Vorden could hear the sound of something running towards them, but it was too dark to tell what it was.

Now that they had been discovered there was no need to stay in complete darkness. Ian went to his belt to touch the stone but before he had reached it, the beast was already upon him.

Being in the dark had adjusted the two's eyes a little and the LED lights going across the edge of the arena gave them little light. Now the beast was close enough he could tell it had a human figure.

As the beast held out its claws, Ian too came out with his fists.

"You want to battle with strength then!"

However, the beast's hands had wrapped around Ian's fist and stopped them in its tracks. Then using its nails it dug into Ian's fist drawing out blood.

"What monstrous strength, Damn it, to meet a humanoid beast of all types here!"

As it smelled the blood fall from Ian's hands it started to growl and screech even more. It opened its mouth reviling two huge fangs. It then tried moving its head forward clomping down its jaws but activating all the strength in the beast equipment he was wearing, he tried pushing the beast back and managed to stop him a little.

Then the beast lifted both of its legs off the ground and kicked Ian away causing him to fly into the nearby wall.

It started to rush forward as it saw Ian was injured but before it could reach him, a metal chair from the stand came flying out from the side and knocked the beast away.

Vorden quickly rushed to Ian's side and lifted him off the ground.

"Thanks kid."

"What was that?" Vorden asked.

"I don't know, I've never seen anything like it, but it looked like a humanoid type beast. I don't know much about them but all I know is there one of the most powerful type of beast to be discovered on other planets. This is my first time seeing one." Ian replied.

The chair didn't keep the beast down for long, as the smell of blood was too strong. It attracted the beast and as soon as it got up from the ground it immediately started running in the direction of the two again.

"Turn on your light stone!" Ian said.


"Quick the light stone!"

As the two of them turned on the light stone, the beast suddenly stopped, it covered its eyes and backed away from the two.

"It looks like I was right." Said Ian, "That beast must have been the one to take out all the lights, it looks like its super sensitive."

But the two were foolish thinking the light stones would be enough to keep the Bloodsucker away from its prey.

The beast didn't need to rely on its eyes sight to know where the two were, the smell of Ian's blood was enough. From the stands, it started to rip out the chairs and proceed to hurl them at the two.

Luckily, the chairs were made out of a metal material, so Ian and Vorden were able to repel them away. The chairs continued to be chucked at an incredible rate as each one was ripped from the stands.

Then the beast decided to rush forward with it's eyes closed, as it got close to the two it started to attack them blindly.

"How does it know where we are!" Ian said.

"Vorden get out of there!" Raten said.

"What do you mean?" Vorden asked.

"Can't you see, the beast is only attacking Ian, something is attracting it to Ian."

With Raten's words, Vorden decided to break away from Ian and ran down to the arena floor and just like he said, the beast had completely ignored Vorden and continued to attack at Ian.

"We have to help him, Raten switch with me."

"No!" Raten replied.

"We could die!"

"You had your chance before, it���s time you learn your lesson, get out of this one yourself Vorden."

Then a new voice was heard from within.

"I will help you."

Ian and the beast continued to do battle. Unfortunately for Ian, the only source of metal he could control in the arena where the chairs and it took him some time to attract things toward him. He had two chairs out from the stands and would use them as shield blocking the beast's attacks.

However, every time the beast would hit with its fist, it would completely tear through the chairs. the attacks were too powerful.

Then the beast leapt through the air with its fangs wide open. Ian had no choice but to shove his forearm into the beast mouth, hoping to avoid a fatal blow.

He screamed in pain.

< Blood is being consumed >

< 10/100 >

< 14/100 >

Ian could feel the beast sucking onto his arm. He wanted to push and hit the beast off him but as soon as the fangs penetrated his skin, it felt like he was under a slight paralysis effect, his body was unable to move.

< 25/100 >

As the beast was busy feasting on its meal, it was unable to notice the flying sharp object coming toward it. Like a spear a metal flying object had come out and pierced the beast's shoulder, the blow was fast and powerful knocking him off Ian.

As Ian stood up he looked into the centre of the arena and could see Vorden standing there surrounded by multiple metal chairs from the arena.

"I just want to find my pet Quinn." The little one said.


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