My Vampire System - Chapter 81 The little one Vs Bloodsucker

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Chapter 81 The little one Vs Bloodsucker

The paralysis effect from the Bloodsucker was slowly starting to wear off and as it did, Ian lifted himself off the ground to have a look at just what was going on. In the centre of the arena, the area was lit up by the small glow stone where Vorden was standing.

But he wasn't just standing there on his own, he had multiple chairs that had been taken from the arena surrounding him.

"How is he able to use the ability so well already? Even I would struggle to do something like this if I was in top condition. Didn't he only copy my ability a while ago?"

As the bloodsucker lifted himself off the ground, he pulled the metal object that had been lodged into his shoulder and dropped it onto the floor.

[20/25 HP]

"Rakkkk!" The Bloodsucker snarled out, its attention was now fully focused on what had caused him pain.

Instead of going in straight for an attack and charging in though, the Bloodsucker dug it's claw into the wall and started to climb upwards.

"How are we meant to see him now?" said Vorden. "It's too dark and the beast can attack from anywhere."

"I have no time to play games." The little one said.

He lifted his hands and started to crumble up each of the chairs into several metal spikes all looming above his head.

Then he waited, the beast jumped down from above and as soon as the little one could hear and see him, he immediately repelled all the spikes in that direction.

However, as the beast was falling through the air and the first spike came towards him, it spun around and grabbed the spike throwing it back at an incredible speed.

But the little one had prepared for this too. He had already gathered a pile of chairs from the arena and mushed them together to form a shield. He placed this on the ground so he could easily pick it up when needed.

As the spike came towards him, he lifted the shield but what he didn't expect was the blow to be so powerful, that the spike had managed to still penetrate the shield he created, which was at least 6 inches thick with metal chairs.

"Hahaha!" Raten started laughing, "Looks like I really missed out on this one, did you see how strong it was? I would have loved to deal with this guy. Vorden you would have been killed within seconds."

Although the beast was able to throw back one spear, while in the air he was unable to move. The other spears that were targeted, had managed to penetrate him, going through his body and sticking him to the ceiling of the dome.

[10/25 HP]

The beast no longer caring for the damage that had been done to its own body, it lifted its legs up against the ceiling and pushed with all its strength allowing the spikes to completely go through his body.

However, the hole marks that could be seen in his body quickly healed up. All though it didn't add to the beast's health it would still allow him to fight as if he had never been hurt.

He landed in the arena stands and began hitting a few chairs as he landed. As soon as it stood up it began to rush forward recklessly towards Vorden's direction.

"This thing, why isn't it dead yet!" Vorden said.

A few more chairs had been turned into metallic spikes and he threw them towards the beast once again.

This time the beast continued to run forward and moved out of the way of each spike. Its eyes were slowly adjusting to the light that had surrounded Vorden and now it could see the spikes as it left his side.

As soon the spike left Vorden's side, the beast would react and move out of the way of each blow.

"Is it me or did that thing just get faster," Vorden said.

"This is bad, the little one isn't at full strength." Raten added, "If only there were two more ability user's nearby."

The Bloodsucker continued to move forward avoiding each and every spike thrown at it, then when it was close enough it swung it's claw out.

The shield was raised blocking the blow, but as the claw hit the shield it was completely shattered unable to be used again.

Now with no more metal surrounding the little one, the beast was able to freely attack. As it took a step forward though, it felt something sharp pierce into its foot.

As the beast looked down it was another metal spike. It looked in the distance and noticed that Ian had managed to recover. He had his hand held out and had thrown the spike out into the beast leg.

[7/25 HP]

Suddenly though, tears started to fall from the little one's face. Now that the beast was close enough, the light from the stone shown and reviled the face and clothes of the beast.

The beast in front of him was wearing the same uniform, and although it didn't look exactly like Quinn, it had similar qualities in its face. He didn't know what happened to make Quinn turn into a creature like this but he could feel that the beast and Quinn was the same person.

"I've done it again, I have hurt another one." The little one said.

"What are you doing!" Ian shouted, "Kill it."

Ian then crumpled up another nearby chair and threw out another spike, this time aiming for the beast's head. It came flying through the sky and was on target to hit but before it did, it stopped mid-air.

"No!" The little one then moved its hand throwing the spike to one side, then using its other hand it pulled the other spike out of its leg.

The beast was now free to move around. It instantly looked at the last person who had hit him and immediately started to run towards Ian's direction.

Ian was still under the effects of the paralysis when he had thrown the previous spike. When he threw the spike, he had originally aimed for the beast's head but missed. He still managed to luckily hit its foot though.

Seeing the beast quickly running towards him as every second passed. he panicked and started to fling out chair after chair but the Bloodsucker was too powerful. It simply knocked them away with its hands sending them flying through the air.

Ian then pulled out his trusty dagger ready to attack but when he looked in front of him the beast had vanished from his view, the next second he was staring up at the ceiling with his back on the floor. Then when he looked down at his body his legs were now completely detached from himself, blood pouring from them.

The Bloodsucker then dragged the top half of Ian's body away into the hallway out of the arena, afraid that the other person might disturb its meal.


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