My Vampire System - Chapter 88 A Voice inside

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Chapter 88 A Voice inside

While Vorden continued to search the arena for some type of secret exit, Quinn was pretending to look for one as well while walking around. Instead, he wanted to inspect the ability book he had received earlier from the metal container.

As soon as he thought about his inventory, a screen appeared in front of him. Then when just thinking about the item, the system would come up with a message.

[Would you like to take out the Level 6 Shadow ability book?]

This time rather than a monotone robotic voice the system usually played in his head. It was the annoying energetic blonde man's voice.


[Level 6 shadow book, can only be learnt by those that have been Blooded]

As Quinn used his inspect skill, a weird word had been added at the end. Blooded? Was that another name for Vampires perhaps? When Quinn tried the other ability books, he wasn't able to learn any of them.

It started to make Quinn ask more questions about the book. Why did the military keep such a high-level book locked away? Was it because everyone had died or were they planning to sell it off for the future? Either way, he had never heard of someone possessing a shadow ability before.

Just then, the annoying voice was heard again.

"So it looks like you want to learn more about the book, huh? well, I can tell you if you want, do you want to know?"

The AI system seemed to be just as annoying as the man himself.

"Please?" Quinn said while gritting his teeth.

"Your guess is correct, blooded refers to those that have been blessed or cursed whichever way you want to look at it, with Vampire blood. It doesn't matter if there, a halfling, a vampire lord, or even a ghoul. As long as they possess some of the vampire's blood, they are able to learn these abilities."

"Do you know why the book was here?"

"I have no clue."

The AI system had surprisingly answered in great detail. It was like the blonde man said. While the inspect skill was able to tell him information about items, his system would clarify things to him related to the system.

Quinn was still unsure about whether to learn it or not as he still needed more information, and it seemed like the AI was the perfect person to ask.

"Is this the only ability book Vampires can learn? And can Vampires learn more than one ability?"

"Just like humans, Vampires are only able to learn one ability. Whether or not there are other ability books out there like this, who knows, there may be some stronger, they may be some weaker."

The AI system was only an AI system after all. Even though the man sounded intelligent with a stupid voice, it was limited to what it could answer.

The problem was if this truly was another ability that Quinn was unable to use in the outside world, he didn't want it. Another ability that the world didn't know about meant he would be targeted. However, the question remained if there even was an ability that vampires could use as well as Humans.

Quinn had asked the AI more questions hoping to get an answer it had no clue and would just reply back with sarcastic answers.

With that being said, there was one person in the room that was knowledgeable about these things, and he might just know about the shadow ability. Vorden. Although the system stated blooded were the only ones that could learn it, maybe there were other Vampires out there that had used the ability before.

As the two pasted by each other while making their rounds around the stadium, Quinn popped the question.

"Vorden, have you ever heard of an ability that uses shadows?"

"Shadows, honestly my gut instinct would be no or at least not the world anyway, but you were honest with me so its time I'll be honest with you." said Vorden.

The two of them then sat down a few chairs apart in the stadium, one of the rows that hadn't been trashed form the fight.

"Remember when I said earlier how I kept an eye on you because I couldn't copy your ability, well you're not the first one. Or not the first one in our family," said Vorden. "As you know I'm an original, so our powers have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. In my great grandfather's journal, there was a time he said he had come across another user with an ability. Now back then this was rare, the whole world still didn't know Humans had super capabilities. But each time we would come across one, our family would log it, especially since our ability relied on others."

"For the first time, he had come across someone's ability, he couldn't copy."

"So is that why you were so interested in me?"

Vorden's face started to go a little red as he was embarrassed hearing those words.

"When you say it like that it sounds a little strange, I assure you I don't think of you in that way." Vorden said awkwardly. But then his face went serious. "Now that I told you, tell me, how would something the public not know about, would you know about?

At the moment Quinn lifted the ability book in his hand which had the words shadow Ability written across it.

For a second, Vorden had to rub his eyes to check he wasn't seeing things. He thought perhaps Quinn might have learnt something when he turned into a Vampire about it but to actually have the ability book in his hand itself.

"Whoa you actually found it, I was sure it would have been an original skill, but there was actually an ability book. Well, what are you waiting for let's learn it now! We have all the time in the world, and we're stuck here doing nothing."

"Well I really did want to learn it, but the problem is if I did others would be after me just like they would for the vampire ability."

Vorden started to think long and hard if there was anything he could do to help him. Then his master plan had come to him.

"I think we can use the situation we're into your advantage," said Vorden. "The school must know by now that we have been sent to another planet. A red portal planet at that. There are things that have been undiscovered on these planets all the time. You can just say you found the book here, that you learnt it for your survival, they all know your level one trash."

Vorden paused for a moment after saying those words.

"I mean, they all think you're just a level one right? I'll say while we were in the portal world, I protected you, and as payment, after learning the skill, you decided to hand the book over to me. That way the people will no longer be bugging you for it but my family instead."

Vorden smiled as if he had just cracked the toughest case in a Mystery Novel.

"Are you sure your family will be okay with that?"

For a split second, Quinn thought he had seen Vorden's face drop, but when he blinked and looked again, it was completely normal.

"Yeah, they'll be fine, with the plan or set let's get to learning that ability book. I can't wait to see the faces of everyone when we get out of here."

"If, we get out of here.�� Quinn said.

"Do you have to be so negative."

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