My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator-Chapter 1048 - 1048 Taking Down the Gu Family First (6)

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1048 Taking Down the Gu Family First (6)

“This… Great Elder, we…”

After knowing Lu Zijia’s cultivation level, the second and third elders of the Gu family, who originally didn’t take her seriously, even wanted to flee.

“I’m asking you to attack now!”

Seeing that Second Elder and Third Elder Gu didn’t move, First Elder Gu’s eyes widened as he roared angrily, “You’re all members of the Gu family. Do you think you can stay out of trouble just because you don’t attack? Let me tell you, if the Gu family loses, don’t even think about walking away unscathed!”

The Second and Third Elders of the Gu family, who had wanted to find an excuse to escape, immediately turned ashen.

“Do it!”

The Gu family’s First Elder expected better from them. He pushed the two of them, who were still hesitating, out, leaving them no choice.

“Protect Lass Lu!” Taoist Mu Qing also came back to his senses from the huge surprise his disciple and disciple’s wife had given him and immediately shouted.

When the fourth elder of the Mu family and the others heard this, they took the initiative to take on the second and third elders of the Gu family, not giving them any chance to approach Lu Zijia.

The Fourth Elder of the Gu family had a complicated expression on his face. He didn’t go forward, but chose to stand on the spot to protect Lu Zijia.

After Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan returned, he had already expected this day to arrive.

However, although he had expected this and was mentally prepared, he still felt a little upset when this day really arrived. After all, the Gu family was his family!

However, compared to the filth within the Gu family, he would rather the Gu family be destroyed. At the very least… the Gu family wouldn’t have to leave behind an eternal infamy or harm more of their fellow clansmen.

“Let’s go too!”

“Alright, charge! Beat these bastards to death!”

Seeing that the elders had started fighting, the disciples of the new Mu family rushed forward fearlessly.

The martial artists who were watching a thousand meters away from the new Mu family could not stand it anymore when they saw the two sides fighting.

“Quick, quick, quick. Let’s go and help Alchemist Lu. Otherwise, if anything happens to her, we can forget about buying good pills in the future!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Hurry up. Other than Alchemist Lu, who else in the entire lower martial arts world can concoct the Marrow Cleansing Pill?”

“That’s right. Not to mention the Marrow Cleansing Pill, even the common pills are not as good as the pills refined by Alchemist Lu.”

“Aiya! Don’t block the way for the fatty. If I can’t save Alchemist Lu, I’ll fight you to the death!”

“Get lost. The road is so wide, but you insist on taking my path. Who can you blame?

“Also, so what if I’m fat and proud! Damn pork ribs!”


Looking at the thousands of martial artists who rushed over and joined the battlefield, the smile on Lu Zijia’s face deepened.

Indeed, no matter which world it was, pills and treasures were all extremely tempting.

Back then, it was indeed right for her to develop and learn the five techniques.

The new Mu family disciples, who were originally struggling, instantly relaxed after the onlookers joined.

The disciples of the new Mu family were all very tactful. They didn’t fight with the surrounding martial artists, but when the surrounding martial artists were about to be unable to deal with them, they helped to kick or punch them.

Regarding this, the surrounding martial artists were very grateful, and their impression of the new Mu family disciples rose.

However, if Lu Zijia knew what they were thinking, she would definitely feel embarrassed.

After all, she had deceived them and even received their gratitude. No matter how thick-skinned she was, she would still feel a little embarrassed!

Of course, she was just a little embarrassed. When it was time to fool them, she would still fool them.

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