My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily - Chapter 375 - Who Is The Stupid Pervert Who Deceived His Sister

Chapter 375: Who Is The Stupid Pervert Who Deceived His Sister

Now, in addition to daily training as usual, Gu Si played on the computer in his room every day due to boredom.

“Where is he now?” Lu Chengzhou asked.

The ‘he’ he was referring to was ambiguous.

The instructor answered respectfully, “Probably playing games in his dormitory.”

With one hand in his pocket, Lu Chengzhou went straight to the dormitory.

Gu Si lived alone. The windows were still open and when Lu Chengzhou was near, he could hear sound coming from inside.

“My skills are pretty good? You haven’t seen my sister’s skills!” Gu Si had turned on the voice changer, but his very proud voice could still be made out.

Lu Chengzhou smirked, stopped, and looked in the window.

Gu Si was squatting on a chair like a bandit. He was wearing headphones and playing games. His little hands were very fast. “I’m almost at the bottom lane. You guys, lure them over and watch me take them back to their base. There is no such thing as retreating!”

Lu Chengzhou watched silently.

The other party asked something. Gu Si responded, “My sister is good at everything! No matter what she plays, she is at the national level! Do you want my sister to join your team? Don’t even think about it, my sister does not mix around in esports circles.”

Lu Chengzhou chuckled when he heard Gu Si’s mention his sister in almost every sentence. He took out a cigarette and bit it in his mouth before lighting it with a lighter.

The slight sound made Gu Si frown slightly. He turned his head and he saw Lu Chengzhou standing there smoking. His smoking posture was very much like that of his sister.

It was fine that he drank his sister’s honey water. Yet now he was becoming more and more like his sister. What species was this pig? It’s so good at trying to please beautiful girls.

Gu Si glanced at him and turned back expressionlessly to continue gaming. Lu Chengzhou just stood outside with a cigarette between his slender fingers and a mobile phone in the other hand. He opened Gu Mang’s chat room and flipped through the chat records with her. Occasionally he would smirk slightly.

After Gu Si had finished one round, he stuck his little hands into his camouflage pockets and walked out. Gu Si looked at Lu Chengzhou “What do you want?”

Lu Chengzhou shifted his eyes slightly and looked at Gu Si. He was wearing his trainee cap backwards and he looked rather displeased. Lu Chengzhou put away his phone and extinguished his cigarette before throwing it into the trash can.

He spoke nonchalantly, “Why didn’t you tell me that there was nothing left for Red Scorpion to teach you?”

Gu Si said casually, “Well, I came from the Beast Camp to Red Scorpion. Red Scorpion is already so powerful. If I were to transfer again, where else can I go?”

Is there anywhere better than Red Scorpion? Well, there is a place that is quite powerful. The place where his sister was trained before. But his sister would never let him go there.

It was okay for him to stay at Red Scorpion. He intended to study and take the university entrance exams that year.

Lu Chengzhou looked at him and raised his eyebrow. “If you want to transfer, we have a lot of places for you to go.”

Hearing that, Gu Si’s eyes glowed. “Where? Better than Red Scorpion?”

The man hummed lazily and did not speak anymore. Gu Si instantly felt that Lu Chengzhou was less of an eyesore. He was actually quite useful.

He widened his eyes and asked, “Where, when can I go?”

“Mingyu Island,” Lu Chengzhou said calmly. “A group of new trainees over there just started training. The instructor is an internationally renowned mercenary.”

“An instructor who is famous internationally?” Gu Si thought of his sister. She was the first in the assassination ranks and an instructor that various mercenary organizations fought to recruit.

But his sister was deceived by an organization called Red Flame so she only trained them now. There was a hacker who was as impressive as his sister in Red Flame.

No one in the entire Shadow League intelligence network could find out who that stupid pervert from Red Flame who deceived his sister was.

Red Flame’s training started a week ago and his sister had applied for a month of leave…