My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily - Chapter 723 - I've Been Holding My Temper All This Time. Now I Can't Hold It In

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Chapter 723: I’ve Been Holding My Temper All This Time. Now I Can’t Hold It In Anymore!

Gu Mang looked up with her bloodshot eyes. Her face was dark and red. One look from her made everyone’s scalp feel like it was about to explode. Lu Qi’s spine tensed up and his hand trembled slightly.

After a while, Gu Mang took the phone. She looked at the two roommates. “Wait here.”

The two roommates nodded. “We will wait until Jinyang comes out.”

“Thank you.” Gu Mang’s hostile look subsided, knowing her roommates cared about Meng Jinyang. She took the phone and walked to the back door. She moved the leather curtain away and walked outside, putting the phone to her ear. “What’s the matter?”

Her voice was low and hoarse. On the other end, Lu Chengzhou had just returned to the office after an impromptu meeting. He threw his gloves on the table, took off his white coat, and hung it on the back of the chair. He strode out of the office.

Lu Wu followed after him and said softly, “Young Master Lu, a helicopter will arrive in five minutes.”

Lu Chengzhou nodded and said into the phone, “I’ll be there soon. Leave it to me.”

“There’s no need to.” Gu Mang couldn’t suppress the chill in her tone.

Lu Chengzhou knew that she wanted to take action. He lowered his voice. “I’ll get Lu Wu to send some men over.”

The light coming from the back door of the emergency room was dim, and the air was quiet and cold. Gu Mang was wearing a peaked cap. Her eyes were covered by shadows, half of her face shining while the other half was hidden.

After a few seconds, she said, “I don’t want to cause any trouble for you so I have been holding my temper.”

Lu Chengzhou got into the elevator that went up to the top floor and he replied softly, “You don’t have to hold it in.”

He knew that she cared about Old Madam’s impression of them. But she did not have to hold it in. He would come to clean up this mess.

Gu Mang looked down and said coldly and ruthlessly, “This time I can’t hold it in anymore.”

Gu Mang returned to the entrance of the emergency room and threw the phone to Lu Qi. She continued to stand aside and wait. Lu Qi caught the phone and looked at Gu Mang with fear in his eyes.

Just then, they heard the sound of someone rushing over to them.

Lu Qi turned and saw Jiang Shenyuan running over. He froze. “…Lawyer Jiang.”

Why was he here?

Hearing that, Gu Mang looked up and turned her head to look.

“How is Jinyang?” Jiang Shenyuan strode towards Gu Mang.

When Gu Mang saw Jiang Shenyuan coming over, she turned to Meng Jinyang’s roommates. Her eyes were bloodshot and heavy. “Who hurt Meng Jinyang?”

The two girls froze for a second. They did not expect Gu Mang to ask so suddenly. After coming to their senses they explained the whole situation. When Jiang Shenyuan heard that Meng Jinyang was slapped, his expression became cold and serious. He clenched his jaw.

There was no expression on Gu Mang’s face. “Where’s the jade?”

“When we left we saw Sang Xue… hurling it onto the floor. She broke it.” The two girls were very fearful of what Gu Mang would do. When they spoke, they stumbled on their words and their bodies were very tense.

Gu Mang’s pupils shrank and there was a cold glow in her eyes. She looked murderous.

She stood up straight and stuck both of her hands in her pockets. Then she looked at Jiang Shenyuan. “Stay here.”

After she said that, she did not even wait for Jiang Shenyuan to respond. She turned around and headed towards the exit of the emergency room.

Lu Qi quickly followed behind her. They had just reached the exit when his phone rang. Lu Wu was calling.

“Where are you and Ms. Gu?” Lu Wu asked.

Lu Qi answered, “Capital University Hospital.”

While he was speaking, Gu Mang suddenly stopped and turned around. She reached out her hand, “Car keys.”

Lu Qi took it out subconsciously and passed them to her.

Gu Mang pressed the unlock button and walked straight to the driver’s side and pulled the door open.

Lu Qi spoke hurriedly, “Ms. Gu, Lu Wu and the others are coming right away. Let’s wait for them.”

Gu Mang was expressionless. She stared straight ahead coldly and started the engine.

When Lu Qi saw this, he did not have time to think too much. He opened the door for the passenger seat and hopped on.

Then he hurriedly yelled at Lu Wu on the phone. “Come straight to Capital University, Student Apartment 4.”

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