A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1815 - F*ck, I’m Jealous!

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Chapter 1815: F*ck, I’m Jealous!

The young lady standing among the crowd was tall and slender. She was still the center of attraction even though she was among so many people. Her nose was tall and exquisite, her golden hair reached her waist, and her light pink orc ears were so thin they were almost translucent. She was still a very beautiful orc lady.

The young lady seemed to have felt his gaze, and looked at Mag. She looked at him with her clear, amorous eyes and smiled.

Mag’s eyelids twitched suddenly.

How is this an orc lady!

This is Irina in a disguise!

She actually disguised herself as an orc when she could be an elf.


Those orc ears were rather cute, and he wanted to…


Mag almost slapped himself. Was he someone like that? He was not going to think about anything!

At this point in time, she looked at Mag expectantly, and then at Miss Gloria, who was standing beside her.

Just as Mag looked over, Gloria had already tidied up herself, and looked up just at that time, looking forward to the moment their gazes met.

It was great that she could see Mr. Mag again. After leaving Chaos City, she was worried if Mr. Mag saw the letter. If something really happened, would she see him again?

The moment she returned to Chaos City today, she came straight to Mamy Restaurant before she even went to Jeffree for the handover.

However, Mag did not look at her, but at the lady beside her.

She felt an inexplicable sense of disappointment.

Gloria could not help but peek at the young lady beside her. She was very beautiful and fair. On top of that, she had a noble aura around her. Her figure was very good, and she had a cute pair of orc ears. Even a woman would find her very stunning.

What a beautiful lady. Gloria was stunned. She could not help but sigh. She was such a beautiful lady. Who wouldn’t take a few more looks at her?

Mag retracted his gaze. He stood a little taller, and greeted the customers as usual. However, he was not cheeky like he was, but a little more decent. Even when those ladies who admired him walked past him, he would only give them a smile, and did not look at them for long.

The line moved forward quickly.

Gloria and Irina arrived at the door almost at the same time.

“Mr. Mag, long time no see.” Gloria looked at Mag and blushed.

Although she had a lot of things to say, all she was left with now was just “long time no see”.

The recollection of the moment she pushed the letter under the door made her face hot. This was an action unbefitting of a lady, and it made her want to hide.

Mag glanced at Irina, who was looking at him with seemingly a smile behind Gloria, in his peripheral vision, and then at Gloria, who was blushing, and all of a sudden he knew he was in trouble.

He could roughly sense that the foldable chair was going to land on his head soon.

“Miss Gloria, long time no see.” Miss nodded slightly, greeting Gloria like she was a normal friend.

Of course, he was like that usually.

However, today he felt as though there were knives sticking in his back.

And he was terrified right now!

It felt as though he was put on a public trial.

He didn’t mention that letter… Gloria was a little happy, yet a little disappointed. She lowered her gaze and walked into the restaurant, blushing and with mixed emotions.

“Hello, I’m Audrey. I heard that the food you make is very good, is that right?” a confident voice said.

Gloria slowed down subconsciously. Although she controlled her urge to turn back, she could not help but turn a little to listen to the voice behind her.

“Audrey. What a beautiful name.” Miss looked at Irina with admiration. “Miss Audrey, you would have to try the food for yourself to know if it’s good.”


He liked this disguise.

He also liked that he could converse freely with her in public.

And he liked this conversation of meeting for the first time with her even more.

“I love good food, and also someone who can make good food.” Irina smiled and grazed past Mag.

“Wow! That’s?!”

“F*ck, I’m jealous.”

“Boss, I want to learn how to cook.”

The male customers in and out of the restaurant all looked at Mag enviously. He had already won the priority seat.

Meanwhile, the ladies who admired Mag had a resentful look. However, when they saw Irina, they sincerely felt that only a perfect person like her could be compatible with an outstanding man like Mag.

Mag smiled and did not mind it, but was feeling sweet inside.

This was different from all the young ladies confessing, “Boss Mag, I love you!” or “I want to make a baby with you!”

Irina really made a baby with him. No… it was Amy.

Miya and the rest were shocked. This customer came to the restaurant to dine for the first time, and they did not expect her to be so bold.

She… Gloria heard Irina’s words clearly. She was slightly shocked. How could she be so bold? Although she was not the one who said it, Gloria could not help but blush. At the same time, she was a little worried. If the woman tried Mr. Mag’s food, she would definitely fall in love with him. Would Mr. Mag feel the same way about her?

She was flustered. She searched for a two-seater near the window, and sat down.

“May I take a seat here?” A sweet and beautiful voice broke her train of thought.

Gloria looked up, and met eyes with Irina. She was stunned for a while before she nodded quickly, and said, “Of course. No one else is sitting here.”

“Thank you.” Irina sat opposite Gloria.

Gloria quickly readjusted herself. Although she did not have the same presence Irina had, she was after all a noble lady, and her experience in the business world prepared her to face anything. She sat calmly and smiled, as though she was sizing Irina up courteously.

Many customers started looking over. Taking a few more glances over was so pleasing to the eye with two beautiful women sitting at the same table.

“Wow, what a beautiful big sister.” Amy, who was sitting behind the counter with Annie, had her eyes wide open. However, she curiously muttered to herself, “Why do I feel that this big sister seems a little familiar.”

Annie looked at Irina questioningly. She dipped her finger into the cup of water beside her, and started drawing a long-haired elf on the counter, but no one noticed it.

“Do you like the boss of this restaurant?” Irina asked with a smile, breaking the silence.

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