A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2323 - It's Not Illegal For One Husband To Have Many Wives   

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Chapter 2323: It’s Not Illegal For One Husband To Have Many Wives


Irina’s return as Caroline was equivalent to throwing a pebble into the calm waters of Mamy Restaurant and caused a series of ripples.

The busy service was over and the maidens left after cleaning up the restaurant.

Annie brought Kiddo out to sketch, but they didn’t go far. They just went to the square outside of the restaurant.

Annie was sitting at the fountain and sketching. Kiddo was sitting onto a chair next to the fountain and holding onto a candy figure. She was swaying her legs and watching the mister making the candy figures curiously.

She didn’t pay for the candy figure, she got it with her cuteness.

However, the mister wasn’t making a loss either. The little one looked so cute eating the candy figure that many people came to look at her. It made the mister’s initially mild business become brisk.

Gina wasn’t in a hurry to leave. She closed the door gently and sincerely said to Caroline, “Miss Caroline, I need to explain to you something. Kiddo isn’t Mr. Mag’s child. Mr. Mag agreed to let Kiddo call him father out of goodwill. I hope you won’t misunderstand Mr. Mag’s character because of this. He is not a man who messes around.”

Caroline nodded with a smile. “Thank you for your explanation. In this case, I don’t mind Kiddo calling him father until you find someone you like, or until you leave the restaurant.”

“Thank you very much.” Gina revealed a smile.

She had long decided to never leave Mamy Restaurant for the rest of her life.

“Then… I won’t disturb you any longer.” Gina glanced at Mag before walking to the door.

Although she really liked Mr. Mag, Miss Caroline was his wife and Amy’s mother.

She came first.

“Do you think Gina recognizes me?” Irina asked Mag.

After pondering briefly, Mag answered, “Actually, her brain is very simple. Perhaps, it’s hard for her to differentiate between two characters in the same scene.”

Irina nodded thoughtfully and smilingly said, “But I have never expected you to be so charismatic. You actually made a maiden dream of marrying you.”

“That woman is not a good person…” Mag dissed her in his heart. His pristine reputation was almost destroyed by her.

“I can’t help it. A focused man is that charming.” Mag sighed lightly. He tilted his head towards the sky at a 45 degree angle with a melancholic expression.

“I think being the lady boss is rather fun. It’s interesting looking at those ladies’ heartbroken expressions.” Irina smiled with curved eyes behind the counter.

Seeing her expression, Mag was certain that she liked this identity. At least, it was so for now.

“I think you have the air of a lady boss. You can scare away the thieves.” Mag buttered her up.

“I did the accounts briefly earlier and realized that the money that you gave me recently doesn’t match the accounts?” Irina looked at him smilingly.

“Erm… That…” Mag felt a chill up his back before gravely saying, “What you see might not be real. Today’s sales were slightly higher than usual, but you didn’t see all the increased costs.”

“For example, giving the female employee who chops the ingredients double pay?” Irina’s smile became even brighter.

However, Mag sensed a hint of danger in that smile.

“You also know that little bat’s efficiency is higher, right? She’s a hard-to-find talent among the choppers. Even paying her double is more than worthwhile,” Mag said sincerely.

“Little Bat? I don’t think she is little at all. Moreover, her ambition isn’t small either.” Irina curved her lips. “I think you enjoy the fact that she has to chop ingredients for you even when she’s the vampires’ queen, right?”

“‘Am I that kind of person? I never focus on looks and identities when I recruit employees. The right job for the right person is the reason why Mamy Restaurant could expand,” Mag said with a righteous aura.

“Kiddo is still young now and Amy doesn’t know what’s going on yet, but they will grow up soon. How do you intend to explain to them that they have the same father but different mothers?” Irina changed the topic.

“This…” Mag murmured. He couldn’t be telling them that their father was a casanova or it was a mistake, right?

“Perhaps you can say you made a mistake that every man in the world could have made.” Irina started to give him ideas.

“It’s not illegal for one husband to have many wives on the Norland Continent, right?” Mag answered casually.

“It’s not illegal indeed, and it’s very common.” Irina nodded with a smile.

Mag looked at the folding chair that suddenly appeared in her hand and he couldn’t smile any longer.

“I strongly condemn this conduct that is disrespectful to women. This is trampling on feminism and objectifying and humiliating to females!” Mag said seriously.

Irina put down her folding chair, sat down, crossed her legs and smilingly said, “Actually, this has nothing to do with feminism. On the Norland Continent, as long as a woman has power, she can keep a lot of male lovers. Thinking of it now, it seems rather interesting.”

Mag’s eyelids twitched. However, this simple conversation harbored a great deal of information.

“It’s fine. I will make them love this big family. Living here and growing up here will be the most blissful time in their lives,” Mag said with a smile.

“I hope so.” Irina nodded.


“Darn it! That actually happened! What is my precious Luna going to do now?!” Vivian, who had just come out of her house, heard two city lord’s castle staff members talk about the gossip of the return of the Mamy Restaurant’s lady boss.

Vivian quickly got hold of the two of them and nervously asked, “Wait a sec! May I ask… are you saying that the wife of Mamy Restaurant’s Boss Mag has just returned?”

“Yes. You always go to Mamy Restaurant too, right, Miss Vivian? We saw her this noon. She is a very beautiful lady elf. Furthermore, she handled things very graciously and seemed like a very gentle lady boss. Instead, Boss Mag looks like he has got himself a great deal.”

The other staff member nodded and chimed in. “A customer declared her love to Boss Mag today and that lady boss resolved the crisis easily. I think Mamy Restaurant will get even more famous under their management.”

Looking at their infatuated expressions, Vivian could only say goodbye and leave.

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